Pastor Rips Kartel’s Music To Shreds – Describes Artiste’s Lyrics As “Disruptive And Violent”
Published: Monday | February 24, 2014 38 Comments
ENTERTAINER VYBZ Kartel yesterday came under a flurry of attack, but it was not in court or in the jail cell where he has been spending time for the last 30 months.

Pastor of New Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church, Holland Thompson, ripped into dancehall music and names associated with entertainers that he said incited violence and criminality.

Delivering the sermon at the funeral for slain Dunrobin Primary School teacher, 32-year-old Janice Atkinson Reid, Holland yesterday urged the Government to expunge Kartel’s music.

While specifically fingering Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, for delivering “cacophonous and disruptive and violent” lyrics, Thompson suggested that it was high time Government move boldly against music containing violent lyrics.

“If I could get to talk to the prime minister (Portia Simpson Miller) and the culture minister (Lisa Hanna), I would make it known to them that the music has brought murder into the psyche of our people and must be erased and expunged from our nation.”

culture of murder

Reid was found strangled to death and had multiple stab wounds to her body on January 29 at her Portsmouth Home in Portmore, St Catherine.

Thompson declared that Jamaica has been transformed into a culture of murder and lamented that in spite of the fact that the country is blessed with numerous churches, the island was still deemed by many to be the murder capital of the world.

He also hit out at names dancehall entertainers ascribe to themselves such as ‘Bounty Killa’, ‘Merciless’ and ‘Assassin.’ He declared that these names connote violence if the dictionary meanings are anything to go by.

Thompson charged that dancehall music is negatively affecting the society. “It is rough, it is not refined, it is crude and it is murderous,” he declared.

He said it cannot be accepted that within a short period the nation is confronted with, not only the violent death of the educator, but the beheading of a woman, allegedly by her children’s father and the killing of infants and children.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be conformed, but be transformed and we have to start with the violent music and what is bad around us,” said Thompson.

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  1. If dem ago banned that kind of music …them Haffi Go Banned ppl From Watchin Action Movie To , Put Flow Outta Bizniz

    1. Church people have a big problem evrey thing bother them why dem nuh leave people mek dem live in peace for God sake

  2. That’s ridiculous. You would have to ban every damn thing in this country. Dem need fi stop blame dancehall music. A nuh dancehall music mash up the country. This pastor need fi go tek several seats and stfu

  3. This as nothing to do with music, it’s just hard time and uneducated youths have a gun in possession or have access to a gun. Every youth want to be a Don and bad man a Don so this is how it goes. No music

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