His skin is dark – unbleached. He speaks with a kind of lisp. Kahira Jones wears a red long sleeved shirt with a dark coloured neck tie. He stands, like Kartel and Shawn Storm who spoke before him to give an unsworn statement from the dock.

These are my verbatim notes of Kahira Jones’ unsworn statement.

Good Afternoon Your Lord. Good Afternoon Madam Foreman and Members of the Jury.

My name is Kahira Jones. I am 27 years of age. I am a Disc Jockey. I live at 35 Tangerie Road, Stafford, St Catherine where I know Adidja Palmer for years because him help grow mi. I never kill anyone. NEVER. I am not a murderer.

My Lord, Lamar Chow and di police dem plan up fi tell lie pon mi. Dem seh dem a send all of us a prison.

Thanks you My Lord and Madame Foreman

His Attorney, Pierre Rogers stands and indicates to the court ‘that simply is the case for Kahira Jones.

Next up, Attorney-at-law for Shane Williams, Everton Dewar indicates to the court and the jury in particular that ‘Shane Williams will speak to you. If you recall the evidence of the photograph that the witness has pointed to – in the photo he referred to someone known to him as Terrence. Please listen and give him a listening ear’

Shane Williams wears a white shirt with checkered or plait fabric forming two pockets on the chest area. He speaks

Good Afternoon My Lord. Good Afternoon Madam Foreman and Members of the Jury.

My name is Shane Williams. I live at 669 Braeton Place, Portmore.

I am not in any conspiracy to any murder nor do I know of any murder at all. I do not know Lamar Chow. I have never seen him before neither have I spoken to Lamar Chow before. My name is not Terrence.

I don’t live in Gregory Park. I never lived in Gregory Park. That is not my voice on the video. I have never been to 7 Swallowfield Avenue before. My Lord, I am innocent.

I don’t even know why I here.

My Lord, Madam Foreman and Members of the Jury – thank you.

Everton Dewar indicates to the court -that’s the case for Shane


  1. now this dunce head yah should a just never seh nothing can tell him might can’t read an write dats why him nuh seh much but him gone seh how di police an chow a set dem up mi nuh know how bad chow is but mi sure seh if him come a rd witch i doubt di police dem shall set him up di next way dat time dam fool u mother never tell u if u nuh have nothing good fi seh nuh seh nothing at all .bout man help grow u dat mean a him did a butter u bread den

    1. I swear this is the “special” kid out a de bunch. De man all a set up Madman defense…lol his sey him nu know whey him de……too rass late for that…lol him can tell him cellmate dat when pressure de pon him anus.


    So demon ‘help grow’ yu and him claims to be ongle 3 years older than yu? A yu step-fadda? Let’s say the demon a 40 yu madda a tek juvenile fi mind the household? Dis is de butu out a de group to rass.

    See, right here is a case and point of bad influence pon de poor and feeble minded youth inna we nation. Me nah go sey ghetto cause when I was growing up Portmore neva have no Ghetto, dem had undeveloped land NOT GHETTO.

  3. Lol ., Kahira I guess this trial is about vybz KARTEL growing yuh lmfao
    & not about lizard so you didn’t bother mentioning anything of the sort pertaining to the trial because people are so interested In knowing how much you suckin kartel dikkkk!!!!
    Dunce indeed! …. Like who cares if Kartel grow yuh we wanna know where you were & what you were doing on such days & any lil thing bout lizard so I guess the jury must bypass the fact you didn’t mention it lmfaoo GUILTY!!!!! Shawn MAD Suss & Kahira that was quite easy. Guilty .. Kartel & Shane Story match lets see

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