1. Morn one and all!! Y all these stuff keep surfacing about Puerto Rican princess, not saying princess is innocent y all of a sudden she f**k the entire universe. Most men they r liar wen them cannot get the grapes dem say it’s sour. At the end of the day I like the princess she is real. bitch like her I like either u like her r u don’t. Me soon stop watch most of these reality shows cause they r so stress full ladies devious against them one another. My gold is to link with Mona Scott fi give me a Jamaican reality show cause you have some real ja out deh like u met yawdy yep name goes on tired a these boring American mi want ja show watch if mi na Mek it happen.

    1. Genuine, mawnin mums :peluk …as much as that idea sounds catchy, I would have to politely decline my role because that show calls for drama and confrontation, and that are too things that I try my very best to stay away from cause it ain’t pretty when I jump off and it takes ALOT to calm me down so I always try to avoid drama/ women that come with drama, and physical altercations…but like Deb said, if it come to you that’s on a whole nother level..

  2. Nooo sah joselyn high pon coke lakka kite. Si how she cawh help but rub di nose, di pupils just dilate so. Gal gawn. Not a good look. So she did really fux the bwoy like whey dawg face benzine say. Haye di Yankee dem Nuh keep nuttin ih no di bwoy mouth just a fly so.

    1. Hey mummy hyena face bwoy need fe stay outta gal mixup and war…I feel so bad for Stevie J. because he is a good dude with a genuinely good heart and ain’t got ah lick ah sense that God gave him, funny ass dude,always joking around…but Joseline always brings out the worst in him whenever she’s around..

  3. Dude lying like shit. He looks high as shit right there. He looking a hype right now. He should get in trouble for taking advantage of her. Since he knew she was high

  4. Best news from morning…she fi gweh…mi did like har before but when mi see hw di gal a go round and beat everybody mi realize a nuh lie benzino did a tell when him seh she deh pon coke and den dutty Stevie mi neva expect dat from him… Mi kno dem feel like shit now…him not even look pon poor Mimi when joselyn a beat har round a back, him space out to…fame get to har brain and she can’t handle it… She haffi go back to whoring because da voice deh naw go mek it..such a disgrace fi gone pon di people dem sho a act like a crazy animal..mi did think a only benzino and Althea alone dem want fight but den mi realize seh a di whole cast she come prepare fa, di gal all dress like a war she come fi war

  5. Lemme tell ya’ll my truth…I use to rate Joseline cause she’s a girl weh always speak her mind and keep it str8 with you, and I respect people like that….but after watching the reunion show, I was livid as a maf**ka!!!! Mi nuh rate Joseline nuh more because mi get fe si seh she is a big bully and dem ah one set ah people weh me nuh get along wid atall!!!…you see, Joseline ain’t met her match yet, and that’s her problem…now you tell me…how in the sam hell are you gonna run around the studio just fighting people just because you don’t like them?? She had no business putting her hands on Tammy nor Waccka’s wife…I swear to God had datta been me or one of my family members, I woulda caught a case on dat ass cause she violated BIG TIME and you can’t just be running roun messin wid folks who don’t trouble nobody; dat shit right there don’t cut it wid some people maine; she f**kkin wid her life and dat’s on some str88 up shit!! she beta chill maine..

      1. Den a what is dem storyline yah now???? Joselyn can’t sing fi save har life if har life did depend pon har voice,di only ting she kno fi do a whore suh a muss pimp Stevie ago pimp har out and nobody nuh waan see dat suh dem can stay because mi kno mi naw watch dem two clown deh, dem and dem nasty life can stay

      2. Metty, Joseline needs to relax..I hope Stevie J. wake up and realize that she is a major threat to his safety, just like no neck said…the streets ain’t playin wid her…

  6. At the end of the day. I blame mona scott and that creepy looking producer for what happened on the reunion. They took advantage of the situation and manipulated everything with them mixup self. If u ask me they’re all doing coke. Including no neck zino. Miss me with the bs. Stevie nuh muss need coke to cope with the fact that his purrdarican princess is really 50 shades of a prince!!!

    1. And I now understand why Rickey Smiley hate Mona Scott, for that same reason you stated. He said she just always find a way to make Black people look bad and she is proud of it, all in the name of money…I believe Mona is Haitian. She is also a co-owner of Myx Fusions and Moscato drink beverages…

  7. Met mi nuh rate none of dem. Joseline told all of dem when she see dem its on sight, and because she actually confirmed her statements and made it happen on sight, now all of dem claim she on drugs and she have a substance abuse problem. Because she rush yall she on drugs? she’s just a woman of her word! and i agree that she has an addiction, but i think its to fame and not drugs.

  8. A next thing too, all of dem stay bad. Mimi just lucky dem never ask about her tinkin hotel crotches and joseline tek di show, but knowing mimi that’s just another thing for her to despise joseline over, for taking her shine. Karlie a chat and she ate the man ass and gave him a foot job and him still bun har. Kirk dutty and a chat why him never chat bout the bar hostess and the dna test? Joc a chat and he’s stil married, not even seperated but married! Kaleena baby father have 8 pickney! none a dem more dan none. If joseline and stevie had a drug problem, benzino shouldve suggested a drug rehab center in private but in reality tv they just all about exposing people.

  9. SMH, Good they took them off, but giving them their own show? SMH. Mona is a pimp. I know who wont be watching dem two coke heads.

  10. met jose was so strong. Only thing mi know gi man so much strentgh is DRUGS!!! I dont think a tranqualizer could even tame shim… That beast was outta control.

  11. But Metty, which Jamaican is in the studio ah give Joseline a forward by bang banging pon the people dem furnitures? *inna mi best Oliver voice* :hammer :hammer

  12. All this girl talk about is money. She even went as far as to say “don’t say no to anything”. I guess that’s how she’s able to acquire the the material things she listed off. Such a shame.
    Yet, I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She seems truly lost and to me that’s even worst than the vile, disgusting things coming from her mouth or the vile disgusting thing she does so she feel validated.

  13. Dis bitch a strippa/prostitute shi Neva hide har file suh nuttn weh shi duh nuh surprise mi……dis yah nigga sound proud a himself fi f**k a crackhead dwrcllll

  14. lost soul fi a girl weh a cum from nothing to sumthing she should have handle herself better than that she too young and dark i like her but this chick need serious help, no mother no father nobody she nuh have not even stevie she have

  15. I feel sorry for her, she really has some demons working with and from one woman to the next,I really and truly hope she gets the help she needs. Mona must do bettah becaz dem deh film dem and must see and or know seh she did high,they are all full of it. Joseline chile tek uself outah di limelite fi a min and guh work pan uself..dem demons be messing u up reall bad girl..instead a dah purse u need fi pack a couple bible.

  16. Joseline shudda kill mimi.. f**king fool she deserve the beating bad bad.. dat bitch get excatly what she did a look for.. mimi mek niko tun her inna one big fool fi tun porn star and she have a daughter.. tammy swear she a lady but from me televisiĆ³n screen it a scream feak.. hoetha omg dat girl is very very nasty.. benzino he is a likkle hoe.. and him jealous a steve j me say steve j land him a kick u wan see the one benzino a hold on pan the chair like a it a fight him..benizo a walk a tell pure lie pan joseline… smh benizo gwaan like steve j usually f**k him.. everyway the man a go him wan go.. why benzino neva bad fi him nephew weh shot him inna him rass! Benzino fake bad

  17. Met joelin and steve j know say dem did a go get dem own show dats why dem create deh big fight deh.. met what a way erica scrappy babymother low.. did u see when she pull out the hotel recipt from out of her dress talking about how scrappy ate her pussy? Bambi she now a talk from the side a her mouth but no body naa listen she cause she irelevant bambi a drive ME and have house BAMBI not even have a good income coming in.. benzino a big fool.. the way how bambi nyam him out and tek him fi clown pan tv smh.. and him wan talk bout steve j a crack head.. and the two a dem was friend.. dat mean he was taking crack with them..

  18. we couldn’t have a Jamaican reality show caz we dark bad and no tek chat from ppl,so a long stab up and bigstone all mona she dem woulda box dung fi har rassclaat. tha reality show sup’mn deh nuh mek fi islanders.

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