1. Wah mek u love ride off pon dat lickle dusty scooter suh man….do not deny him, cause him always a hail u a dance, rayyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Party deh sell off. Everybody a fan though. Black draw heat. Or Ac nah wuk. Everybody look happy still like they wanted to be there

  3. So people go dance, but nuh dance – is that how it is now?

    Rock like yuh cyaaah babba, point gun finger, chat to you friend, fan yourself and hype & chat nonsense in the video light is all I can see people doing.

    Dance ram and it sounds like the music was nice, so why the people them never DANCE inna the dance!

  4. Omg ah suh dem cheap den dem can’t tun on the AC just because them want people if buy liquor. Idiots people ah go buy liquor regardless tun on di rass AC damn mi tired if come ah dem party yah and dem can’t tun on AC look how much time mi go south beach and party ram and AC a kick come on Jamaicans nub Mekong it look so bad anyway all and all it was a great turn out Matterhorn still ah gi trouble lol Juxxy di look confused at one point maybe too much ooman inna 1 building lol yes mi boy. Oh god Alesha honey your dehydrated for attention it’s so pathetic people go back to the video and look when the video was on her the first time she was looking so unhappy because she wasn’t on stage where everybody could see her she looked depressed but as soon as she reach pin stage where she got the attention omg she did glad like likkel pitney pin Christmas morning she glad she glad so till oh gawdddd poor ting she did dying fi di likkel attention pon stage. Den When destiny say har friend was 42 I couldn’t believe cause she actually looks really good for her age.

  5. The party was nice, everyone looked great and had a good time. Juxxy just need to get a bigger venue because it keep getting bigger and better every year.

  6. di amount a woman weh juxxy have inna dat deh dance deh..i stand correct ,di amount a f**k friend weh juzzy have inna him pawty .. a him a di boss… weh him got so .. aleshia and whyt gurl come talk up …

  7. Them intentionally tun off di a/c fi ppl buy out bar,plus black draw heat and it look like it pass capacity….Uno lucky ppl neva pass out in deh

  8. The party did Ram til dem stop letting people in and I took an hour for me to get in…Juxxy is o sneaky lol him cute tho with him big eye 😀

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