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Aug 22,2011 ‘Forensic and Crime Scene deh a Havendale a look Fi blood sample and DNA’

Aug 22, 2011 ‘Don’t duh nuh talking pon di phone’
Aug 23, 2011 ‘Dawg a bare f*+ery, mi a go tek weh mi self’

Aug 23 ‘Pan a boat or someting. It look serious as f*+k’
‘From yuh a duh crime, yuh Eva see forensic get involved like dis’
Aug 23 ‘If mi haffi lef island faas, yuh can assist me’
Aug 23 ‘Yuh have a link dat can mek mi lef di island faas?
Aug 23 ‘Which part di boat a go?
Aug 23 ‘Fly go Cuba from where?’
Aug 23 ‘su which boat yuh can get me pan. Bahamas or nutten?’
Aug 23 ‘Mi nuh waan wait til it too hot ennuh’


  1. Afternoon all! Why him never go find Flippa link? Him woulda cut out lonnnng time dwllll. Ole rass yuh- mi did think bad man no run, bad man no fraid a jail blah blah blah

  2. Puppah Jesus, I am at work and have 4:30pm meeting and from me read all a this EVIL Devil bitch ass Kartel news I dont feel like get up MET? What a Man WICKED!! Thanks for all the news, WOW

  3. Wow @ from u a do crime, u eva see forensic get involve like this. This murderer actually believe he would get a way with murder again..afterall a nuff murder him commit. See how God use him Kartel own follower to bring him down. God timing never fail!

    1. @ Jus Curious I said the same thing is regular him get away wid it. When the Father wah sit up high and look down low seh yuh card is up, its up. Yuh wicked and dem wudda ketch him eventually. If yuh innocent why yuh running satan mongrel??

    2. Why yu sey? Portmore crime rate ago go dung now *wink*. De creator may have used him to bring that iota of change to we nation…selah

  4. WOW!! sticky pon him bad!!!!!! bout yuh want fi leave island lmfao JUDGMENT DAY fi yuh now……what happen in the dark muss come to light and seet deh!

  5. That piece of shit was really trying to run away!! GOD IS A GOOD GOD, AND A JEALOUS GOD, AND A VENGEFUL GOD!! He sees all and knows all! Kartel you were doomed from even before you took this man’s life…from you blasphemed against him your mark was set! It was only a matter of time..bawl fi Selassie now nuh fassy!

  6. I can actually say he is the dumbest sane murderer by far…This case should be on ID (Investigational discovery).i thought doing crimes like these u meet in places with a machine running or music playing while talking,just in case u r being taped…He text and leave voicemail,i thank him though.Because of that i hope he rot in prison without any visitor

  7. Nuff respect to u MET you’re the Best………Jamaica observer and jamaica gleaner are bunch of shit …. I want to say thank you on very much for keeping the metters and myself well inform……Blessings your a true jamaican …….plz excuse the grammatical errors lol

      1. Yes good morning Met,
        I totally agree you kept us well informed, as much as I like Kartel he was trying to play God’s role he dash weh his career and freedom whether they find him guilty or not. I really hope and have faith in God that he don’t walk free cos this will be a lesson to all other artists who think they are untouchable and can get away with anything that you can’t.

  8. if this is a conspiracy the police dem gud no rasscleeetttttttttttt yuh baby agguh twep twep inna prison yuh wicked piece a s$hit

  9. met you see the smaddy weh run kartel twitter.. me know say him always over deh a type sometime me haffie wonder if him finger dem na pain him… me go over deh go look for January 24 dat no make another tweet :hammer :ngakak me say di smaddy toket away themselves

  10. big up met mi love uuuuu from morning u a tell wi say d case tight.ace weh u deh…….imagine him face today inna court

  11. Attention gaza fans don’t believe everything unno hear are read this is a set up from day one that’s why the police take so long fi put all this together kmt this is all bullshit no man nah kill no man a jamaica and talk every single details through text the boss most walk free we will all will see.

    1. Blacks you know you sick my stomach!! Bout gaza fans,the whole a uno gwaan sit down an wait bout worl ass soon walk free! If this wicked boy walk free,a Waterford mi com fr mi nah guh back a Jamaica!

    2. stop swear fi ppl yuh hear…yuh knw how many murderers do the dumbest thing thinking its the smartest thing becuz dem over think nd end up out did dem selves nuh dweet bout kartel wuda a neva yuh doah knw suh doah assume

    3. Blacks, di name suit yuh. Dark and ignorant. Yuh sound lik yuh in love caws a so people who are in love behave. All when de evidence inna dem face them still can’t see it. By di wey yur deductive reasoning lack any sense and is too general to pass the truth test. Mi gaan.

      Met, big up yurself.

      1. DWLn… Black and de fan club ago whan tek up whey dem leader left off and reach same place to…all in due time. De more a dem a prison all de betta fi de rest a we.

  12. Big up your self met & all jmg bloggers!! I no longer need the Jamaica star or the Jamaica observer! Them all ways late with them news! JMG always on point word for word! JMG have the best team of detectives,lawyers,and privet investigator! Met you know a long time you & belly bang a work pon dis case yah! MET WHAT HAPPEN TO BELLY BANG??

        1. Ok met….. Big up you self yu thing shot! All ways accurate 100%! Met I tell my brother an him fren dem bout JMG,everyday all when mi deh a work dem a call mi,a ask how mi never tell bout this site longtime,lol met everyday dem deh pon yah fi de kartel case!!! Met you know what I realize is more man com on JMG more than woman!! JMG TO THE WORLD! MET YUH THING GLOBA!!

  13. Doesnt anybody notice that the main witness said he was hit by a brick
    lamar chow aka wee check his testimony this doesnt add up all fabrication and
    this case is a joke their just wasting tax payers money smh

    1. Not a CENT a WASTE…If yu nah pay none don’t worry cause me nu mind fi me share whey a pay out fi see dis dog go prison.

    2. yuh is a idiot or wah. The gang a man dem kill him with whatever weapon each a dem did have. The youth seh when dem tek him out a the room him run go hide inna, him see Mad Suss stand up over Lizard body with a block.

  14. Ninja man and him son kill man in broad daylight a st Mary and him a walk free right now. Oh my bad I forgot ninja man is not that important. But them a try send kartel go a prison through text message. This nah add up fi me still it look like a set up

    1. Mek dat case come forward and prove like this..Kartel killed a young man who admired him..looked up to him and he was like family to him..minced his body so his family could never see him again..if is a set up the police did a good job

  15. Fabian, i put it to you that the evidence is adding up or will eventually add up, if it hasn’t already add up…Fabian, i put it to you that you will be crying while holding a pic of your DJ by the end of January…

    1. Di way how Kartel love bawl out sue..The government would be putting itself at risk really allowing this case if a conspiracy …jcf can’t even solve 25% a di murder dem a how dem wudda good so fi conspire all a this? can people be so stoopid ?

  16. How de teacha fe leave de island by boat ? If him did do dat, den a who woulda teach him students ??

  17. Is a mobbing di yute get, suh a all kinda tings man a lick him wid till him dead…. weh unu tink everybody hav bricks? An di beatin did choreograph an rehears? Di fact is dem kill di yute! An wi nuh care a wah dem kill him ova, a cudda shoes, slippas are stockings dem fi guh rass prison kmft.

      1. latti all of a dem madda him did mince dem wudda se di same..das y people fi pray because is a demonic hold deh pan dem

        1. and walk with them bible because from i was bawn i never see nothing like this!
          KARTEL set a spell pon him fans dem, im convinced!

          1. Kartel sey him a “demon” and if dem nuh careful dem follow di demons where demon go to the pits of hell. Dem better pray up an ask father God to release dem from these dark forces and beg him to bring them into the light.

  18. Fabian, guh suck a cow pussy and come off a this now, uno Anti Christ, mi hate uno dwag shit demonic satan worshiper, guh to hell weh u belong set sodomite uno.


  20. Jah know star, mi really feel it fe Lizard family. De yute never deserve fe dead so, him never get a proper burial, and de family still nuh have no closure. Me sure say dat him familys” tears will not be shed in vain. So praise be to God ,dat God a God, and you see de Almighty Father above, him don”t like ugly, and him nah sleep!!!!! Seet dey, look dey, whatsoever that was done in darkness HAS come to light, and a hope and pray dat justice will be served.

  21. If unu love Kartel suh much y unu nuh tek the wrap fi him. Unu devotion tan up trang… This is what happen when demon in charge. People fi stay pon dem knees and fast and pray. I can honestly saw I have read it all. Unu ignorant and stupid until after the evidence unu still a defend the devil, a wah him use and brain wash unu suh…………sheeps???

    1. one a dem go pan mi fb go se di cell phone records were tampered with and implied that it could have been done by the police. Mi ignore , because the man from digicel fraud place testified and as to the credibility of the information that would have been presented to the court

  22. Met a wah mini Hitler wi have inna wi mix cause a only dem wicked deh do dem shit yah…wonder if a the same link tesha miller come pan a FL and tru the authorities dun a watch and listen kartel chips dem did able fi track him yow mi nah lie mi family we inna di army did tell mi say the amount a shit dem have pan kartel him nah si road and at di end a di day this all come to light due to someone him under estimate but wen God write you destiny as him do fi this victim..the dancer, the so call shoes locker, the wild n waste shot yute the one weh beg fi mercy from God the mortar in the end we all know that evil is charming manipulative and disrespectful you mi jus a connect the dots pan some old time things weh mi family use to tell mi and a call kartel name pan Jamaica need fi wake up and stop gih some man power ova wi and wi youths

  23. dem a try style the wurl ass,a frame dem a try frame him.a di police mek it sound like him.calling Ace hardware,calling Ace hardware.we need some lumber fi box up di wurl ass of the century,because mi never see one person inform pom demself so yet dem sey kill informer.

  24. I hope when kartel get sentence all him followers dem go war with the state so we can get rid a unnoo once and for all brainwashed puppets

    1. A Dat me sey to….lololllllllll :hn Paramilitary up unda dem demonic claat hole. Dem really don’t know sey a bly dem get inna we society fi exist and at this stage WE HAVE HAD ENOUGHA DEM!

  25. Fire bun fi every yssup weh go pon stage a Sting go chat bout “Free World Boss” …. the whole a unnuh go cunnilingate unnuh mumma

    1. memba mi wen yah use certain words i r deh yah,mi stuck a “cunnilingate” :ngakak

      dwl but a real thing yah tawk a hype dem a luk wen dem very well lie down nite time a seh kartel is wan evil brute

  26. a good fi kartel and all the stupid ass loyal soldiers i only hope thy remain loyal,as for gaza slims ur career never take off so u nuh have a ting a worry bout….MET BIG UP YUHSELF NEWS TURN UP

  27. Nuff a dem wah a defend kertel still a old murderer to,that y them quick fi defend him.All ninja man fi him day a go come soon.A nuff people him pitch down to .from way back ina di eighties when him used to par wid most wanted murderer at the time Sprat.Him use to go lady pink go eat off di go go then.Dem time deh him used to lick di coke hard.Him a go dead a prison like kertel and don’t think a hate mi hate because mi like ninja as a dj. but as mi sey murderer fi dead.

  28. Kartel…….dutty kartel…so like how u never leave den….drink bleach n acid n rat poison n leave bloodclaat now…fall offa di earth cah we nuh need di likes of u.sweet me u see.lizard family may not get to lay him to rest in peace but they will get justice.dutty Palmer ur life will b miserable till death…….God Nuh Like Ugly………bout “mince meat”

  29. Me really curious MET a weh kartel did a plan fi run weh go?? England go hide or still do music cause a could and never good good merica.. Him should and follow lola and go Canada .. Smh so sad R.I.P Lizzie

  30. It come een like a kartel was di only smart one in a him crew……cause mi jus a realize seh a pure dunce follow him, yu want fi tell mi seh wid all a di evidence weh deh bout dem still a chat f…ckery seh a set up…as bad as ting be mi kno ninja man nuh have nuh heart fi guh mince up nobody like him a butcher…dutty blacks u ,kartel and him one bagga dunce followers unu need fi guh dive dung in a one shit pit….nuh badda come mix ninja in a dis,a company yu a look fi follow dutty kartel guh jail….met right now mi beleive wid all di evidence weh a come out I think kartel suppose to start loose a whole heap a fans right now…only di little idiot dem still tink seh him a come back a road….

  31. Hey met, gaza music mi seh and mi rate the creativity of the gaza artiste dem, if him dweet he should be locked away in a cell for as LONG AS POSSIBLE but the case is still intense so fi me him innocent until proven guilty even tho it look sticky

  32. Met I can tell u this..as u know I only talk facts. One slim chance them have is when handwriting expert say is witness write the letter. They saving it for last. Hope it ain’t enough to create reasonable doubt…all these news stale to me but I glad how u a exposé word fi word. Ohh n media pocket seal upp. Thts y they ain’t giving it real

  33. A nuff people him and lizard dem kill .What him describe is regular thing fe dem and others do to people .Nuff little girl dem do so .That is why we need a police force that does independent investigation and then just take out these cruel psychopaths ,we can’t wait on the court because even though these cases are most times based on very strong evidence these cruel men walk free .

  34. Well his days are numbered….Fi all of the idiat them weh a come here and argue bout this a anti-kartel site, just go mek you own supporter site.

    Nobody don’t need to answer these germs because based on the little evidence we have seen so far kartel is a evil bitch weh a go dead bad. And me sorry to say this but generation upon generation of his family going to feel it. Not only because him any worse than the other man…..but because God gave him so many gifts, talents and opportunities which he wasted because of idle time with Lucifer.

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