FLAMBOYANT dancehall deejay Flippa Mafia is scheduled for sentencing on June 3 in the Camden County Court, New Jersey.

The entertainer, whose given name is Andrew Davis, was found guilty of first-degree distribution of cocaine, second-degree money laundering, and second-degree conspiracy in December 2015. The court was, however, unable to find him guilty on the leader of narcotics-trafficking network charge and a retrial was ordered.

“Andrew Davis’s retrial is being postponed because his attorneys are trying to pursue an interlocutory appeal. In light of the fact that it will likely be a few more months before he is retried on the charge of leader of a narcotics-trafficking network, the judge decided to sentence him on June 3 for the crimes for which he already was convicted at the first trial — first-degree distribution of cocaine, and second-degree conspiracy and money laundering,” Peter Aseltine, Division of Criminal Justice press officer in New Jersey’s Attorney General Office, told the Jamaica Observer.

A first-degree rap carries a sentence of 10 to 20 years, while the second degree has an incarceration period of five to 10 years.

Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.
Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.

The artiste’s brothers, Kemar and Roger Davis, were sentenced in March to 20 and 10 years, respectively.
According to American prosecutors, Flippa Mafia ran an organised drug ring that used the United States Mail and other delivery services to ship cocaine from California to New Jersey. More than 26 kilos of cocaine and over US$500,000 in cash were seized from the network. He has, however, maintained his innocence.

Also referred to as Flossing King, Flippa Mafia is known to dancehall fans for hurling hundreds of dollar notes into the crowd during his performances. His better-known songs are Hear Mi Hear and Unfinished House. He also had a small role in the cult film



  1. It will be sooo sad to see he end up getting less time than Marsha. After all he put her in that predicament, but he didn’t force her. Ladies Know your worth, Love doesn’t have to end like this.

    1. Marsha is VERY lucky she is alive. Delivering kilos of cocaine by herself or having many kilos at her house is a very dangerous undertaking. A friend of mine lost his brother when he went to deliver 2 kilo to people he knew and they shot him to death and took the drugs in broad daylight at an apartment complex. He amass a lot of money, built a mansion in Jamaica, with many trucks and heavy equipment secure in Jamaica. Greed got the better of him and e lost his life as a result. So, Marsha should be glad she was not killed delivering cocaine.

  2. It is a good call by the judge, his trial as been drawn out by the prosecution attorneys because they want to give him the maximum by labeling him the king pin… His been convicted let the man serve his time already, he will get some time served at least, so he will be out in no time and back home… The way the months and days are going by fast he will be out, he just need to serve his time peacefully and don’t get into any trouble… The game these men play to be in the lime light and the hype life and the latest wear, gets you behind bars for many, many years… It’s what they sign up for now it is time to pay your dues… And for the females you wanted to be in the hype life too along having the latest wears as well… So you didn’t have to be part of it at all… Women stay away from being any part of that business, do not even get your hands dirty and your noes wet… If your dealing with a money man do not have that sh*t around you or your kids, make him do him own thing at him own yard and do not even dabble even know what is going on with what he got going on with it…

  3. Hustlings and survival 4 sure but not drug hustling Mi nuh like jail…. Mi neva affi work in there an Mi get free meals weh taste like shit but I still would rather wuk like a slave a road Dan fi look ova Mi shoulder every min

  4. Latty wa u go jail fah????

    So d whole fambily gone down?? Wonder if dem did have no swiss acc or trusted source to bank away some of those money.
    Oh well at least he has a house to come bk to if it no cease or they didnt sell it aling with his rides to pay legal fees. Hope dem no go bk to ja hungry n get involved in more crimes.

    The prison system in America always takes care of those people anyway…they never live for too long after being released or come out sick.

    Hear d song guh “badness nuh pay…prepare to meet your doom day”

  5. Whatever happened to his things in Jamaica did he even fix his crashed Porsche Panamera I heard doza was trying to get parts for it I don’t think I made any good Investments in Jamaica based on what people around him say

  6. I am not in no way trying to condone illegal activities but if your going to do it, bring yourself out of it. Staying in it is only more damage. Fast money is dangerous money !

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