0 thoughts on “WHO ROCKED IT?

    1. Well tell dem fi stop shop ina di same store pon Woodland Ave cause there will always be twins if everboy keep going to Emppress..

  1. Bwoy di way Tia a mad Keisha she find any think fi put har pon blast. Keisha go buiy a new hole and mouth cause dem ah fail you now. Is not TiA alone Clarkey introduce him buddy to. Har slam muss bi di wickkest ,meck you ah teck set pon di gal so. Tia Keisha have one foot in dis country so when she slip meck sure she slide since she won’t leave you alone. Duppy know who fi frghten chu she know oyu no have no backitive she a stalk you pusseee. Unuh notice how fass she leave Shakera alone. Yea we know you no fraid Keisha but you stop sudden right there.

    1. Dress ugly no f**k.. Why u lie talking bout Keisha know who fi war wit. One ting but d girl she nuh afraid nobody and nuh partial.. She Neva stop war falling star, dem both war til it die out.. Anyway Keisha mi like u but mi haffi tell u bout urself. U mek pink wall bait u up.. Last week dem start chat bout clarky and tia and u start do up d girl like u was just waiting on any reason fi start trace her, nobody nuh fool, u did waan done tia how long and find a reason last week.. Why current on always think seh d previous one still ah worry about d man and think d man is d one Weh lef d gal. Him will tell u anything.. Half the time d old gal nuh study d man.

  2. Falling star aka tmz pussy stop buy fake shit off da internet u and Barbie flat ass n knock knee hoes love counterfeit items

  3. Sorry to say I cannot like Tia picture no matter what she wear or how nice the dress is because I know how disgusting she look in person, picture tell too much lie

  4. Cam Somebody explain to me what Tia has between her legs is that a rash or wing worm that she put tatto over the tatto artist use him needle to go over that nasty shit

  5. No matter how many party dese worthless hoes go to dem still don’t hav a loyal man to go home to Keisha you need to stop kiss clarkey inna every pix cah him is a dog you stay loosing look like you stop stealing cah dem clothes look like da just come out of dirty laundry bag

  6. What I cant undastand is why everybody want Tia? What does she do that mek evry mon inna dancehall wan she? She tek f*k inna batty or sumn?

  7. Tia is so ugly not to mention her theeth dem look like very yellow and space out space out she nuh look inna the glass and see that when she wears those different color. Lipstick in show up u yuck mouth more.tia thank god fi foudation cause mi see u with out makeup and mi almost drop dung.mi never know people complexion can be dusty gray like smoke to much raass bleaching cream my girl .u dont stay good

  8. Tia is so ugly.tia u nuh see when u wear all those color lipsticks it show up u nasty yellow theeth them more.u nuh look inna the glass and see you theeth them how them space out space out and yellow cho man.tia u better thank god if foundation cause my girl mi see u wid out no makeup and mi nearly drop dung is the first mi ever see somebody complexion that was ashy gray like smoke.to much raas bleach man

  9. Shining star an Barbie broke as shit, they only put on a show for Instagram. At least form one time horing friend name Chrissy catch are bus an work are money an guh rent apartment. Shining star an Barbie si summi fi unuh talk bout deh. Jealous ass bitches. Only mam unuh can depend pon, Barbie yuh lucky yuh guh breed cause Diddy would been gone.

  10. umm ah..Diddy been gone. she juss nah show di worl seh dem no deh no more. Diddy deh south an she deh north. case been closed

  11. Meisha you mad cause fretdem do u up you trying to draw in ppl name about barbie & falling star you a de 1 with the fake shit bitch with u credit card scammin ass bitch u just mad poor u 5 years behind bars

  12. Fretdem too mixup. She ah good personal fren wit tia.. Shauna mafia do up tia last week fretdem comment AnD laugh, Keisha do up tia she like d ting.. All I’m saying is if someone dissing my personal fren me not liking or commenting.. They are not dancehall associates or no hi/bye ting dem is real fren. I just think that’s messed up.. What does fretdem dissing meisha have to do with shining star and barbie.. How did u come to the conclusion Meisha ah comment bout dem.. uno love mek ppl war uno know seh shakeira love pick ppl war.. Like Keisha gangsta tel bait last week Lmao poor tia smh

  13. Wait wait Meisha my dear stop trying to b like then girls n NY u need to stop n b ur self maybe u have low self esteem it’s nothing wrong with buying regular things everything don’t have to be a name because everything u have is fake sorry I’m not no hater it’s just facts that white channel my dear is a dead give away but I hope all goes well with ur situation but this is the USA so whatever ur doing just remember that ok

  14. tis need to go on her knees and pray hard for what she when in hiding and do the other day with the unborn baby tia it stink a road what you did to the raffle belly

  15. the lady in pic # one wear the dress best tia I think you say you are the best dress a philly and you and this big women a twin out lol poor you

  16. pic 2 look unhappy in the face part you can clearly see that she is putting on a fake smile after seeing that the lady flap are in the party i was their and she look uncomfortable in the party lol

  17. yes met is true Shauna weh a breed do up Tia bad on her page the other day met Tia too fast a walk and a chat the gyal and a worrie about who the gyal a breed fah me don’t wrong Shauna she need to go worrie about the baby weh she dash weh 3 weeks now

  18. Tia how dem ppl yah know seh u did ah breed if it’s true. Nobody shouldn’t known dash Weh belly but u and d ppl u confide in.. Check yuh so call fren dem…

  19. Barbie yuh miserable hole Mek Diddy gone left yuh, nuh Matta how much pics yuh put put up bout boo, baby, hubby, an so on it naw stop him from left yuh. Him a enjoy him time away from yuh annoying ass wid him new girl.

  20. Shining star stop comment bout Meshia yuh just bad mind di girl fi are things. You an dutty hole Barbie. Light skin bitches always be haters anyway way. Barbie as fi you stop call mi man phone true yuh man nuh deh yah fi watch yuh. Try spend more time wid yuh pickney an guh study yuh books an leVe mi man alone.

  21. Sherika mi want to know if you an bobby really deh cause him an di young girl still deh mi si den out a eat together. Dwl bout yuh hubby yuh luddy lol. Fret dem friend everybody pon Instagram fi know everybody business. Cause seh friend Barbie Afta seh know seh Barbie did a f**k Kemar, seh fren Renee Afta she know she Kemar f**k are tuh. An the list goes on….

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