KINGSTON, Jamaica — Texts were read in Court on Monday in the murder trial of entertainer Vybz Kartel and his co-accused that painted a damning picture of events leading up to the disappearance of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams on August 16, 2011.

Corporal Sean Brown of the Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID) attributed the texts to Williams and his girlfriend Onieka Jackson, as well as co-accused Shawn Storm.

In the flurry of texts Williams told his girlfriend that he was scared and begged her to call the police.

Williams told her in the texts that Vybz Kartel was going to kill him.

The texts were sent on August 16, 2011, the day when Kartel and his associates allegedly killed Williams in Havendale, St Andrew.

In the first of the texts sent at 6:58 pm Williams told Jackson, “I am really SCARDE baby please call the police u have to save me”

Then at 7:08 pm Williams told Jackson “tell them Vybz Katel a go kill me please baby”.

In another text two minutes later Williams told Jackson “please u have to hurry up”.

At 7:11 pm Williams texted “SHAWN cant save we please we inna Needfa car a drive go up there.”

Jackson responded at 7:13 pm “baby r u sure Wats the address bbz.”

Another text from Williams at 7:16 pm read “Baby please all mi know a Havendale please please tell them fi look fi Needfa car.”

At 7:18 Williams sent another text, “Mi de a Red Hill road a go up please please”

Jackson responded, “OK baby I am praying for u … tht nothing doesnt happens but I will call.”

At 7:20 pm Williams texted “tell NADINE don’t stop please call very min”.

The court heard that prior to the texts between Williams and Jackson, Shawn Storm had sent an ominous texts earlier that day.

At 1:11 pm Shawn Storm sent a text to a specified number saying “A serious ting cause people a go ded don’t tel Mammy nuttin”


  1. Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………………..Now I waan her what the cross examination going to be…all mi affi she is .”Was you there Sir?”

  2. yuh see shawn storm text ….but de gurlfren she neva tek har man c-rus she a tawk bout she ago pray fe him b4 deh pon de next end a mek sum c-rus call de man knw him did ago dead mi can feel the fear inna de text dem

    1. dem fi hang all a dem mek dem smell dem own death..dem a nuhhh police fi a walk and kill people..badman or no badman

      1. You think that girl ever did call the police? I strongly doubt it. If she didn’t call then she should be tormented as an ABSOLUTE failure to her ‘bbz’.

  3. Kartel fe go a prison fe the rest a him life f**king wicked .it going to turn back on his kids down the line god not sleeping u can’t just kill people an walk free not a f**k.

  4. The defense team will obviously say those text can’t be verified or they were tampered with by the police who has a personal vendetta against their client. Will the receiver of those text message be subpoenaed????

    1. yuh on to something weh de addas a sleep pon wah gwaan fe de gurlfren fone as well dem cyaan pull ntn frm dat fone

  5. I feel so sad reading this I hate the feeling called helplessness smh in order for this young man to feel so scared there must have been prior situations in which he has seen Kartel evil n bloodlust tears* Oh God man no respect for life n dem cannot give it

  6. The girl friend want a beaten, look how much text the man send her, expressing his fears, that’s why sum man luv them gansta chick, if a my man, mi up inna station, bawl and rolling mi affi get police driving all over Heavendale, and me nah done till mi find mi man, and me a find him alive, cause mi a call the whole a JA. the news media , I mean every body, from once me know it’s on, Kartel would get a sentence long, long time because it would not be under the hush, text and every thing would be out on the air waves from my man send it to me. But the demon chile days are numbered, I am so glad, him nuh fi get weh wid it.

    1. Dem sey ‘ride or die’ and no have de guts when it reach those stages. Me doubt she mek nu call…if she did then the doubt the defense built pon him where-a-bouts wouldn’t exist or carry on inna de case fi so long.

          1. yes she called that day…that is why the police knew from the beginning who to go to.. chow really never go to the police at first ..him did a chat yes but it was the police who went to him

          2. The police were indeed harassing him and the other one name ratty fi true, dem still gi kartel a headsup das y him burn di house but the police also had digicel tap his phone, kartel run go in a hotel and kept focus on ratty dat time chow gi in and police put him up

          3. After the case the media need to be held accountable fi ALL de misinformation them put out there. I KNOW fi a fact that some a these so call journalist bias against the Courts, JCF and the Jamaican public over all. Four a dem need fi retire and go plant yam.

        1. Since things are falling into line me just ago sit back and watch. I can’t stand the wait….cause i have a few choice words fi use when de courts rule inna de favor of the majority.

    1. Mi nuh agree at all, it has to be PROVEN without the shadow of a doubt. Too many questions are gonna be raised. The text that shawn storm sent why is the recipient ANONYMOUS?? If they can state that Lizard and his gf were the ones exchanging text why can’t they say who shawn storm was texting?? This trial is like a 100 million pieced puzzle.

  7. Something inna something bc these unanswered texts were suddenly conveniently found. The girlfriend needs to talk up bc a couldn’t scared she scared mek digicel provide these text and she is not available to corroborate. And a nuh last week dem say of the 40 phones none could be confirmed as belonging to Palmer but they know texts that belong to shawn ? if him truly consider himself a bad man why would he be using a phone? Sad to say but all of the evidence continues to be very circumstantial. Also they couldn’t confirm the DNA of lizards from the chard remains in have sale but he had a ooman and she nuh have no tooth paste or hair brush to use for DNA? These police and attorneys are not doing their jobs. In my opinion smaddy needs to take the stand on the defense side bc it’s not adding up. For example maybe I missed it but isn’t Arson a crime? Seems like they would have an easier time for prosecuting kartel for burning down his place. Tom Tavares finson at this point your client needs to do an interview with a large media outlet as he has some ‘splaining to do. Me tyad a di trial now

  8. Obara link Met for my email, because I lost all my contact in my previous phone, it just went blank all of a sudden, I am glad demon chile getting what he so much of what he rightly deserves.

  9. The girlfriend did testify that Lizard was texting her….the case is closed, she gave them her fone to recover the texts…….and yes I am almost sure they may call her back for more questioning.

    1. please she did not say nothing like this on the damn stand pare rubbish she guh talk .. we’ll see what will happen though

  10. Met memba 2 years ago mi did tell yuh seh Shawn Storm turn pon him fren dem….well seet yah all ah unfold……Big up yuhself Met.

  11. I dont buy this …. why when the girlfriend go on the stand she didnt bring up these text messages … REALLY? like weh dem get dem ya text ya from after dem couldnt tell who fa phone a fi who outa d 40 .. I dont buy this at alll and your man text u several times say him a guh dead and u do nothing at all like NOTHINGGGGG he had to text u a million and one time before u coould do something and u STILL DID NOTHING !!!!!!!! wtf like how in the hell? why when u couldnt find lizard u never bring d phone n d text dem to d police u only report him missing look here nuh why this nuh imna writing pon d police report … mi jus aguh wait n see wha tek place it nuh mek no sense none ah talll dem cya just convict kartel or sumn like im so sick of this trial him new song dem fi jan 2014 SICKKKKKK DOE him a gwan welllll in jail him nah fi come out

  12. Yo know wha really hurt me? Is all di entertainer dem a talk bout free kartel! The only entertainer right now that mi woulda campaign fi dem free is buju.
    Real Talk 😡

    1. all mavado who him mek affa..dat fi show yuh se some jamaican people not used to being treated like human beings dem love shit treatment ..disgrace all a dem

          1. Dem fi do it!Since a gun is worth more than someone’s life dem huh fi mek him go to bed early

          2. yes but more guilty dan innocent deh den…in cases like this where it is proven…hang dem within a few days like china

  13. Dem f-cking neck fe bruk. No badda waste ppl tax money pon dem ah prison. Save we de likkle bikkle an KILL DEM ALL AN DUN *Kartel voice*

    1. I vote fi burn dem publicly …i am glad di cell phone company data thing was explained just as i said it…the disk given was not anyone they used as back up……di jamaican media is a mess

    1. i wonder why it wouldn’t make no sense? when Jesus did come with all di warnings n signs all when him come some people still se a neva him so you will always have people with doubts

    2. weh yuh mean how him get fe text de man get a feelings cum oba him whom eva inna de car wid him a mek it luk like dem daddy jus want a one tawk de man have him fone nd just simple use it..if sean did rush him inna de car maybe den it wuda really mek him jump out nd knw sey yea a yuh death dem a bring yuh tuh

        1. didn’t chow se kartel meet dem a di gate and tell dem everything alright? dem did a try play it off like its all good but lizzy know wha did a go happen………

        2. yuh jus as bad i nah luk oooo….mi a wonda if the girlfren she did hear weh ago tek place mek she nuh ansa de fone ar ask if a him alone a guh up deh..har text nuh have nuh sign a panic or shock,sean pinch dis gal or whom eva him text pinch har

          1. they said the girlfriend had called the police…so that is why the police was onto the case from it happened..di girlfriend think him did a go alright but she did alert police

          2. police run in pan di case di 24…but they alerted digicel etc…he was not going to beat this case

    3. “kartel dem lowe dat”?????? read that over couple times and see how disgusting it is……..hope him and him companions and anything like them die a million deaths.

  14. pree all sean nd driva pon the front seat him nd de next yute weh bum de wall pon de back seat suh man jus start text him B

  15. @ observer it was a joke. I am not serious but with all fairness to the youth somebody have to pay and someone Will.

  16. This phuka fi get hang 10 times yuh can really tek people life fi a gun?? Mi seh mi loathe this devil worshipper. Yuh can feel the fear in a de man text but him shudda run and hide.

    1. Jamaican people fi shame a someone like dis dem encourage fi come a road dem fi shame…big disgrace dat mean se dem really nuh have no concept of what is right and what is wrong…aceeeeeeeeeee u missing

      1. Met really?????? Jamaicans renowned to do silly stuff, look at the dudus thing, days before the incursion almost the entire tivoli gardens came out demonstrating that they were willing to DIE for dudus.

        1. many say those people were forced to come out and in dudus case some a who a defend him get rings from him and they never defended dudus as if to say he was innocent or guilty..they defended him based on what they claimed he did for them..those who are running to kartel’s defense don’t even know him..him a dem teacha and world boss based on the music he sings…the music that is lude and disrespectful..

          1. so on a scale those who were defended dudus had reasons to do so..what reasons his fans online have to defend him?

  17. Mi smell di fear pon Lizard just by reading di texts dem. Save di henging….an line up di fassy dem in front a two dozen blood thirsty pitbulls. Dem blood fi run like river!!

  18. From the defense tried to block the text from being shown mi know some real shit was gonna be read in court……..now for the audio and video evidence and ALSO the phamtom letter that wee “wrote” saying he saw lizard after the incident thus he didnt want to come to court.

  19. Remember is recently telecom providers require a national id to purchase phone or SIM card. I have my number since Digicel started 10 years ago and it not registered. So that phone number may have not been registered. They cannot lift other text or call logs from that number to try and find out the identity , that would need court order.

    1. The first 3 digits of the phone number can give an idea of the year that sim was produced. Am not famliar with an 844 so it has to be relatively new. Am sure digicel has all the answers.

  20. Yo Kartel and him bangarang dem fi go a prison straight…Kartel as a entertainer a keep up pure f**k&@ry see deh now a ketch dem ketch a long time Kartel dem a gwaa wid bey idiot thing..The judicial system fi Mek all a dem whey involved in dis premeditated murder get life in prison and never see road again to bloodcloth. We need if clean up dem pussyole deh off di street.

  21. Lol @ jamaican police calling someone a murderer! So I guess it two law in Jamaica 1 for the ghetto people and 1 for the police and 1 for the rich or politicians. Yup jamaica is on a steady road to Apartheid

  22. It was both his sis and di gf that testified, and yes she did say he text her but was never questioned in detail as to what the texts was saying….while in the backseat of the taxi he was texting his gf…it will all unfold in the next few days, suh all who ah swear fi Kartel dawg nyam unnu supa…….

  23. this is all im saying, if lizard “knows the impending dangers” of crossing teacha why wouldnt he have contacted police after he was told “teacha wah see him”…i seriously feel this is a plight to mash up kartel im not saying he is an angel but. corey todd,isiah laing,heavy d are people with alot of power..

  24. So all a unno a talk bout which phone cant prove belong to who,unno everhear bout voice recognition.This technology deh pon almost ever phonenow a days.

  25. When the devil show you who he is, you better believe. Him. I cannot believe there are posters on here trying to fine loopholes and poke holes into the evidence provided against this tyrant Kartel. His behavior before this including having his goons to beat up his own female artist till she piss… The devil is his God people!! He is more than capable of this act. I hope he rots in prison. He does not deserve to see street. The chicken coming home to rooste.

  26. IF You know anything about Law, one would know that without the sealed copies of the texts, these texts will not hold up in court.

    1. I’m assuming the judge knows about law… Perhaps more than you do?… So, would the judge, knowingly, waste the court’s time by allowing them into evidence? Mi juss a ask cause mi realize seh nuff a uunu legal experts deh bout dis place….

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