Met yuh can explain why Dah girl yah lef her yaad with un finish make up like seriously her Fren them couldn’t tell r that don’t look good smh girl child next time yuh applying make up Mek sure yuh dweet right cause mi nuh know a wah dat smh


0 thoughts on “KANTOORE

  1. Gm. I think she’s pretty and the blue lipstick fit her sexy lips she’s the only that I see so far that can wear blue lipstick an still look delicious!!

  2. Mi tink mi have ah idea….shi ah tek part inna one new play an shi play di part of a very seductive skunk :ngakak Luk good fi di part mi gyal…but inna real life rub eeen ebryting nuh.

  3. Sometimes I have to wonder sender before you just say the girl pretty or is a new look. Clearly you can tell that she did it deliberately. I bet you same one looking out for the comments and go try do the same next time you go to a dance. Go find something constructive to do and clear your mind from the girl look.

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