KINGSTON Jamaica β€” Justice Lennox Campbell at 3:45 pm Thursday handed over the case to the 11-member panel of jurors for their deliberation.

After 65 days of trial the jurors must return with a verdict today under Jamaican law.

The accused persons appear nervous as they await their fate.

Justice Campbell reviewed the five unsworn statement and the evidence of a police investigator and a handwriting expert.

He also instructed the jury not to convict the men solely on the fact that they did not put themselves up for the scrutiny of cross examination.

Justice Campbell has been summing up the evidence for six days.


    1. di bwoy did put devil pon him hand three lents ago …a hope him remember dis lent yah seh …..God move inna different ways ……nuh ramping shop to him ting

  1. Big up chow anyweh him deh u are stand up man ….u can still change u life ………chow nuh fraida nuh guy

  2. Today?! Mi batty ago twep twep…..an mi dey a work a afford no accident at all. I wish dem have like two days at least to go ova di case…but a so it go. Can’t believe me dey a work yah now.

  3. question to the metters in the know, if he is found not guilty, can he be retried for the same case?

    also, i believe that if he is found guilty, he will appeal his sentence, so this won’t be the end of it.

      1. met, in jamaica can the jurors deliberate even to midnight?

        cuz will di jurors be able to comfortably deliberate di case wid out being rushed if a todeh dem need fi reach a verdict, an a 3:45pm dem start deliberate?

        1. Lundun a doe know mi know dem lock court 5 a doe know how dat wudda guh..di judge wanted to be very thorough so mi nuh mind di late start

      1. real if dat faggot get off mi sorry fi jamaica.

        kartel no like nobody but himself and him would really feel like god now.

        a prison him fi go straight!! him an him kru

  4. Lizard’s death bring light to Kartel demonic attributions, so justice will prevail. Mi pan dem deh yah ready fe knock…big celebration dung yah, if de verdict cum back GUILTY to bax-cover!!

  5. Appeals are rarely successful, they mostly only serve to offer hope. The longer the jury spends deliberating, the more likely the chances of a not guilty verdict. It’s plain as day that they killed lizard, the deliberations should only be a formality and dem need to render justice now.

  6. If convicted there will be an appeal. Don’t know who will represent him, but he will not get bail….IF convicted.

  7. Smaddy wake me up when the verdict read ya now. Metty who decides sentence judge or jury? And how long it tek before sentencing? Still think they should have just charged with conspiracy for murder bc dat case would have open and shut long time, everybody would have surely been found guilty.

  8. Jamaica nuh have nuh good system don’t be surprise if him walk…. If it was America all the him lawyer woulda gone a jail fi a waste court time an a keep up him f**kery ….

  9. Food for thought if lizard was de dj n kartel lizard everyone wud say him guilty n fi dead so try de yute is a nobody kartel fi walk free no no no!!! Yuh duh de crime just face de time if lizard love yuh suh n wud do anything fi yuh n yuh kill him wat u wud do wid all mi,Yeah man five less murderer on de streets. Its a pity to see so much dunce a show bout free worl ass SMFH jamaicans dark n evil. Guh dung dragon yuh buy yuh way out de next murder but this one stick!!!!

  10. Jurors mi beg unno come with a guilty verdict not only will it benefit me but also the entire jamaica.

  11. they r coming back into the court room. Seems like they have finally come to verdict.hell and powder house now.

  12. u know met to be honest a your reporting mi a wait pan cause atleast mi know u ago mek sure it go soh…which is why mi a tell u weh him a tell mi so if u comment (mi a nuh pickney fi a soul lead mi pan no string) was meant fi me…bless up sed way

  13. lol ok sorry a tru mi nervous bout dis verdict mi all a skim too fast…sorry mi did si di name but think u neva wah call mi out one love met each 1 teach 1 out a many 1 ppl lol

    1. Nervous why? God is God and people think God cleans slate..He washes sin for us but our sin is there and he gives punishment for our sin

  14. Met dis weh obersver say…………

    Kartel guilty

    Thursday, March 13, 2014 | 6:11 PM

    More information later.

  15. Met Obersver report GUILTY and all dis lol

    KINGSTON, Jamaica β€” Police Thursday evening arrested a male juror who attempted to bribe the foreman of the panel.

    News broke minutes before the afternoon sitting that a bribe attempt had been made.

    The foreman rejected the offer and made a report

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