Aug 19, 2011 ‘Between me n u, a chap Wi chap up di bwoy Lizard fine, fine n dash him weh enuh. As long as u live dem can neva find him’

Kartel Aug 19, 2011 ‘ yea man, a mince meat dat’

– ‘well me tel Shawn seh Hi haffi buy dem back. A wan tell yuh say mi still gi him a new 45 weh mi jus get,
‘…Fi gwaan watch him head & tel him seh any man missn dis, same treatment

Aug 18, 2011 ‘Memba say a mi name Worl Boss so a me dem a go send fa. But only WEE or SHAWN can sink we,so Wi haffi watch

*****The gun Kartel says he gave was given to Lamar ‘Wee’ Chow*****


    1. POWWWW TO BLURT NAUGHT KARTEL DUNN!! Weh de judge fe do now a sentence him and his puppets to death effective IMMEDIATELY. No waiting, just bury de dawg shit dem alive…ah dat gyal did ah fight ova an man idolize kmt

  1. Omg…me say Met tht boy better pray say karma nuh hit him boy pikney dem whe him get. Kartel the way yuh mince him not even fine dem can find the body. Oh lord Jesus tek the wheel

  2. Tell me with all of kartel music what the gun and bad man f**kry was for? Ridiculous. But still them will say a nuh him actually commit the murder him just direct it. Sick stomach u see.

  3. GOD NO THIS IS TOO MUCH. My heart is SOOOOO heavy right now because dis bleach out mutant has been Jamaican youths idol for the pass five or more years. What do we do now? How do we start bigging up good role models and never giving nasty scum sucking raaashole like dese di time of day **tears**

  4. so sumbody a tell kartel seh a chop dem chop up lizard fine fine. so kartel wasn’t there when dem a chop up lizard?

    den hiim seh him give wee a new 45 special fi use watch him head, even after him claim seh wee lose a gun already

    an lizard was an example cuz any man lose a next gun ago get di same mince meat treatment.

    jesus god dem ppl yah no ave no heart

    1. Lundun hi my dear no man a him a tell somebody say dem mince up di youth n mi feel like Kartel did just waa kill da youth here eno no gun nothing him just hate him mayb the youth wasn’t evil enuff fi him

        1. Met u know mi feel weak can barely lift me hand dem n the government of Jamaica must not stop till dem find out HOW MUCH PPL SHITTEL KILL N GET RID OF IN THE SAME FASHION

      1. ok got it cheuty,

        dat puss rat pon himself. u want be bad man an no know bad man law? first tings first, kartel u chat too much.

        so now wi ave confirmation seh lizard family naah go eva get fi seh a proper goodbye to dem loved one.

        dem goodly feed lizard minced up remains to di pitbull dem. lord god

      2. narcissists hate people weh like/love them. They do not know what to do with love or like. They demand worship. Worse, lizard had a light spirit. kartel would have hated that. i don’t think that kartel would have “chuck it’ against them crowbait such as Shawn Storm. him done kno already dem and him a di same.

  5. OMG , Met this really real? smaddy cyan wicked suh, no man, yuh mince up a human being, the devil as u kartel claim, is u daddy fi true, u have him dna in body and mi nah mek no joke bout this

  6. Mi blood a run cold and mi a tremble, I hated this man, just because him seh satan a him daddy, but a now mi know the real reason why my sprit was so cross against him, this is evil at it’s worst


  8. what the phuck wrong with Kartel how could he murder this young youth like this so savagely…No man something wrong! This f**ker COULD NOT get away with this crime I see it clearly now he would have done it again all over old gun. Now that the evidence is coming out Ifeel appaulled I don’t even want to listen to this man music anymore…What a old devil him and his followers and then that batty bwoy Tommy Lee was trying to follow him talking about Demon and sparta bullshit..Popcaan and Jahvinci dem neva do a betta thing and tek wey demself! R.i.p Lizard everything coming to light,Kartel can go blame him madness on the bleaching cream amd cake soap

  9. all em music dem fi stop play dats why em did suh confident all along caw not a body dem a guh find caw dem mince up di yute

      1. yes man em music must not play and I hope they consider it. How will someone dance and sing to the beats of evil he’s pure evil an mi naw put mi mout a grung a talk DI SAME KARMA FI REACH EM HOUSEHOLDDDDDDDDDDDDD weddah son bredda uncle any bloodclawt male membah

    1. exactly serva.

      thats a horrible death yow, jah know di death dem give him no fit di crime. i wonder what did lizard do to dem dat we don’t know of why dem kill him wid so much hate??

      dem wicked bad

      1. He wanted to prove himself to the men fi show dem se him bad and him word fi stand..is a point him did a mek..dem fi do one a him son dem di same because lizard was someone’s child

    2. Obs :peluk u neva say a betta ting n the rasssss book whey him write fi ban to cut out him tongue n eye n lef him inna a corner fi di rest of him miserable life

      1. dats wat em use drive such a fear inna em followaz dem dats why dem kneel befor em suh n worship em..em noe wat em was doin…but GOD IS THE FIRST AND THE LAST

  10. Ironic. Fi a man who save EVERYTHING an record EVERYTHING so him can use it an blackmail people, him neva realize say di same device coulda be him downfall. Cause him shoulda must know say any voicemal, voicenote, text message or email can be retrieved even if it was deleted. Suh Worl Boss a real idiot. Him suppose to a piss him pants now. Fukka. Dem fi string him up by him bleached out balls.

  11. What a wicked, evil and vile muthaphukka… No man one summaddy cah wicked suh???? Him mince up de man fi a gun. Kartel dem fi hang yuh blood$lattttt… A bare cold bump tek up mi body. Jamaican people dem a talk about free wurl boss, free who..Dem fi phuk yuh everyday till yuh dead a prison…. Him cold mi nah lie……

  12. Seeth ya now..everything a buss out now…met a weh him follower den deh weh did come pon ya last week a run off dem mouth…..a weh di obeah gal deh now weh use to nyam out shawty money….a death penalty dat fi get,life in prison too good fi him

      1. met can you please find the video when them handcuff kartel and you can see the freting on his face.. met put up that video make the people them see how him a fret… ole devil

  13. I don’t want kartel to died.. I think that is too easy for him.. I want him to go to prison and hear say shorty have a man and them live together and she a mine him.. me want him feel the f**k dem weh shorty new man a go give her.. and sleep pan fi him side a the bed.. me wan shorty give her new man the whole a kartel clothes them weh him no wear yet.. me want him stay a prison and hear the things them… me want things happen a road that when he hears he wish he could turn invisible and come out… he need to suffer the consequences just like how lizard family them a hurt for the lost of their brother cousin son uncle friend, him fi sit in jail and pay for what he did to the people them pickney

  14. mi feel a instant sickness tek me up………can imagine how many people??….reveal every one Jesus every one!!!! and all a di ole dunce dem weh a talk bout free him dem family fi ina di lot

  15. ‘All through life a lot of people choose criminals over honest people. and bring down crosses on their own children .

    40 They answered him with a shout, “No, not him! We want Barabbas!” (Barabbas was a bandit)

    When Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but rather that a riot was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd, saying, “I am innocent of this Man’s blood; see to that yourselves.”

    25And all the people said, “His blood shall be on us and on our children!” 26Then he released Barabbas for them; but after having Jesus scourged, he handed Him over to be crucified.

  16. how the hell them mince up the human person body and go to their home go eat and sleep after that? how the f**k them eat and sleep at night!!! omg them heartless

  17. They should bury the devil alive or bury him halfway and let lizared relatives and other victims stone him alive while Kartel family watch! Do the same to Shawn storm and the rest of his batty followers.Hanging would be ideal for him or the guillotine :berduka :marah Damn Sicko!

  18. Him followers dem gone hide under some rock,dem shame like dog,di Jamaica government need fi seize all of kartel assets weh him have left back,sell dem and gi di money to lizards family…

    1. yes dem fi sell him things and give lizard family him too wicked..they should look into making a civil case lizard family and tek everything from him

  19. Hi, Met
    After going over the case I believe Kartel did not trust Shawn Storm and was probably planning on killing him too. After reading the text it is apparent that when Shawn was going to take chow to the small island to kill him. He probably didnot know that Kartel had planned to kill him too.

    1. AGREED….and unnu soon gweh hear dat part soon…..him did plan fi Shawn too, and look, Shawn wid him weak self still ah follow behind him ah lick out him batty….

  20. Afternoon Mumma Met and Metters, peepers and regular followers.
    Bwoy I knew it. I knew all along that this was gonna happen. Last week a me and CNN a argue over dem so call “worl boss” and seeit deh!

    I stopped listening and following Kartel lonnngggg before even this. From him start bleach, tattoo himself, pierce him tongue and chat bout him nuh fear/know God and him nuh fraid a hell that was it for me. Evil can only manifest itself for so long, eventually people will realize what a sick, sadomasochistic, anti-christ this rasshole is. And seeit deh….him time come now.

    I hope CNN, ACE and all his fellow supporters come argue dis now. SEE EVIDENCE DEH!? COME ARGUE AND DEFEN YUH BOSS OONU SET A WICKED OONU,

    Jah Know….Lizard, I hope you rest yah yute…smh. Me feel a deep way bout dis. God Knows…

  21. but addi yuh save de blackmail fe yuh self iyah a yuh smart bad man…nd since wen yah butcher, dem kill de yute like a pig stab inna neck den mince sass crise man

    good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

  22. kartel fi get cut up one piece aday till him tun mince meat too….even if it take a year fi done chop him just one chop a day fi him suffer

  23. Met most a Jamaica bad man dem a coward,dem only have strength when dem ina crew and when them get cornered dem piss and shit up dem self.Prime example Dudus and Dawg Paw.Another mi allways hate is the same thing dem complain sey police a do to dem community .dem tun round wan act like dem a police and wan push round and intimediate people.Mi mek sure tell my family if unno love the gun ting go join di army wey have control.Murderers fi dead.

  24. I hope warren Weir and the rest who did siddung a big big Olympics a talk bout free world boss give a public apology. and stop make that stupid sign with his hand that he had over his damn face

  25. Shawn Storm is a real punk! Even now after finding out Mr Demon had you in mind for mince meat yuh still a defend him? Now is the time to take a plea for state witness..take your chances…Can’t possibly be too late.

  26. hmm …..Well the fool says in his heart there is no God. When mi a tell unu seh di bwoy admit to the killing dem nearly kill mi …..

  27. ole time people sey “de same knife whey stick sheep stick goat”…..fame, money and Power get to him head, smaddy did do ah song why sey “DEM CYAA HANGLE SUCCESS”….Just like wha Met sey inna one nedda post, he wanted total control of everyone and everything, wanted to Play God…I am so Sorry to say this, but God moves in mysterious ways, and possibly Lizard was the sacrifice so dis dranco reign of terror cudda done!! Maybe him did have a list whey this serial killa did ah plan fi wipe out some more people yuh nuh mine short all shawty and him mumma did deh pon de list, caws him nuh partial!!

    When he was just arrested on these charges mi did comment pon it and sey de terrible thngs that he did to some women like Kim (ah tink ah suh shi name), and Lisa, and God knows who else, not to mention to the other people around him, mi did comment and sey EYE WATA DEH PON HIM, some people did run in and criticize mi comment, but ole time people always knows best, eye wata anuh good sinting fi drop pon people especially if de smaddy whey it ah drop fah really wickid and terrible such as dis man, him fall pon him owna sword and there is no getting up after this…ah one ting God nah figive, and ah when yuh deny him and sey there is no God,..Kartel yuh mek yuh bed, go lay dung!!

    1. Obara, how yuh know suh? The half has never been told. A whole lot more people woulda dead if a never Lizard sacrifice. This was the murder fi get rid of this satanic piece.
      Wey really f’ up Kartel is when him start kill him owna man dem wey use to kill fi him…no loyalty to nobody.
      Happy F’n riddance! It’s been a long time coming!

    2. Him get time fi free lizard and the good God test him mercy and him nuh have none……so all weh hiim do now ….God nah have nuh mercy pon him ……long time dah bwoy yah a do wickedniss …beat di young girl till shi piss ar self ………too much tears deppn him …fire deh a di bleacha tail him did tink a cool breeze

    3. fuss release inna de fresh year yah,sed way suh muma, o ma se o

      …./ `–│││││││││————-_] POOOW POOOW POOOW POOOW
      …/_==o ____________________
      …..),—.(_(__) /
      ….// (\) ),——
      ../`—-‘ / …
      ./____ / … .

          1. Bwoy mi nuh know wah mi would an do without my JMG family, Nuff respect to goodas Metty and d crew, unuh amuse me and keep mi entertained each and everyday. :peluk

  28. @Foxxy, mi glad fi si yuh, but on a real all him MUMMA eye wata goodly deh pon him!!…one day mi lickle son said something rude to me, and I was so upset mi call mi madda an ah tell har, de fuss ting shi ask mi is “YUH CRY”?..MI TELL HAR NO, SHE LET OUT AH SIGH OF RELIEF AND SEY CONTINUE TALK….

    Look at the method of killing he chose for Lizard, and had the heart to even record it,(for which I an very glad he did), it takes someone who has no feeling what so ever to do this to another human being, Lizard suffered while he died….

    Well Kartel suffering has just began, and I wish he lives a very long life while he sits in a stinking shit filled cell, for the rest of his days, wishing he could have turned back the hands of time!!!!..

    I hope he and the mother of his children realize the fate that HE/THEY have metted out for their children, because the sins of the parents shall visit the children AND THEN SOME..this is a universal LAW!!

  29. Feem lawyer dem ah teef den, nuh suh ?!?!// becawz dem privy to evidence n dem nuh plea bargin di case… ah dis u call ROBBERY..I nevr c nuttn like dis… me’da like c all him face when dem ya voice notes, video, texts.. ah read bak ina courthouse.. I agree wid BANNIN his music ova da airwaves… matta fact… gwine clean up me ” playlist ” nung. JUST HOPE DM KETCH ALL INVOLVED

  30. met u really good an i hope all the other readers and peepers see that and appreciate it too. mi memba when di ruckus fuss kick off inna 2011, you allllllooooooooooooooonne did have di ting lock. all weh a come out inna di trial now, u speak back inna 2011. mi memba how di gaza fanatics use to run in an cuss bout how a lie u a tell an dem boss a go free up by christmas fi sting 2011. well weeks turn into months which turn into years and here we are now inna big big 2014 an di whole a di truth a come out.

    some people may not care who dem listen to, but fi me, mi glad seh mi find out bout di ol skirmage den. everything was done fair. kartel u tink GOD nuh ansa prayers? u kno how much clean hearted people did a pray fi u stop bring down di nation? GOD wi seh an kartel an him minions nah go get weh fi dem wickedness deh. if court nuh dweet….watch an see how life itself a go mash dem up

    big up uself met, u large everytime. all when dem tell u a folliness u a chat, we see who di liars were. see it deh a u seh house bun dung, dog bite owner, body disappear an all these things. GOD bless u an di site an continue use it fi good works

      1. everytime met, mi still inna shock yo cauz a mi one time artist eno. di man mek di best song inna dancehall (but him also mek di worse ones too) but all in all when mi see di bleachin an devil tings dem mi neva penny it cauz mi swear is a act or phase. di man a wicked fi tru. so met, mi nah stop big u up cauz all when everybody else neva touch it a u did a prips we the masses an mek we kno wah gwan. keep putting the truth out there man, yes as a yute mi did rate kartel certain way but mi always keep it pon a level. but mi nah lie, mi shame seh mi eva associate wid or did endorse anything like dis yah now. mi nah lie. nobody cant seh u nuh fair met an any gaza fan weh come pon pink wall an screw a cauz dem hate di truth

  31. Met n bigz…. prevy to info is 1 thing getting it suppressed or not entered into evidence is another…..and no lawyer no wah seem weak to them client especially supa dupa world boss plea wah man u bettah try n win mi case mi can jus picha him a chat to tavares lol

  32. Enlighten my darkness I beseech you O Lord, and by your great mercy defend me from the evils like kartel in this world, hide me from the wicked O God. Thank you Met for exposing the wickedness to the that this demon was doing to him friends them. And to all him puppet them, uno can guh look another puppeteer to pull uno string, because world boss loss.

  33. I wud also like to know a who Karelia a bb n y dat smaddy not in a trial too. Cause me don’t hear any response to d bbm them read in court.

  34. @Metty, while im not shocked @ shirley, THIS LEVEL OF EVIL WHA HIM PERPETUATE DESERVES THE DEATH PENALTY.. And to think women and men idolized this savage.

  35. 25 to life fi you Bloodclaat and see it deh wee sink you and Shawn see him don’t with you but you deh deh a be loyal and a charge fi murder with him.. A you name world boss?? Let’s see how the name ago help you! Kartel you make me hate you !


  37. WE all need to stop stop talking and start acting. We all need to stop playing this piece of nastiness music. We need to stop listen to his music, we need to teach our kids and tell them his music are evil, because he is EVIL. WE NEED TO SHOW HIM AND HIS FOLLOWERS WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE MURDERERS TEACHING OUR CHILDREN HATE.

  38. Met an metters bless up .god bless you met you are here for a purpose .an to the person who mentio bout harbour view ting the same thing did ran thru my mind after reading it

  39. Fartel, u are nothing but a wicked, barbaric, evil, inhumane piece a shit!!!!….. Off with his head and make an example out of him to other cold blooded murderers…. U and dudus is the same f**king shit!!!…. Hope u guys rot in hell

  40. That’s y mi affi love JMG so enuh. Met im sure you’ve heard this a trillion times before, but mi affi say it again; you deserve an award for exposing this evil which was being swept under the carpet for so long. Yuh a di best, second to none, not even CNN, BBC, Observer, Gleaner, TVJ or CVM can walk in your shoes. Yuh nuh good yuh great! Keep up the good work and keep the masses informed. Anything mi waan know a yah so mi come. Blessings straight! Met yuh a lead!!!!!!

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