0 thoughts on “CHEESE AGEN PART 2

  1. Hi metty! U know this lady ya a mad woman. That is y mi drop all fren cause wen things good nobody no hear as it gets sour it deh pon every site! Mi hate people like cheese u no haffi dash out everything so both the girl and her miscarriage, if it was mi a meet up with cheese a fight har Mek sure dem video it.
    Mi no inna no cussing pon tape a fight mi say.

  2. met, cheese ask if you can live inna breast… deadments a nuff ah dem we need fi ask that

  3. Cheese right fi dem bam bam did wah crackhead Jason wife her up about half cass as if the dirty boy want her dun dem cheese dun dem me like it u get dep but u nah call and beg but dem deh yah a beg like dem blind

  4. From me born fi see a set a gal weh disgrace we culture them cah beg and would a fight fi pick u the £10 dem weh man dash weh inna dance when u see dem inna day dem look like dem just left poor house worthless trash

  5. bam bam n cheese was friends n cheese was always di warrior…so I don’t know why dem chubble har…if cheese was in England all 3 of dem would get dem ass buss…

    1. _______________________________________________________________________ bam bam keep quiet a doe know y karen tek it up

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