1. None a bloodcl**t business if people want to fat or not @Anon2:37 no wonder people get up everyday hating on themselves some a unuh too damn egsup up man move u nastiness an gweh.#bodyshaming

  2. Him a hide an suck & f**k Tanya a big bowas if uno never know dat an him baby mother don’t know cause she live Ina NY an just have a baby for him

  3. Hey a long time him a hide a suck pussy cause him suck him wife pussy fi get green card cause she talk but I won’t call name who she told

    1. Is what if him suck pussy? Is a crime? Uno move uno dirty bloodclatt and go suck uno mumma my pussy nice and clean him supposed to suck it awha?

  4. Him married lucky dats him wife fi get green card she nuh stop chat him how him suck pussy dats y u don’t trust man like dat dem love say dem don’t suck pussy when dem do

  5. Him wife dat name lucky say a different name him a use pon him green card Dwl an anytime him f**k up she ago just buss out an notify immigration cause him use here we here everything Akeem

  6. Bumpy fi a young green bwoy weh jus leave school weh day u big and stay bad eeh, you look way older dan yuh big bredda no man, foreign nuh gree wid u a bloodclatt, uno love talk bout rich eeh and uno don’t own nothing a Jamaica, all the one dutty Delroy him AKA cashboss) all uno kmw fi do a put on socialmedia show like uno is the shit, all yuh big f***kout sista she glad sey har babyfada gone bck a Canada suh she can tek di gal babymada Flo in peace now, Bumpy you need to go loose some weight and go buy a bleaching soap and smooth dung yuh rough body.

  7. We all know about dat green card u usein with different name immigration immigration immigration u too hype

  8. Him come Jamaica a walk with one bagga man man behind him like he’s a Dan an look gawn like him rich broke nuh f**k

  9. U going to get deport cause your green card u usein different name it’s not your right name but u an your wife she or someone else ago f**k u over cause immigration must fine out we going to report sir so stop gawn hype an keep low youth cause your wife a talk….

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