Candy your face look like shitty trump ass so stop fight Shelly for DwAyne cause him don’t want u him would more want Shelly cause u don’t look good b**tch get a life look how u stay bad germs all your skin a peal look like u have HIV b*tch get a life ass face b*tch


  1. The sender is so fool! Hahaha! If candy have “HIV” and Dwayne sleeping with her and Shelly, clearly Shelly dont love her life…Sender you need to tell your friend Shelly that she and candy side-chick in-law lol!

  2. Candy and Shelly bleaching so they all need to just sit down around a table and discuss which cream is the best on the market,
    And stop the argument over man. And beside, why cuss Candy over Dwayne?
    When he’s messing with more woman.smh.The person that send this in need a life, because this right here is just so dumb and childish dont even make sense. And for the record i see Dwayne post video where he stated “EVERY MAN CHEAT!” so the person you should be cussing is Dwayne because he really don’t care about noone but himself.

    Ladies!! stop belittling yourself like this over a man that have several woman…And i can bet at this very moment there’s a next woman laughing at you guys cussing over a man that’s up in her all night…Never you swear for a man they will let you look like a fool!!!!

  3. Dirty Shelly if candy have hiv big pussy Dwayne got it too because him walk on f**k everything him see and him do f*** look good

  4. Shelly an Dwayne don’t deh so uno call call up the people dem name cause no body don’t know who is Shelly

  5. She still a war over Dwayne smh dat man don’t want u bitch get a life an forget him it’s 2017coming soon girl get a life attention she looking always love when here name calling up

  6. So what if I put up a picture of my baby father and is f**g birthday why you bitch like to talk about me
    I’m sorry if you don’t talk about me you guys don’t get attention but guess what I am not hurting over here still happy

  7. I got no time to fight over Dwayne bitches ijust enjoy the dick like everybody else and leave me the f**k alone
    And I don’t want Dwayne to want me I need him for my own f**ng reason

  8. Candy don’t need to fight over Dwayne because he wants candy he just don’t like some of her dirty ways because I talk with him when candy was in jail he was at the house watching the kids so if you did not want candy I have no feelings for this girl he will not leave it over there until he babysitting and did she get out of jail you people need to leave the girl alone oh my god you Jamaican are the f**g worst

  9. Jamaica people are the worst stopwatch people life and worry about your neighbor f**g your husband I’m just saying leave the girl alone make she live she and Dwayne have they drama but he still went back and live with her you people just look f**g stupid coming at the girl for no reason
    And if she and Dwayne want to bleach they skin make they do what they like Who are you to judge Are to talk about someone bitches take a look in the mirror and if she want to put up her baby father picture so what I am not a fan of candy but I am not going to sit and PINKWALL and talk shit about the girl I never see this good make live video cursing for Dwayne sorry to say I am a Jamaican but I don’t like some of you bitches you guys come to America with the same dirty lifestyle everybody taking somebody man what’s the problem candy look good Dwayne look good look how much girl he f**g so why you people coming that candy all the time because he live with her he wants her I don’t know I’m just axing you mixed up people worry about your kids and stop worry about someone else’ life and Shelly if candy have disease Dwayne have it too and when he come to Jamaica you are going to get it to bitch
    I don’t see that girl candy f**g with nobody different from her relative woman don’t Bring down next one over a man That will never change that still going to f**k a lot of you bitches and social media

  10. I am one of candy friend I called her phone like every f***g day and Dwayne always be at that house when she was in jail I talk with him
    He never have nothing bad to say about that girl so why you bitch and social media trying to bring down candy over a man that f***g all over candy is not worrying trust me

  11. Can I ask you bitches something and PINKWALL is Candy is the only girl that f**g Dwayne Y’all dumb bitch need to attack someone else and make pink WALL be more fun Candy is old cd now we know that Dwayne live at her house One day I called candy and FaceTime AND see Dwayne sleeping comfortable in bed

    Me Kevin say so every day you guys and one person over a man
    And you candy just relax and make the wicked badmind dirty Jamaica people talk some more about you and don’t pay them no attention because I never see you fighting no bitch over Dwayne

  12. Trumps dodo face daughter stop look hype off a Dwayne every min u call up him name Dwayne a mad her f**g fool an him don’t want u

  13. Y would Dwayne baby sit candy baby dats a lie candy we all know it’s u posting things batty face candy ugly nuh f**k

  14. OK dirty ass bitch let me tell you this again I don’t need pink wall to fight my bottle I’m not a pussy what ever I have to say about somebody it’s going to be on my page I don’t need no defender so y’all bitches can say what the f*k you want Dwayne no the real deal and I am not going follow follow up this shit with people only bad On pink WALL some of you bitches cannot get no man that’s why your life is miserable I’m still happy over here that dick just have me come in


    BUT ONE THING I CAN TELL YOU BITCHES HE NEVER TALK TO none of you dumb bitches around me I get my respect all the way so when you guys keep on talking about Dwayne Dwayne I get my respect all the way till the end like Chucky and as I said before I don’t want him to want me I need him for all different reasons a bitch

  16. I Know ALL OF You BITCH THAT HE F**K AND HOW SUCK IS dick because he tell me everything don’t make me put out name now because some of your bitch live with your baby father

  17. Dwl every body know is u posting all these stuff batty face candy stop tell lie on Dwayne bout him live with u bitch post a picture with the man hahahahah

  18. bitch no man can’t piss in my face an me still upsess over him no way no no coming like the piss a soke true your brain bout u name star candy hype u name star piss face hype haha

  19. Stop war with Shelly candy cause u don’t look like Shelly no day Dwl candy your skin a peal like dem trow acid on u Dwl Dwl dwl.

  20. Lmao the person writing about candy sound dumb…Can bet she look like candy pussy. I cant with the dumb bitch “Lisa”

  21. Hungry belly Shelly you still a war over man.Gyal you clear up the infection in you hole yet you come a cuss over bleachout cocky.kmt


  23. Stay bad candy hype a me Shelly bitch mi have my visa am coming up for Dwayne birthday 3 weeks from now which is the 24 dec an we going to take picture an post it so we ago know if a your man bitch

  24. hey ugly gal weh send me request pon Fb mine how u a dis mi friend Shelly cause mi will go pon happy corner go done u so leave mi friend mad woman

  25. a pare plastic hair the bitch wear she don’t have any clothes an deh pon social media every day ever night an lick out all har man dem ass she love eat shit an drink piss mouth Eva stink an smell bad

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