Joy will come in the morning!
No challenge in your life comes about by mere chance or accident. In fact what is going on with you, is not happening to you instead it’s happening for you.
I would venture to say that every difficulty that life has been throwing at you, was literally attempting to change the way you think as it relates to your destiny. It is fatal to enter your destiny with your current way of thinking. Therefore, every level of life you experience will always require a new way of thinking. The moment this process stops, will be the moment you become irrelevant as it relates to your destiny. The clarity and understanding of your destiny is solely based on whatever it is that you’re learning now, via your challenges.
From a human and religious perspective this is known as renewing of the mind. My friend, believe me as one who speaks from experience. Allow the changes that’s being produced from your dislike experience. It feels difficult and long because you dislike the changes it’s producing but this is the change that you are in desperate need of and don’t even know it. Meaning continue to do good even though evil and unfairness is being hurled at you. It is developing you into a better you for the better future that eagerly awaits you.
Pay no attention to the mockers, and nay-Sayers and those who are trying to convince you that you’re being a fool in all of this by allowing and tolerating this non-sense and unfairness that’s being unjustly issued to you. Trust me their experience will come one day also. Nevertheless,they all have a temporary role in your development, so don’t become angry with them, for they are only fulfilling their assigned role in your life that God almighty has allowed.
I promise you my friend, scripture encourages us that, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy most certainly will come in the morning” Psalm 30:5.
I don’t know who’s spirit this word is resonating with (most certainly mine) but you are about to experience the greatest turn around in your matter like never before. What is about to take place in your life can only be categorized as supernatural.
In all of this, you will see an igniting of your human spirit, which will sever the spirits of depression, defeat and that evil presence of inadequacy that has covered you like a coat over the past months and years.
As a bonus God will reveal to you in detail why you had to experienced what you did, why it felt as if there was no hope, why it felt as if even God was against you. My friend God said to tell you that you will get a detail understanding of purpose and set times because of this situation.
Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin Ewing at 10:45 P


  1. Amen,Amen and Amen Pastor Ewing,your words always always encourages me and picks me up on my bad days. It also reminds me of the things I had forgotten and or have taken for granted. God Bless and thanks you too Met:))

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