So BET (106&park) decided to have karrueche cohost next week with Shad Moss (formerly known as bow wow).. Apparently they are tapping today and they tweeted an #askkarrueche segment. Met why would they do that to that girl! U know twitter went in! Here are some of the questions! They even added her to the dictionary, gave her name a definition Mi na laugh
SideNote: They are back together.. She was seen at his charity celebrity football game this weekend, he posted some pics of her over the weekend and she posted him as her McM..


  1. Yo Met dem a go hard pon her but the thing is they need to stop cause dis ya gyal nave nutten name shame at all and she so crave the attention, Im like is either she blind dumbb r somen cause even if she want fame y stay around when Chris clearly will always disrespect her look at how him tail Rihanna d other day it sweet me how she not even look at him – a so we woman fi hold on to we principles n feelings cause me know Rihanna no over him but she a look pon her sanity. Can u imagine with all that fame she mek Chris bring her dwn, u remember bk in d 90s JLO did affi leggo Puffy fass faass just fi save her career??

    1. drop him like a bad habit but jlo never wanted puffy anyhow she just use him fi get to where she wanted to go at that time..she have no shame fi true..she must have seen him go a rihanna show a dat alone mek mi wudden look back pan him but as smaddy ask har..if she is a dependent on chris tax return

  2. diddy have a babymom that kinda resemble jlo so I don’t think he ever got over her the way how she dis him but what ever happen to da tall black babymother he keep on the sideline that won’t let go she have 4 kids 1 DAT is dead stamp of al b sure

  3. Met when mi seh twitter evillll… How can ppl hate someone they don’t know and never met, it’s unreal.. I feel so bad for laughing but it funny no rass, i kno ri is sitting back laughing.. This girl will never be liked or respected..
    The mother of one of daddy girls and one of his boys; u are talking about Kim. Kim lef DAT when she found out that he had that same jlo look alike girl pregnant at the same time as her.. The girl ended up having twins.. Kim came frm money and has money.. He never kept her on the sidelines 90′-2000’s everybody known Kim for being with daddy. She’s in the real estate business..

    1. Thats true dem appear to have real emotions and I dont think its because of Rihanna only..Mi feel sorry fi har wid all di insults but it funny bad lol

  4. dwllll @met n dats how u suppose to leave a man but as for ms kaka however her name wah spell what kinda question she expected the ppl to ask her is she Chrisbbrown PR agent bcuz she don’t have no talent n Neva star inna movie me glad the ppl give it to har she too brite n facety

  5. @philly90210 what does having money have anything to do with a man playing u and breaking your heart? diddy have so much gal I think u have them confused lol the black one have twin girls for him 2 sons first son is frm the old school rnb singer al b sure and the one weh fava jlo just have 1 pretty daughter for diddy

  6. lol black twitter is the definition of hell! i doe y wid all this hate she nuh laas harself in obscurity…she jst need fi stop try buss n jus deh wid cb n b content wid dat kmt…nuttin nah bingo fi har at all nt the clothing line nuh nuttin

  7. I just hope kokroach don’t bring up ri name none at all next week while she’s cohosting. She Betta learn how to dodge those questions where ri’s name is concerned.. She doesn’t want a repeat of keke show or whatever the girl name she did the interview couple weeks ago

  8. Met congrats are in oder. Kevin just got engaged to neeki during the premier of Atlanta exes and boy social media is letting his a** have it Lol checkout his twitter and IG.

  9. Ansa me why this young girl choose to make the likes of Chris Brown use her like a toilet. Jus open up to be shitted on ova an ova.Yes I hope she learn how to dodge the RiRi questions bcuz they will b asked.

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