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  1. me say Nicole look fool u fkk, no matter wah she wear she still look manly & tuff, no sex appeal or taste. Dont know how sasco hood tan up fi breed she. Nicole yes u tie di man & him married u but there is no logical reason on earth for u to post 10,000+ pic of di man per day, yall aint that important cause number one, nobody nah check fi sasco music since u tek ova & number two, you a run dung big life & u will neva fit in. Stop teif ppl youtube speeches & say is your own, who in their right mind would want advice from a lying closet lesbian fake bitch like u?? Nicole you only a big deal in your own mind & IG you not a wife, u cant cook, clean, nor fkk cause sasco say is pure boring fkk u gi him. Nicole stop act like some frighten friday bitch, sasco not your first man so stop gwan suh, go & comb your daughter hair & learn fi whine pon cocky cause sasco tired a u now!!!

  2. Damn, can you all let the woman live? Is she hurting anyone with her facial expressions? Stop stocking her page, and nit picking every little thing that annoyed you, then you click, copy, paste, then send to JMG.the woman can’t even show love to her family, you all get mad and start to complain like a bunch of old jealous biddy’s. Sender, go get a life of your own, so people can talk about you, and leave the girl along!!

    1. Dwfl tuh #@%$! Stocking? Along? a weh dem fit een tuh #$%@! nuh kill mi yah man. an nawmalee mi nuh even run een pan spelling but fi some reason mi believe seh all yuh believe dem word deh weh yuh write. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak lawd whooii!!

  3. Question should also be asked why har mouth always wide open? She need something stuffed in dere or a fly must pitch in dey.
    She toooooo much mannn

  4. Humble bragging bish,take the pic with her around the table. Hand posed suh the wedding ring a show? check. Lip gloss facing the camera so Chanel label a show? Check. Car Key on table? Check.Nothing random bout that pic,everything is for show. Fake elf looking trick.

    1. :ngakak really?! You actress look at the pic and scrutinize everything you claimed she’s does, down to her ring finger, and your assessment is that she’s showing off her ring? Really?! Oh, the jealousy of some of you.

        1. You should know Simone. The only time you let your presence known, is when there’s is Nice/Rachel post. You show so much animosity towards them.it is very transparent.

          1. Jealous of Rachel??? Nicole!?


            A better u did say mi jealous of someone like Lisa Hanna and that I want to be Lisa Hanna. But Rachel or Bug face Nicole? kmt. Never.

            It a very immature argument to say that I am jealous of the rat pack because I am not in favour of them. I just don’t like the bitches and that’s that.

      1. Far from jealous,jus pointing out that the Keebler’s favorite elf is face. That her,”oh so random,” pic is staged to show off her her things

    2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Grung!!! di Elf sumting a mash up wah pawt a mi brain tuh bloodclaat. :ngakak

    3. Couldn’t put a finger on what she looked like but you hit the nail on the head. She does resemble an elf!

  5. I think the menuhbusiness person used to be Nicole’s helper cause the personal vendetta is pretty obvious. U can come cuss all you want cause me have some work ago do now.

    1. lol dutty pathetic bitch, first of all, nicole is not worthy of my time & two, their file is all over kingston & st. Andrew especially stony hill where they live for all & sundry to read & peruse. I live in close proximity to them & sasco used to be friends with my good friend. Because of how them a run dung hype life sasco mek nicole tun him ina bitch, so the link get drop. Further more, nicole is so open & go everyweh, di whole a manor park, stony hill, liguanae & its environs know dem business. Yall so dumb to think yah fi be helper fi know di scoop, i know a previous employee of nicole, she pays cheap so he left the wishy washy so called school weh she a run. Sasco told my friend bout dem sex life man to man & him spill tea outa frustration. He regret the marriage as well so. A guy who work upa manor park used to fkk nicole & she used to mine him, unuh no know half a wah gwan. If i say too much sasco might hear & realise say is him former friend a chat but i dont care. Him & sasco was good friend long before nicole coe along but she tek ova di man life, all when he was on european tour she stalk to him page a talk crap. Is olint blood money build them house & buy dem vehicles,nicole & kamilla a fkk pon di low, di whole a stony hill a talk how kamilla move ina dem house & all gone hotel with them. I am no helper darling, just a woman who know about their real life.

      1. Yes mi suspect Nicole a gi Sasco bun too enuh that’s why she a over compensate with the picture dem. Like when him sleep out or something she just go fck a nex man fi ease her frustration.

        1. @Simone, a so them love come discredit ppl & mek it seem like we stupid ova yah & dunce kmt notice anytime dem file get dash out how dem come ova use fake name fi defend themselves, it wouldnt even suprise me if a nicole or rachel send this in bout themself fi hear the latest bout them man & get attention. them so tuff & ugly, them claim to be bright but a pure dunce gal them husband a fling hood unda outa rd. mek dem ediot gal deh gwan, cause dem fancy degree & fake life cyah hold noman. Dem cyah even mek tea a helper cook di food we dem a post pon IG damn shithouse gal hype so til, nicole house big & empty like her personality, she fake plus tax.

          1. You see why me nuh like them? They are classist snobs. Them well come predict bout you a helper and I am one a Greg hoodrat them like the whole a uptown and downtown nuh know them NASTY life story.

            Everybody know unnu story, go FIX UP unnu dutty life and don’t blame who a talk, blame the husbands and Rachel blame your disgusting vagina cause it must bitter why Greg don’t want it babygirl? Not my fault my man is right beside me and yours isn’t. Look how cold it is. Turn up your heater and settle in under you expensive comforters my dear.

        2. Amazing!!! Often times some people project their own insecurities on others out of jealousy and lack of accomplishments. Here is Nicole, with a degree in Economics from arguably one of the most prestigious University (acceptance rate of only 6.5%!!!) on the planet, yet here you are, hood rat Simone, attempting to besmirch her name by impugning motives for immoral activities on the lady. What have you accomplished to date Simone? Have you completed a tertiary education of ANY form? Did you even complete the 6th-grade of primary school?

          You obviously have a high level of obsession when it comes to Nicole and Rachel. What are the drivers for this obsessive behavior? YOU Simone, is a LOSER and that is quite self-evident. Only losers pines over other people’s lifestyle and wish they were in the other person’s shoes, instead of trying to accomplish something of their own.

          As you were HOOD RAT Simone!

          1. Nichole shut the f**k up you are Rachel don’t have anything fi SIMONE grudge uno fa! The time you come here talking about the prestigious university you get your degree from, you should also get some self esteem to. You have very low self confidence bout you a motivational speaker you need to motivate your self first!! Nichole you’re not all that smart you just know how to apply yourself. You are nowhere near KADEAN AKA MISS KITTY level when it comes to education. So shut the **k up. Nichole you a call SIMONE hood rat when you f**k pure common man because yu husband an him fren that yu use to f**k rumblood common. Mi sure SIMONE knows how to cook,clean an wash fi keep her husband!

          2. Awww poor Rachel. How u wicked to yourself so? Every time you try it with me I flop you. Save yourself further embarrassment man! I already told the wall where I live, my qualifications, my relationship of over six years. I don’t have to repeat it to you. Imagine, Greg is not at home and you lonely, so instead of trying to work things out with HIM you chose to come on the blog calling people names. See why nobody caan sorry for you? You always make things worse for yourself. Call me a hood rat all you want, hope that makes you feel better about yourself, laying down ALONE in your bed. I turned on the lights to type this and my man is beside me complaining. LOL

            It has to hurt, don’t Rachel? Big degree, married, bore his kids AND THE MAN STILL DON’T WANT TO BE AROUND YOU OR F**K YOU. You’re so educated and classy yet still you can’t even bribe your husband to come home or f**k you. His daughter by Kelly sees him more than your kids do. KELLY SEES GREG MORE OFTEN THAN YOU DO. I wonder why that is, Miss Goody Two Shoes Rachel? Stop pretending like your life is sweet. You envy your sister for her pretend life because at the very least Sasco doesn’t sleep out that much and I doubt he has money to rent another apartment like GREG, who has apartments all over Kingston.

  6. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Dwl Senda Unruly Lol…. Har damn face look funny fi true lol Leanclean look betta…she all start comb di lilly gal hair…bitch a learn doe.

  7. Oh, how dear Nicole took a picture with her mouth open! Let’s wish sometimes bad happen. (Sarcasm). Some of you are just evil as fuc.k.

  8. Complements of the day met an metters! Let me let you guys into what’s going on in this pretentious Nichole life. All the postings of pictures with our man Jeffery on her IG I’m still with him,you’re in competition with yourself because there’s no comparison you wear the I have the man! Nichole remember Jeffery like educated smart humble women,you are a little bit too much Nichole you and I know Jeffery not leaving the LAWYER. You and I know he like girls with the name NIC the LAWYER wash cook an clean an shi knows how to wine pon him buddy! Yes Nichole she’s back in Jamaica she graduate ‍ from law school

    1. But big Laywer why yuh settle fi be a side woman, yuh have all these qualities but you and this lady a share man. Agent S is the big winner in this case because education doesn’t mean (and this coming from someone who recently graduated from one the 10 best university in the world) shit if you’re no different than the instagram thots so you and the wife inna di same position. Big woman can still fool suh inna modern no sah mi haffi at you guys.

    2. Met di want a few chairs and a table. Weh yah drink Met cause di tea too hot pon dah comment yah. Let’s have a cool cool beer. Nicole yuh see dis????? #miknowyuhovayah

    3. Everything dead now!!!!!!! Mackerel gravy tuh yuh curry :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak if I laugh in yah….assasin barely have 2 pics a di elf pan him page lol…..mi know it did a get bun…..she have di bun demeanor all ova har an a try hawd fi hold it lol.

      1. when dish towel tun tablecloth!!!!! unuh no pree how nicole look sad & pop dung?? rass gal look like something from outa old clothes basket, she a try supress di bunning but no matter wah she do it shows pon her, no matter how much pics she put pon IG sasco still a fkk diffrent gal. Nicole not humble or happy. She acting like the groupie she is, showing her true colors. Nicole treat ppl around her like big shit. She is very insecure, going on youtube & copying ppl speeches & saying its hers, she used to fkk & mine a young guy who work a manor park, she gwan like her shit can mek patty but is pity she no know say nobody likes her, only her silly followers on IG. her hair is dry in reality & she has no taste. She faking the happy life, nuff time she no see nor sleep with sasco so she fi stop hype pon ppl.

    4. You dirty tricks have no shame!! It’s obvious Jeffery isn’t leaving his wife. Girl, stay in your side chick lane, you will never be a wife.

      1. Nichole don’t be too sure about that! Remember you was once a side chick? Same how you get same way you going to lose him.

      2. He wont leave, until someone richer comes along. He thought he was marrying into a prestigious family but he soon discovered how FAKE it all was and now he wants out. I feel sorry for you Nicole all the pretending you and Rachel do we can still see the desperation. Rachel love money and you Nicole love the hype and to be seen so see it there, you got it. Wives on paper bere bun unnu get under unn BUMBO.

      3. stink pussy nicole/rachel/yoli/whoever. We over here have ambition & class, not mix me up, the only person who want “ashed-up” sasco is nicole. Sasco used to hot back then but he has no mind, he left his good good baby-mother fi old dun pussy Nicole who favor night owl. Sasco not trending, sasco not hot, he seems like a real lame POS so go easy bitch. Sasco glad fi di little affection & limelight weh nicole a gi him cause him fade out & fake just like she. Anuh our fault him miserable & unhappy with the whore him tek up. Go & do a cooking class & learn fi f**k u husband cause u stink mout alone cant hold him.

  9. That’s not nice @ Nicole mate. That’s not summing to brag abt..Stop it man..Good God unu trifling.

    1. Well said Highly. ..but if u read into it some more,it sound like a 3some so Sasco can have 4somes till him puke.

      I don’t cater too much for unno n Nicole ting but sender how dare you draw reference to her looking like she has Down Syndrome! !Frankly that is insulting to ppl with Down Syndrome! !

      I must confess to recently watching lord of the rings so these pics of nicole is ringing bells of froda baggins ears,gandolf n the character Orlando Bloom played…the elf that quick with the arrow..yuh know a who me a talk mon..wha him name again? ?Honeybee gwaan through n speak ur truth,grammar all over the place n all but dweet dear!!

  10. What’s understood don’t of to be explained! Nichole knows what time it is. The same way miss Nichole get Jeffery is the same way she’s going to lose him! Nichole is a delusional woman like I said before she wears the ring just like her sister but none of them have the men.

      1. “Of to”??

        Well that clears up any n all doubt that this mate is the lawyer!!see I told unno sey a two different smaddies..I’m usually right abt these things#facts.

        I told unno to buy 11 inna cash pot last week n it played rt after then one time a robbas post go up after 7am n mi sey run go buy 5 fi thief n $3000 me win just so!!

        I don’t know the number for fool or man mascots but find out n buy it n kotch a buy for the number that represents for mad ooman who a brag pon borrowed koki smh!14/27 mi guess

          1. Sorry Nichole you wish it was a lie! Girl keep dreaming. Jeffery tired of you and the crying. You think you start cry yet. The lawyer have something for you. Nichole I hope when you find out you don’t try to kill your self. Because this way past bun! A Years you a get bun so it’s nothing new. This going to send you to bellview make them put you in a stiff jacket. You fake pretentious bitch!

  11. Nicole. Batty and legs is one. She look like a elf and she need a bigger ring she wack she need to comb her daughter hair and shape up her sons hair. Every pic she take with sasco it seems like she is pushing up in his face too much .he never smiling he look like he wannatell her back off. Yes she is his wife but we get it now go and love yourself more then you love him

  12. You know say all wah gwaan I feel sorry for Rachel still. She a fret say Sakina gonna move in if she leave with the kids but I doubt that…. he is just going to find a uptown type like her and treat the same way. Or remain a bachelor. Which is what he should do dem man deh nuh ready fi wife yet.

  13. can we see a pic of the educated, smart, humble lawyer side chick? I don’t think i’ve ever seen one of those before..dwfl

  14. Met sometimes when dem come in but “I’m educated” yuh must race dem up because dem a gwan like a dunce people over yah a comment. Mi honestly tired fi hear bout Nicole and har matie di two fi try revive Sasco career.

  15. Nichole knows who the lawyer is there’s no need to show pictures! Jeffery tired of Nichole and her over the top behavior. Nichole take my advice love yourself and stop being the needy person you are he’s tired of it!! You really know how to put on a show hmm I guess you learn from the best your sister Rachel. You girls are a bunch of pathetic losers.

  16. None out of the two a dem nuh look good Rachel look like a meerkat and Nichole look like Sid from ice age. Rachel nah lie yu tuff bad Yolanda the young lady wah know how under MR CESS bun up an patch patch suh. The girl say the money nice but underneath him look away she say all the money uno a spend yu fi spend some carry yu husband guh doctor guh look bout him underneath wha a Streep like hot oil dash weh underneath him! Uno too hype an uno life dutty!! Nichole the Lawyer a mad yu!

    1. No sah… wonder what coulda cause under Mr Cess fi a strip so… GROSS. And dem luv go on like their men are prizes.

    2. Strong case a long term contact from yeast up pums. gal pums a leak acid unto de assasin num chuck…lol

    3. Mimi look what you gone n do now!!!I wipe away yeyewater till mi fingers tiyad but yuh done know how it go when you laugh till u cry!!

      I simply cannot get the images of Sid from Ice Age out my head n the laughing is compounded by his john leguzoma accent!!!! :hoax :mahongintip :ngakak :ngacir2

    4. But dat dere is serious, young lady hope u neva do no suckings fi ketch nuttin in or pon ur mouth. But then even wid condoms ur pums skin still a come in contact with dat diseased skin.
      Mine is the side effect of something incurable. Sorry no amount a money could mek mi sleep wid him if mi see dat grossness unda him. Mi run gone unless di poor girl at sea n fraid him dash her overboard.


  17. When mi used to share cocky wid wifey mi was a humble humble side chick never yet run een pon har or seh nutten bad about her we both were enjoying and loving di Koki wi have di same taste so wah di rass mi go cuss or disrespect har fah (side note) I am delivert :ngakak :repost :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Mi seh Needleeye/Dodge yuh brave bad…..dem gi yuh redbull??? mi feel like mi wah find di man wife and mek she come a pinkwall…. suh yuh neva suckseed??? di man gwan back tuh him wife comfatable hole, weh ano needleeye lmao….hear mi a seh change yuh name dwl….bout delivert! wife delivert har man hood right back to where it belong… poor ting how yuh feel? eeh Dodge? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak yuh @#$%&^ yuh.

  18. Latty run come…

    Dodge..mi figet.


    I like Nicole…I really do but I am just going to sit and sip. Unno do her bad – she is NOT a Kasi or Krystal, why we going so hard?

    1. Hey PTS

      If u want to know how sick sick sickening smaddie can be ,run go peep pon the Guyanese teefing pardna post. We left it at 4 comments me n needleye101 n mi sey!!

      Someone siddung like the heights of great men reach n kept toiling through the night till it reach 71conments!!Them change n try out all sorta names but them mek u know is them same one by using “me”!That lady need to pay back this sick person dem pardna cuz the smaddie on a lonesome pursuit for justice!

    2. Why she different? Same classiest bitch.

      Their noses up, driven by complexion and address, but have the “common man” blues more than the “common man”.

  19. so Sasco giving Nicole bun with a Lawyer girl who just move back to Jamaica

    Nicole knows about it , so has now turn lesbian and fkng Kamilla , Jah cure ex

    LeanClean wants to leave Greg but scared Sakini will move into the house she made a home

    did it get it righttttttttttt ?????????

  20. Stick a pin so if jahcure ex wife live a them yard why Nicole a post pic Saturday talking about kids having play date as if one drop off the child to the next house loool

  21. Due to how mi fraid a science, I did not say a word on that post. Deven know it did a go reach so far after mi see 1 lone comment the day.

    71 comment u seh? DWL your commentary kills me every time.

    “siddung like the heights of great men reach n kept toiling through the night ” :shakehand2

  22. Bloodclaat sell pussc gyal latty mi leff outta dat wah u kno bout mi BITCH yes BITCH mi neva hide wah mi did duh but there’s a reason an a season fi everything right now mi an him still cool like dat suhbwhy u a try seh..mi is a married woman now myself an certain things u haffi low out suh stop ride mi bloodclaat clit an go suck on a soft dick Bitch

    1. lawd geeze, mi tink a joke unno did a joke. it get serious..

      hush Needle, never wa cause nuh trouble. Personally, I was just teasing..

      no more…


  23. Dah Post yah nice mi a siddung ova yah till night….Elf yuh life sad bad…..she naw go sleep tonight eno… poor ting she must read all the comments…. but nuh worry elfie pinkwall can break yuh or make yuh… yuh muss stop rub cratches doe…… A right yassso noice!!!

  24. It’s a pity di man dem weh u a sell u run dung front to dem man or woman nuh come beat out u nasty ass mi nuh si u an y always a seek mi out pussc ole mi nuh love gal avoid mi Bitch latty avoid mi dawg shit

  25. Soon see KimPossible on instagram a dash word in defense of her beloved Nicole. When since she and Nicole are such big friends? Do they know each other from Jamaica or KimPossible is just another one of her IG fans?

    1. Kim Possible and one name Elva always a nuff up dem self and Nicole no too ansa Elva mi a wonder if she no notice say dem friends dem Neva too dark. Kim tooooo rawseee nuff it’s actually sickening to watch the ass kissing kmdt

      1. Dem really no keep company wid darkies and they all on that “how now brown cow” shit :ngakak :ngakak

  26. I realize that Miss elf Nichole have that facial expressions to hide her broad nose. If you notice she likes to lean her head to the side when taking pics. She’s so fuxking annoying. I saw leantief on my explore page a few weeks back posted a video with big ears elfie and the other one, and elfie had on a white looking nightie dress and she looks so tuff and horrible. I like the clean eating and fitness thing, but they should minimize the work out, cause dem getting tuffer by the second and that’s not sexy. Elfie big ears Nichole is too annoying.

  27. This thread was a good read. Mi reach in n decide fi prip the post n aah gawd mi weak. Yaadi big up mi bredda.

    But unnu go hard pan ar though, BBC! Supn more deh to this n it a tek time come out. Ok, its the classic wife a get bun and she probly bake fi ar couple cake too and the world kno ya now so hear mi a say Nicole, just ease offa the hype, wuk pon unnu probz, it can either make or break u marriage. If unnu truly in love, f**k off wid everybody n angle
    unnu bizniz. If u try continue shove this f**kery down we throat, we ago continue rise pon u bbc like Sam Sharpe. (Mi dis a do the gram n gad kno u nuff nbc)

    Mate u kno u deadly? A oman like unnu mek mi start kip my rass quiet. But a Sasco fault, “Cant control your bitches Willy?” Anyways mate link Needeye, mek she teach u some concubine etiquette. Unnu nuffi shame bout it eno bcuz as sun follow day bun go give n receive so might as well set some ground rules to this shit. A dem same pretentious shit mek nicole dem deh ya. U not even mek u fren carry d tea u brew the rass pot.

    Latty a wah she do u? :ngakak U luv the f**kery eno dwl. But a the fakeness a get out the ppl dem thats y look how much other entertainer inna same boat but we nuh fawt pon dem. Bcuz dem keep it REAL.

  28. This thread was a good read. Mi reach in n decide fi prip the post n aah gawd mi weak. Yaadi big up mi bredda.

    But unnu go hard pan ar though, BBC! Supn more deh to this n it a tek time come out. Ok, its the classic wife a get bun and she probly bake fi ar couple cake too and the world kno ya now so hear mi a say Nicole, just ease offa the hype, wuk pon unnu probz, it can either make or break u marriage. If unnu truly in love, f**k off wid everybody n angle
    unnu bizniz. If u try continue shove this f**kery down we throat, we ago continue rise pon u bbc like Sam Sharpe. (Mi dis a do the gram n gad kno u nuff nbc)

    Mate u kno u deadly? A oman like unnu mek mi start kip my rass quiet. But a Sasco fault, “Cant control your bitches Willy?” Anyways mate link Needeye, mek she teach u some concubine etiquette. Unnu nuffi shame bout it eno bcuz as sun follow day bun go give n receive so might as well set some ground rules to this shit. A dem same pretentious shit mek nicole dem deh ya. U not even mek u fren carry d tea u brew the rass pot.

    Latty a wah she do u eeeehh? :ngakak U luv the f**kery eno dwl. But a the fakeness a get out the ppl dem thats y all this. look how much other entertainer inna same boat but we nuh fawt pon dem. Bcuz dem keep it REAL.

  29. Sender yu go looo (is so it spell Yaadi?) when yu mention down syndrome. Nobody begged to be born that way so no mek fun of that.
    And for the people who think only dunce on these walls I have 2 degrees, honours at that!
    Yaadi I agree not the lawyer talking. Nicole humble yu self, stop send yu pics to the media and Sasco come wid some good tunes this year, yu a put out work but it nah connect maybe yu a over think the thing. And to the mate, use the money yu plan to mek and buy some ambition and class smh.

    1. Maximum respect Dev,

      This is a lesson to trust one’s instincts . initially I was going to go in with righteous indignation about the person referring to down syndrome. I’ve done charity work with persons with disabilities n I’m close to two persons with Ds.

      I opted to go in on the ligher side by joking Rachel don’t look as good as Ds ppl.I was wrong for that, I sincerely apologize n a million thanks for gut checking me Dev.It will be the first n last I would’ve done that ish.

      Bredda HeavyD yuh have nuff nuff real talk but that one is the realestforme.Indeed let’s have peace on pinkwall among us if we can’t have peace in the middle East! !

  30. Rachel- The Scorpio man Gemini woman relationship is a water/air combination, which tends to produce either monsoon storms or pretty rainbows, but not both.

  31. And to the “CLASSY” Nicole and Rachel, in case you all didn’t know, self absorbed pretentious women like you ALWAYS get bun with hood rats. Its like nature or something. Rachel you shoulda shame you act like you perfect but a hood rat have yuh man and you cannot get him back. Greg is your husband but he is not your man, or your sweetie pie, your bae or your boo.

    As I said before, Rachel keep talking about hoodrats, a nuff a your uptown frens unnu husbands a sex off! Dem nuh stop laugh atfa unnu when dem unu a parade with unnu community cocks. People this is facts. Keep blaming hoodrats for unnu problems. Hope that makes you feel better.

    Last time Sakina said she leaving Greg for good (before he bought her the car) Greg lost weight, cut back on the drinking and just started doing better overall. Every one he saw that knew Sakina he started telling to tell her that he was doing better and to tell her to come back. Rachel can’t even get him to change clothes. Sakina beat Greg when she ready. F** off Rachel and go sort out yuh dutty life.

  32. just saying at the end of the day whether she look like man or not
    if him a give her bun or not
    if him want har or not
    if him this or that
    the point is she has his ring, that’s his choice, some man deh with woman because them have a brain.
    being a side chick get u but that far. when it comes down to it side chicks will be just that.

    1. Greg say him married Rachel because she bright and uptown and perfect in the eyes of his parents but he does not love her! That’s what we are talking about. THEIR FAKE ASS LIVES THEY KEEP PUSHING IN OUR FACE!

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