JUST IN: Contraband Found In Kartel’s Jail Cell As Police Probe ‘Roach’ Murder – CCN

As investigators intensify their investigations into the murder of popular music producer Patrick Samuels, otherwise called ‘Roach’, according to reports from Constabulary Communication Network (CCN), Police intelligence have led them to carry out a search of the jail cell of Adijah Palmer, otherwise called ‘Vybz Kartel’.

The CCN reports that, on Sunday, Detectives seized two cellular phones and three thumb drives from the cell occupied by Palmer. The cell of Garfield Vassell, otherwise called ‘Zebra’, was also searched and the officers seized a sim card, as well as a piece of paper containing instructions purportedly written by a popular entertainer.

On Monday the lawmen went back to the prison and during further searches, one DVD player and an apple iPod were taken from the cell of Palmer and a DVD player seized from the cell of Shawn Campbell, otherwise called ‘Shawn Storm’.

The items taken from the cells will now be analyzed for evidential purposes in the Police’s search for clues as they seek to find the perpetrators behind the murder of Samuels.


      1. yes ooooooooo but how em hav suh much authority n luxury a prison…di justice sysytem still fuxx up caw a dem same one elp em


    1. Good evening one and all. If mi did stay one more day ina mommy belly mi become a witch. Mi and couple a mi fren dem a talk and mi seh a wanda if ray and tay and now mi come se dis…Aye, aie!!!!

    2. Hi Metty………from mi see it Sunday morning, my thoughts went strait to Skirtel but mi did a wait pon d Po Po dem fi run een pon him. Somebody wanted Roach dead badly!!!! Sure signs of a HIT!!

  1. Met I wouldn’t put it pass di police fi a try a last licl at setting up addi ah 7 years now roach and addi have tings suh how all of a sudden him tun roun kill him

    1. Agree with you! me think it hard to believe Kartel would do this. If him no kill popcorn who sell him out, a roach him wuda really kill? Anyway, let me hear what the police have to stay. Even tho them same one want set up Kartel! It sticky nobody cannot be trusted!

  2. Met I don’t like Kartel but really a dont believe he is a lot of tings but not stupid so I don’t believe that bout tings found in cell, he would not keep evidence in his cell cause dem search dat cell fi reason n without reason so………….. I smell a rat I just hope the police don’t plant evidence cause that would make dem as bad as Kartel himself

    1. Chuet lol kartel been doing a lot behind the bars and maybe him feel dem wudden search him..when people do things dem nuh really think and I will only say that being his ass is already in fire mi nuh think him wudda put himself more pan di line

        1. Only one question I would have..Why would they point in Kartel’s direction?
          I guess the person who put out the hit on Roach had no idea that he was so well respected in the music fraternity . Jamaican police lazy fi solve murder so from dem reach cell fi search that means bigger heads a screw pan whey gwaan

          1. Or the police dem in dem desperation kill Roach wit plans of tying it to Kartel dem tings here call fi deep reasoning eno man cause Kartel n roach war done how long now so mi no get it

        2. di police dem nuh desperate mi talk already seh him nah come out …a whole heap a ting him dede a do …and now it ketch up pon him …him haffi a catch at a straw ….him wi do anyting fi bus di case ….him mek gaza slim go file false report ..now him a kiss corey todd ass ..so I know seh him inna trouble and u cah mek deal wid di devil

      1. He couldn’t possibly think they wouldn’t search him. Memba before one of the last bail hearings dem did say dem find fone pon him and di lawyer did haffi one pon tv bout it. Your right wid him ass pon the burner already I want to believe he is smart enough to not get soo close this kind of mess again. This screams set up, it wudda too convenient

  3. Roach an kartel nuh frens like dat nuh more but kartel still voice pon him riddim dem sometime….roach nuh connected to nun a di case dem suh wat wud be di motive fi kill him???

  4. But then same time ah r practically outside ah roach house dem kill him and that sounds like a hit but I doan think its kartel if kartel was gonna kill roach sum1 would have said something and roach would have talk.

        1. The only way someone would have talked is if they were looking for a pay off. It nuh matter who order the hit , also remember the hit man in releasing such information is putting his life on the line

          1. But met look how much time smuddy get kill and b4 it happen yuh did ah hear seh so and so wah kill dem. And remember kartel is a supposed “Don”

          2. Mi se dat only happen when is a hit but is not a real hit..is a hit with a pay off because a so dem work but if is a real one there will be no tip off

  5. Chuet even if him hav fone an laptop in him cell its illegal but dats di norm cuz him a artis an him still a du music…..regula prisoner a hav fone muchless him weh suh high profile, but I nuh si nuh connection wid him an roach death

    1. Yes CC the phone n computer mi believe all the hard drive cause we know he’s making music from his cell but no evidence to no murder neither roach own nor the one he’s being charged for dat would be just to stupid smh mi nah buy this one Babylon bwoys

  6. But then again he did buss the 1st case that may make him feel invincible and he does have the perfect alibi met is it true kartel run a small area in handavel near where roach lived?
    I dont know it just fits together too well like its a lie maybe im in denail

    1. Yes to baxide! I would think so because a nuh desso him did kill di next youth and bun dung di place. All mi a seh is Jamaican police bad but someone tipped dem off and a bigger heads gi dem orders fi check ..dem nuh business who dead but from u see Observer run wid it that mean it deep..When him did gwaan wid di tings a havendale a me first dash it because no other media outlet neva waa run it..and im sure they eheard the details just like me..

      1. Do you know who Kartel reminds me of? Aaron Hernandez. They are both narcissistic and think they are above the law. Aaron Hernandez shoot a youth in Florida in his mouth and got away with it, because the youth did not want to give him up (the guy is now suing him in civil court). He again kill another youth in Massachusetts and was under heavy investigation when he kill the next youth over a stupid thing. Aaron Hernandez made millions, yet was so evil, he couldn’t control himself.

        So yes, Kartel is foolish enough to put out a hit on roach because he thinks he is invincible, just like Aaron Hernandez. Maybe Roach said things that pissed off Kartel and it got back to him and he react in a stupid way. Jamaican Police do not need to setup Kartel. The bwoy just can’t control himself. Jamaican Police have many links (informa) on their payroll. They are all over and that is why their intelligence gathering apparatus is so good these days. These people work fulltime for the police. Check it out……

        1. Agreed. He suffers from narcissistic personality disorder,which is also a part of the paranoia. People like him also become fixated on things and ”try ” to make their visions a reality..Anyone who comes within an inch of that then they will get rid of you by any means. When his dog bit him it said so many things about him as a person. This was a dog who lived in the yard and was with him on a constant basis..Kartel even had pictures taken with the dog so for the dog to bite him because he was chasing the guy who tried to get away, it means that the dog was seeing a side of his mater he did not know and saw the guy running away as a genuine victim. People can pretty him up all dem want..and mi nah talk bout this whey a gwaan now but in general. He must be sick because his actions scream sickness

  7. Dere’s wasn’t nuh animosity between him n roach eeda cuz him still voice fi roach wen him feel like, roach sed dat out him mouth…. a prolly di likkle riff weh dem did hav b4 meck dem draw suspicion

  8. Ok met but you do you at least agree that kartel is a far too obvious suspect to have actually ordered the hit? kartel needs to address this pronto coz even if he didn’t order it he muss have known. When I hear things like these I always wonder if anything happen to him at a young age that caused this.

    1. agree

      You know its funny that you should say that. I wouldnt be surprised if nothing drastic happened to him outside of the normal Jamaican struggle growing up. What is unspoken though is how the life affects our men. Many of them are able to overcome the odds that are set against them growing up in poverty but when the slave becomes the master he only feels less of a slave if he enslaves others. There is a constant power struggle within these men to kick the feeling they had when they were less fortunate and this may be the reason why they feel they have to retain a certain control . I hear that kartel is extremely paranoid. The paranoia is so bad it is crippling so he may also have some form of mental illness

      1. Also remember when dem did go shoot up round a gully fi Mavado , some people say it was him and others say he casually called Mavado on the phone talking to him as if everything was cool. Mavado did nothing to deserve being shot at and I heard also that he didnt sleep well at nights. Jamaican society is not equipped to deal with the different forms of mental illness, it is stigmatized and because of this many go untreated

          1. Thats the truth and its sad because in some cases if they are treated early enough they become normal. Most people in Jamaica only see mentally ill people as those who are dirty and walk the streets..Im sure ina most a dem mind they were born that way..A lot of times people are shunned both men and women when they show and voice their true feelings. They try to say we beat the boys not to cry but girls are raised to shoulder these men along with carrying the burdens of daily living and the burdens that Jamaican society impose upon a young girl’s self esteem.

          2. thats the black community worldwide your always taught to not show weakness or else. so people never want to be seen as sick or in need of real help

          1. Yes a so dem do and it makes you really wonder what these men are made of. When you go outside of Jamaica and see how other people like and you become sensitive to violence because you have been away from it so long. You have no choice but to wonder what programs these men who seem normal but will draw blood, eat sleep and drink over a dead body..and dont shun the sight of blood. No human being should be reduced to feeling that a person being dead was less than human. Then u think to yourself that these men who carry out these acts are not on drugs, they are not high, they are ”normal” but in reality they must be sick

          2. met em really tink em supercedes any other human all di johncrow dem weh tek pic a di man an put it pon www is a set a non compassionate biiiiiiitches

        1. yes met your soooooooooo right i believe him to be a sociopath i mean all those lies he tells. i think i read he stab dat dog and kill it am i right? he needs help “the normal Jamaican struggle growing up” met think about all the horrendous things that can entail.
          so roach was killed on sunday and as they get up monday they searched and return the tuesday and now wednesday its in the paper how VERY QUICK. suspiciously quick for lazy jamaican police

          1. G that means something overwhelming is there.. see .kum set it deh..dem love fi call people when dem set hit

          2. And yes dem seh him stab up the dog. When mi see people a run behind him as a person I can only shake my head. His music yes some of it but people have a hard time separating the two. When him beat and expose Lisa Hype it was because she did go back go tell some man se him out fi send man fi dem eno. His first instinct was to expose her but that may have saved her life because if all of that wasn’t public maybe he would have killed her who knows…But people embrace him knowing the fullness of the things he has done. As bad as America is, his music would be shunned and if he had fans they would have to make their own private fan thingy..No public medium would ever embrace him, if he did what he did here.

          3. shake mi han deh..not in america ooooooo but jamaicans nuh noe ow fi separate di music from di artist is like a dem god.

            poor popcaan em noe it to dats y em haffi embrace em caw em fear death

  9. I am not surprised that Kartel is regarded as a person of interest… However, nothing will come out of the findings… They are just trying to give Kartel a hard time and to let him know that they still an eye on him.

    If you ask me, this is a prelude to Kartel being released and this is one last effort to tie something onto him…

  10. It’s not Kartel police dem desperate & wa look like dem actually ah do work this time!
    Kmft UNU NEED MORE PPL! Roach probly have bigger fish ah fry than Kartel .. I doubt it them just a look someone to blame & being that Kartel already inna di almshouse dem say yea Mek we blame him !

  11. What a gwan met n metters been a while since mi comment but mi always check zeen..This is my opinion and just that based on some info mi solder relative give me FROM SUNDAY TO TODAY OK. They get a tip that Kartel indirectly ordered the hit hear is why….Kartel wanted roach to start give him and only him exclusive redimms and stop mek vado voice pan dem period, the beef wid roach and kartel neva dun and since the embassy thing wid vado and kartel learn say vado have a lot fi do wid him not getting a USA visa him send message to roach fi only mek him alone voice pan di trak and only mek who him say can go pan it roach no tek program and send back dis up message to kartel now a lot a ppl no wah admit say kartel is a smart man him play ja like a ches game him love fi mek di big moves. Kartel know him soon come out and roach neva care cause him talk him mind fi years and no 1 did him nothing so it all mek sense fi kartel HIDE INNA PLAIN SIGHT and tek him out……….its not about weh di enemy deh its all about the element of surprise ok…

    1. good evening well well

      membah roach same one seh: “kartel a coward but if em seh em nuh like a man, dah man deh caw meet em death caw man love kartel a wi duh tings widout em evn ask”


      1. @Observer Exactly…mi juss c fe yu comment. But mi kinda repeat it without noticing. Pon ah serious note still from Roach mek dat revelation mi did count pon mi fingers dem ah how long it woulda tek fe Roach stop breathe. If ah really Kartel send dah hit yah…him give it likkle time so nobody nuh trace it to him. But God nah sleep caws Kartel feel say him did get weh wid one…and tink history would ah repeat itself…but I guess not. Mi juss ah gwaan kick back an watch wah gwaan.

        1. but tel mi now y kill roach wen all di sheggery a gwaan wid don kartel see n hear how roach put di man inna em place respectfully….roach neva seh a ting bad at least pon camera suh wat is di beef fi em wah di man disappear? em too raas terble n em a walk wid sum demon to esi man caw evrythin em deal wid dem seh “yes lord” “no lord” is like em a god smh

  12. I would not be surprise if him involved Kartel is a manipulator and was just waiting on the right time to strike oh. When did Kartel voice on Riddims for Roach after the fall out ? I would like to hear those songs!!!!!!

        1. Taken from the reading @ G….Kartel’s character doesn’t fit quite perfectly in that of the sociopath, in that, a sociopath rejects love, social structures and relationships, attention. The only similarity I gathered to that of the sociopath is the “emotionless” attitude. Kartel fits nicely right there. However the narcissist thinks he is above all and everyone. He is socially intuned to his surroundings and “normal” people but he is truely into himself. He stands superior to all. He feels no sense of wrong because he harbors entitlement though it can never be reciprocated because HE IS ABOVE ALL. If it gets even close he will kill and destroy. He has a true narcissitic personality disorder. I get what the author for that article is saying though and they’re similarities because personality disorders overlap in behavior but they’re other behaviors within the disorders that can be distinct.

          1. ok i understand to me in his interviews he always seem as if he was acting too me and again those constant lies and he has bad stage presence so i just assumed he was a quite and somewhat socially awkward person but i don’t know him personally. gonna read up more on narcissism. but what i want someone to ask them is why carried him the kingston public hospital for the chest pain but he clearly exhibits symptoms of mental illness and they do nothing. smh

          2. yes hun but both views can be looked at but I dislike the person kartel is only because i can’t hate god’s creations

          3. yea man a dat mi seh to enuh metty is juss dat it so much to demonstrate a narcissist ways but dem tink dem beyond all rules n dem superior…kertal nuh wah hav no order

  13. Roach got a call from some one and in responding to that call he ended up getting murdered, evidence at the crime scene led the police to conduct a serch at the prison and a phone was found in kartel’s cell……………simple maths!!!

  14. kartle is my DJ BUT i don’t back any killer in any form, so if Kartel is involve in any killing him need to be behind bars and stay there for a long time,,dem really want kartel badddddd.

    They want the Gaza faithful to go postal ..smh,, this is serious business but i agree with someone up top that said that this beef being going on for a while, so why now would he put a hit on him unless his talking shit about Kartel he don’t want come out.

  15. same way mi check in alot but jah know di work got mi a way…Met u know say mi no like chat jus fi chat mi learn more from the bloggers the smart n not so smart ones lol bless up

  16. All duty zebra ole rapist. So a all d duty entertainer dem deh one place. Kartel keep f**king him self. A karma a catch up with his claat. iPod n DVD a big f**k item. Dem dirty police same one give it to them. Them a live life in prison. Some of these police r so da,n corrupt. U think dem never know say them in deh a watch show n cut tunes n planning murder. What a clat. Kartel going get f**k.

  17. The fact Kartel thinks has the “perfect alibi” would make him my #1 suspect. He suffers for delusion of grandeur, larger then life mentality and believes he is smarter than everyone else and invincible. Number 1 pon deh suspects chart

  18. Mi nah lie, from mi hear bout Roach death…ah Kartel first come to mind. Memba say enuh Roach talk up in ah interview say Kartel ah de biggest coward him know!!! Him also went along and said Kartel cyaa pull trigger, him get somebody fe dweet fe him!!! So it sticky pon Kartel cause him wrap sheet seem longer than rope. Also speaking to somebody who know Kartel like dat said dem same one nuh put nutten pass him. So Kartel + narcissism = Worl Boss the Invincible.

  19. Bottom line is the cops killed roach and because they have no evidence against kartel dem a come with this noody still not buying the bullshit. Dem must learn fi do them job and stop plant evidence.

      1. Inspector FOOL? Bwoy some people have lost touch with reality. Why defend someone you know nothing about, apart from listening to the garbage they put out to pollute the young impressionable minds? Someone who don’t even know you exist….SMH

        1. Yuh haffi see wid inspector him neva seen a man kartel before and if kartel was a ooman inspetor wudda breed har wid him eye

  20. It is so ironic that so soon after the video of Roach went worldwide calling Kartel a coward. The man ended up dead,things like this makes you go hmmm.
    As Divanista said up top .”He has the perfect alibi” he was locked up so no one can say he did it.
    He overlooked the fact that Roach called him out as a coward who will let others do his dirty work.
    Every dog has its day!!!

  21. met i want talk n fraid fi talk but kartel will do it!!!!!!!!!!!! kartel is not a nice person him love send out him boyyssss dem :takut

          1. met u seh sumtings sumtimes so innocently, but u no realise seh it funny no fenay.

            likkle and u have mi in stitches an unno juss barely seh anyting dwl

  22. People tend to SELECTIVELY forget that Paula Llewellyn (director of public prosecution) stated on national television that her office met with the WITNESS for the first murder case and the WITNESS said that because of fear for his/her safety he/she will not turn up in court.

  23. it look like di oil a nuh KETCH MI BLEACH OUT…CAW DIS YAH MAN all wen him deh a lock up him a catcha case mi cah manage

  24. it look like di oil a nuh KETCH MI BLEACH OUT…CAW DIS YAH MAN all wen him deh a lock up him a catcha case mi cah manage

  25. Met I had some respect for but let it become like something I step on because you have no reasonning ability. Roach get shot 4:45a.m. in the morning sunday 1 p.m. you search him cell and find whatever, then monday you go back go find more evidence. After you find things in the cell why was he still in his cell and not locked in solitary. Met a nuff friend my have that’s been locked up and no man ago be foolish to have so much in his cell two days in a row. Plus we can only hear and read the police side of the story and people stop believing in the cops in Jamaica. From, peter bunting (not a jamaican) start killing the youths like crabs in barrels.

    1. Ace that is fine with me honey bunches :kiss
      mi nuh mine if u seh mi cyah reason no sor…thats fine with me how u doing :kiss :travel

  26. met not me but mi fren,met him send da boys dem in ah club in ja fi mi fren,dem did have gun under dem clothes,dem tell him to move n no mek no sound, is alot more but met trust mi,member i told u i was gonna email u something? when mi frem leggo,then mi send on da info n u will see what i’m talking about, i don’t trust him, is da police save my fren that night

  27. Met you and you people dem await fi mi come tell unnu what OPEN UNNU MOUTH AND WHEN MI COME FI UNNU SPIT IT OUT I WILL SLAP THE SH!T OUT OF YOU ONE AND ALL.

  28. Good evening all, no sin goes unpunished, and if kartel is the culprit here, his day is coming!, even if him free by mans hand, he will not be free by Gods hand, the only sorry thing is that his seed will also suffer, (if indeed he is guilty). People do not realize that he who does good will get his just reward and he that does evil will also get his just reward, that is the universal law of CAUSATION, one of the SEVEN UNIVERSAL LAWS, (the laws are of gender, rhythm, vibration, mentalism, CAUSE AND EFFECT, polarity, AND correspondence) and out of all THIS one (CAUSE AND EFFECT) STAND BRIGHT AMONG THEM ALL…what is hidden from the wise and prudent will be revealed to the babe and suckling…oonuh just sit back and watch!!

  29. Observer, mi nuh sey nutten bad!!…I only stated the Universal Law of Karma, and this applies to every and anyone…do good and….ladi ladi laaa..unuh know de res!!

  30. What’s up met. I am fine and thank you for asking baby but I had to log on after reading the jamaican paper because I know your paid clinical psychologist was going to tell about human behaviors and emotion and how sick kartel is. But baby again how are you???

  31. @OBSERVER I am not talking about you baby I a talking about thefool that say it know I was COMING to comment just it know that when I COME if it spit out my COME I will slap it.

  32. Mayb him a eliminate d competition so newly minted Producer Shorty Dunce Boss can mek more money. Just thinking out loud

    1. You’re onto something but not necessarily the correct track………roach knows the key witness and is encouraging him to testify…….not gonna letting out the whole story, as yet.

  33. Nah pick up fi nuh bady but.. (1)the first person that comes to mind when i hear roach’s name is Vybz Kartel because of their history, so im guessing that one reason y the police suspect him (2) vybz kartel is closest person they can get to, to either rule him in or out. (3) i think that they will try everthing in their power to keep him in jail (1. maybe their second murder case is falling apart and they NEED something else to charge him with or 2. want to possibly add more potential years to his sentence). Question didnt Roach do an interview brutally dissing DON CORLEON?
    idk think this murder needs to be investigated well with no short cuts and assumptions.



    1. Hey did you not see the director of public prosecution say that her office met with the witness in the first case but the witness said he’s unwilling to testify because safety issues???? A long time kartel and his hoodlums killing people……….everyone in waterford knows that so which rock are you living under.

      1. Are we talking the same witness that the Registrar’s Office had no record of him nor his parents existence? the same one that no principals had any record of him attending schools, schools he said he attended?

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