Who remember dutty stinking Alisha weh nikki blacks cuss out dwl watch her ah pose up inna rich man car… Gal need fi guh weh and get a job and stop fool around people man

Alesia only got on the gram forget do comb her hair fi tek her mugshot picture






33 thoughts on “JUXI AND ALESIA DID LEF?

  1. Welll dis a d FAMOUS AYSSA nice looking doe na lie – A sorry fi when Nikki see dis a post ya …… ON a different note MET u no see RIHHANA new video POUR IT UP!!! MET IT MAD

  2. ppl buzniz. me just watch rihanna pour it up video. butt it wack all mi see is different footage of her in a red wigs. it nuh noice.

  3. Ah dat you call DONE DEM & DONE!

    & thank God fi make-up cuz di 2 picture dem look like 2 different people to rass!

  4. Must some hater send this in….UNNU left the bloodcl**** gal, nasty homeless nicki black tawk up why yuh mouth look like baby shitty diaper. Gawn thru Alesha yuh a hot up them head.


  6. Yes met them lef but they always get back together she got arrested for suspended license and domestic violence she di go a juxxy house and create excitement pon him cause she find out him f**k pon har but greatest thing she ah f**k pon him too . Alesha can’t help it she been a whore she just start carry harself better clothes wise but fortlauderdale know is just Alesha that

  7. Met Alicia all deh wid breddy too and she was f**king qbritish true true ting then she have the nerve to try fren Adrian women is a dutty gal man

  8. nikki and alichia a fren now so whats the purpose of this sender. Nikki even cut off a the partying so sender why u go dig up old old old mug shot and send in. smh sender u too idle…Met me see all nikki and alichia inna party stand up last year, alichia was even at nikki party sender u naw nothing fi do u likkle hater u…….or maybe true d sender see say uno a dun bready mek she a send in alichia unda sikes caw word on d streets when bready was here a him and alichia did a galang with them tings….cho

  9. Beaddy from la !!! I’m not asking I’m telling cause she all send him Pu**y picture and when him go a Miami over the summer him tell blacks seh him f*k har and then right after that she go
    La . That girl pu**y has no principal at all for a nice looking girl she has no value or worth and is so she f**k them thy duck har not even a entry to a party she can get

    1. stfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu stop with this lame shit and keep my mom outta disssssss. yes this is her daughter Chloe idc that I stated it yall mad weird and lame thats why she bought a house and a 2020 benz living her life working in a hospital getting big bank as a single independent mother of 2 tf now please gtfo.

  10. Lol weh Nicki have to do with this ??? Cause Alicia and popeye f**k from hibiscus days not now is just a picture him in …. And the jail picture was last year after memorial weekend

  11. Y’all just stupid fo this sender ppl has done this girl the worst so u think taking hit at this girl on some lame shit go hurt I don’t that kmt

  12. @Anonymous 3:56 stop f***king lying bitch. I would love to see that pu**y picture liar. If you’re going to diss then do your diss and go bout your business, but don’t come tell lies. State the facts. Do better than that bitch- where’s this so call pic.

  13. Idiot gal why me would have the picture him was right over a back yard fish fry and the dance video was showing Dutty Alicia was in the video a talk up and the big man seh she sexy him turn to fi mi man friend blacks and seh me f**k it and blacks seh no a lie dem a joke round he pulled out his phone and show the picture !! Alicia is a hoe Alicia is Dutty Alicia been through what she put har own self true. You walk a f**k man dem going chat it she ah dog shit me nah stop say it I don’t care if Alicia or her other whoring friends weh run through the whole a Miami want come chat shit but is lie . The amount of la man Newyork man miami man and Philly man she tek lets not go there

    1. my mother was and still is a human she makes mistakes but not over here to come and disrespect her this is her oldest daughter Chloe and ion respect this shit yall duty and stank yall self, she works in a hospital gets full bank just got a motherfucking house bet yo hoe ass cant do shit like that, go sit somewhere this old lame shit. and she single and bought a new 2020 benz and yes i watch and see what my mom do and she dont use no man to help her out this was her old days so shes a good full-time independent woman.

  14. Bout she want go a the man women house damn Dutty gal ! How you fi f**k the gal man and want keep it secret from the women suh yuh can run up in har things bitch if you was f**king Michael Kors yuh still can’t wear Michael Kors (Nicki voice ) bout you a come argue over gal pu**y she want wear Petra shoes and get porche to bitch go have three seats down you not on this level with all your damn Ali express whoring Alicia

    1. LMAO bitch my mom can afford a whole bunch of shit she works in a damn hospital collecting her money and bought a motherfucking house nigga I bet you can’t even afford a damn penny. dis is old and lame please sit tf down somewhere. bought ha self a new 2020 benz tf . and shes a single parent with 2 beloving kids and yes im one of them Chloe .

  15. @met how much time y’all must have this young lady on her I see this girl has ppl out for little be careful cause ppl have it out fi u

  16. first of all, my mom aint stink- u needa shut up and go get a life, shes doing just fine now, shes got a job working in a hospital getting money big bank just bought a house thats why u still renting haha, shes a mother of 2 and im one of them go sit down somewhere and leave my mother outta this crap and my father juxxy . shes so unbothered lol and very pretty. yes this is there daughter Chloe with yo little ratchet ole drama and mixup with yo ugly stank self and duty website.

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