MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — US pathologist Dr Michael Baden revealed that preliminary results from today’s autopsy on 31-year-old Mario Deane, who was beaten while in police custody, proved that he died from several blows to his head and brain.
The autopsy was conducted by local pathologist Dr Murari Saranji in the presence of Baden.
“The cause of death was multiple impact to his head and brain and compression to the neck — homicide,” Dr Baden told journalists in Montego Bay Tuesday evening following a marathon post mortem conducted at the Cornwall Regional Hospital morgue.
The US pathologist said that Dr Saranji will get “additional studies finished”.
He was quick to point out that while the autopsy proved that Deane died of a severe beating, it could not say by whom it was orchestrated.
Deane died on August 6 after being taken to hospital on August 3 following a beating while in police custody at the Barnett Street lock up in Montego Bay


  1. Take it from me. i was not there but this man was beaten by the police. those two men accused of the crime maybe wasnt even in custody at the time. It is unfortunate but police will use extreme measures to cover their tracks. A man of unsound mind is the greatest asset to police in situations like these. They are reffered to as insurance policies. Every major lock up have a few mad men just in case. you have situation where a prisoner might escape, a police will go out and pick up a mad man off the street to assume ID of escapee just to keep his job. However the lesson to go home with is, corporate with the police, respect them cause when you go jail, u will affi respect them there. i see the baddest man wid reputation a road humble like baby inna dat. don’t carry yourself or operate in a manner that you might be targeted. arresting a man fi a small quantity of ganja sucks, but it is the law, the police didnt make it, but its their job to enforce it, your job is to not get caught breaking it.

  2. Dis ting ya hurt me so till…di yute anno criminal, never been in trouble but dem beat him so horribly and thought nobody wouldn’t look. Dem is a set a wicked ol dog!!!!!

  3. This didn’t need a brain surgeon to tell that Mario was beaten to death, My GOD!! THIS BUN EVERY STRING IN A ME! Those police should be behind bars or even so an eye for an eye, KILL DEM DUTTY JANCROW.

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