Of ‘Grill up’, belief in God & dropping out of Calabar – #KartelMurderTrial
Posted on February 17, 2014 by emilycrooks

Presiding judge Lennox Campbell has decided that all five accused in the Kartel and other murder trail have a case to answer.

In criminal trials, this means that the accused, he plans to give evidence on his own behalf, he has to do so before any witness he intends to call, speaks. One of the sisters of Adidja Palmer who is known to us as Vybz Kartel now gives character evidence on his behalf.

Here are my verbatim notes of her evidence which is marshaled by attorney for Kartel, Tom Tavares Finson:


Mrs. Maureen Nelson – Vice Principal of a High School in Portmore – Cumberland.

I have 6 siblings. Adidja is my brother. He’s the third child of the family. We lived in Waterhouse.

I am the eldest of 6. We grew up with both parents and my parents are still together. We are a close knit family. My mom stayed at home and my father worked. We would never be out on road as mommy would be there.

I attended Waterford High school. Adidja attended Calabar. We went to school from Monday to Friday as our parents valued education. We went to Church every Sunday. That is the Truth Tabernacle Pentecostal church.

After I left college I moved out but I maintained ties with my family. I left home at age 21. I attended Mico University then Utech, University of Technology. I continued to have contact with all siblings being the eldest child. I maintained contact with Adidja up to time of the arrest.

At the University of the West Indies I did school education measurement and psychology and leadership

Tom Tavares Finson directs her now to her assessment of her brother – Adidja

Growing up we were a closely knitted family. As I said we went to Church on Sundays and school everyday. We were called ‘grill up’ in Portmore because we were not allowed to run up and down on the road. We created our own life inside the house as we were not allowed to run around.

As adults we separated and when Adidja left the house he became a deejay. First thing he did when he ‘buss’ was to buy mommy a house. He bought a car for our father for his birthday. All of us as siblings got trips, birthday parties. I saw elements of my father in him. His children are not allowed to run about.

Tavares Finson asks – you say you are a Christian so you don’t go to Sting, Weddi Weddi and those dances
A- no sir. I am Christian

Tavares Finson – and you can’t speak about what he does at dance or whenever he goes to club at …(turns to prosecutor Jeremy Taylor for the name of club – courtroom chuckles)

A- No I can’t speak about his interaction with friends. I have never been to his studio. I live in Portmore, so I have never been to his studio.

I don’t like his music. I am a Christian but he says it’s his business. He does it to take us out of poverty and he’s done that.

Tavares Finson – What about the tattoos
Answer- he knows mi nuh like it none at all but it’s just business

Some lyrics offensive but it’s his craft, his business. I am teacher and I do my craft. He’s an entertainer. That’s his craft.

Judge – what would you say to a child who falls under your care who bleaches
Answer – The last meeting we attended we were told by the Ministry of Education not to turn away children from school because of bleaching. It’s a child’s right. We cant turn them away.

Tom Tavares Finson to the character witness – this handsome gentleman is going to ask you questions – signaling time for the prosecutor, Jeremy Taylor to cross examine her

Q- You have any favourite Kartel songs
A- yes

Q- Which one
A- One about mommy and us growing up in Portmore

Q- What’s the name of that song
A- I can’t recall

Q- Sing a line
A- Summer time in a Portmore (witness sings) and I like Emergency – these I hear on the radio

Q- Did he ever give you any CDs with his music
A- I am a Cristina Addi not going to give me music. I wouldn’t accept any reggae or R&B music from anyone else.

Q-But what if he was to come and give you
A- If he was to come and give it to me, I would take it.

Q- is that because of family loyalty
A-No. If Beres Hammond was to come and give me his music, I would take it. I would take it as part of family loyalty and as a person giving me something

Q- When did Adidja Palmer move out
A- I left home before Adidja

Q- I am sure sure you know when
A- I left home age 21. Adidja was about 16 at the time. I don’t know.

Q- How long now has he been on his own
A- I can’t recall

Judge – when you go back
A- I go home frequently.

Q- How long he left
A- About 5 yrs after me

Q- where did he live when he first move out
A- He lived in Passagefort for about 2-5 yrs. I never visited him there.

Q- where else did he live
A- Then Norbrook. He still lives there. Don’t remember the year he went there.

Q- have you ever visited him there
A- I went to see him there several times.

Q- how much older that Mr Palmer are you
A -Adidja younger than me by about 7-8yrs

Q- Now Adidja has his own set of values and attitudes
A- Every human being has his own values and attitudes

Q- He has own views about what is right and wrong
A- Every human being

Q- Aren’t you here as a character witness
A- Yes

Q- would you say he has his own views of good and evil
A- Just as I do

Q- And you accept that one can be good to family and not to others outside
A- the Bible says all have sinned and come short of glory – so yes

Q- have you ever interacted with associates and friends
A- I live in Portmore and …So when we have parties his friends will come.

Q- Have you interacted with them
A-Interacted -meaning?

Q- Aren’t you a teacher madam
A-If you mean talk – yes I have

Q-How often
A-Not often

Q- How often you see them
A- Very rare

Q- you don’t know what criterion he uses to choose his friends
A- no

Q- so your knowledge of his is based on your knowledge of his as a brother
A- I can’t speak of him outside of that. I would be foolish to do that

Q- Do you assess students’ character
A- On a daily basis

Q- Their association with each other is taken into account
A- I would not use that alone.

Q-But that would help
A- No it wouldn’t

Q- what exactly do you do at school
A- In charge of everything at school. That includes discipline. Student records, character not only academic performance.

Q- you have to speak about interaction with each other
A- Yes – if possible

Witness is now asked whether she knows any of the accused

Q- Do you know person at the end of the dock there? Please stand Kahira
A- I know his face not the name …I know all the faces not names. Kiro is my neighbor. Shawn lives in the area. I have seen them in Waterford with my brother

Q- your brother goes to church
A- I don’t know

Q- which school did he attend
A- Calabar but he didn’t finish Calabar. The school asked him to leave not because of any disciplinary issue.

Q- Does he believe in God.
A- (witness pauses then answers) – Yes

Q- Why you pause
A- there is a reason why I pause

Q- Apart from friends and associates do you know how he operates his business
A- A little not much

Q- do you have an idea about he handles business contracts and honoring deals
A- we never had that discussion. He doesn’t question me how I operate at Sch when we meet. We talk. We laugh.

Q- You do not know his outside of family setting
A- That’s what I have been saying. I speak of him as my brother

Q- You know his aliases
A- Addi, Teacha, Vybz Kartel,

Q- Worl’ Boss?
A- yes Worl’ Boss

Do you know Clive Williams
A- No

Q- do you know Lamar Chow
A- No

End of cross examination of sister of Vybz Kartel by Jeremy Taylor. Kartel’s lead attorney, Tom Tavares Finson has a question in re-examination

Q- you said something about the reason for your brother’s exit from Calabar
A- As a teacher on a daily basis boys come to me with disciplining reasons. My brother was asked to leave Calabar because of his love for music. He was just writing music. Just music…just music. School in session and him just a write music. Now we have performing arts where that can be used in a positive way. We never had that back in those times.

Q- did he get any subjects
A- yes – English, Geography and Accounts (I missed a bit here ) … he passed his exams and he used to teach at college there. He was part of UWI summer programme there and he did well.

Of ‘Grill up’, belief in God & dropping out of Calabar – #KartelMurderTrial


  1. until mi c de chead name verdict given mi nah read a next drawn out ting bout addi nd his goon it a get mi upset ..too damn drawn out nung man

  2. I Love the prosecutor’s line of questioning, this prove that as character witness she knows nothing about his personal life, and the way he does his thing, notice how she paused when she was asked if her brother believed in God, it done right desso

      1. He mama…she fibbed too. She sey they remain in contact till him arrest and then she sey no make contact while him live a passagefort.

        1. him neva lef calabar fi discipline issues only lef because all him was writing was music……..it look like cbar close that file because if u nah do ur school work they will notify your parents first..second..third time..it is a discipline issue…he was not doing what he was supposed to do

          1. behavior issue she se doe? of course she a go nice it up…they begged her to go there it seems..and I dont want to judge but my mind tells me she isnt too much into all of them……..family including him

          2. she not exactly sure how much older than him she is..she said 7-8 years….he is only the third child so how she nuh completely certain?

          3. u nuh hear di woman seh …him a do di evil as a business and fi tek dem out a poverty…di whole a dem sell dem self to di devil….shi sound like shi a whole back di whole heap obeah working and illegal problem weh him get in…cause right now how shi a talk is like she know seh him guilty

          4. Met, yu right. She mussy all bex dem go call har up…lol. Finson a use her occupation fi mek him look like much. Me find her to be a fibber (me a play nice an nu call her a liar).

  3. Met if I laugh any harder I pop like a balloon, she say the song name summer time weh him sing about them family life in the Ghetto poor thing them should mek she tek the stand, obviously she nuh ready fi yet

  4. It seems she was forced on the stand. She said she was a close knit family but never went to his house where he lived for at least three years. Also her brother has children at that time and she never brought up anything about his children.
    It seems that they were actually in malice.

    1. lol. I feel bad fi her…a likkle bit. Taliban (down a bottom) paint a different picture than the life behind the grill whey she paint. She should know sey writing music an nah do class work is a discipline issue. Me think she did a go sey him so bright de school ask him fi leave…she need to do some hail Mary’ after this or whatever “churchies” do when dem done lie.

  5. sketel bam mi an u thinking along di same lines.

    she paused when asked if addi believed in god, since di court dun a waste time, why di prosecutor neva waste likkle more an ask har fi elaborate?

    plus she said she did not know any of the accused by name, only faces, but began to call them by name and say how she knew them. why didn’t the prosecutor not ask her so how could she today identify them by name? is it by attending court and becoming familiar? was it by seeing them over time in the community? was it from seeing their pics in the newspaper (if their faces were ever in the papers) with their names attached? a court house diss where assumptions carry no weight, so i would have liked to hear the answer out of her mouth.

  6. Dem only use har because she have a likkle title to har name “vice principal”…but she don’t know a ting bout har bodda…u see how she a stress pon di close knit family and how dem use to go church every sunday..kmt

  7. Why she neva tell dem sey him modda and fadda nearly kill him wid lick when dem ketch him a mek out wid a next boy when him just pass fi calabar..u know wah :ngacir2

    1. Bloody Hell (inna mi Hinglish Voice). Alright i came to the conclusion that Vybz kartel hates women and not for misogynistic reasons alone. But to see somebody call out his homosexuality is a relief!
      And he seems to be sure of his sexuality from a young age. And I bet people will still not see the link between Kartel, Dancehall and the blatant homoeroticism and down lowism inna dancehall.
      In years to come, Kartel will blame his actions on “homophobia”. I hope the the straight up gays who have negotiated their own path without resorting to drawing everybody else into their pain done him like them done Jeffrey Dahmer! Say what you want to say about the shims in Jamaica (and we do), at least they know and we know what dem is! Kartel is a coward extraordinaire!

        1. crayon book man :rainbow: a lead de pack of citrus color pants youth dem under guise of dancehall music…..lolol

  8. Hmmm, so dis big raas Vice – Principal that attended Mico and UTECH don”t know what de word INTERACT mean ?? Kmft.

  9. Taliban is that true or are you making shit up?
    I’ve never heard that rumor before ..

    It’s cool to dislike a person everyone is entitled to their
    Own opinions but if you made that up .. That’s utterly disgusting

    1. Don’t be surprised. I, for one have always sensed a stray gay gene in Kartel. the young fan base – check. His need for control – check. His out of control fornication – check. His total lack of role modelship for his own children – check. His badmanism – check. His rolling with a bag a man – check. His regular falling out with men – check.
      All this suggested to me that this man has trouble negotiating his sexuality.
      Oh , I forgot the bleaching. Too much thought going into his appearance – check. Also the over tatooing can be a sign of “trying too hard” to be macho. Who loves thugs more than Down Low gays? If you have a out and long time gay male acquaintance, nothing that I have stated above will shock them. It’s us straights that have been a bit dim in recognising “signs” of homosexuality. Having a limp wrist is the least of it.
      Ask yourself…which female in their right mind really thinks that Vybz kartel or any man that models themselves off of him is attractive and sexy? Let me tell you, most of dancehall is at least Bisexual. If not, most of what has transpired in it in the last ten years cudden gwaan.

    2. I understand y u would say that. However Kartel is really against God and in so doing he is at liberty to try anything

    3. Yu didn’t have a problem last week when him hold him co-defendant hand ? lololllll

      If him go prison him free to be him true self without public opinion. Him nah go short a man fi help him TEK BUDDY…lol

      1. Phantom take it from ME! I had put up about a video that was uploaded to YouTube in error wid backdoor sexing a gwaan. Nuff people never see it of course but one of his fans here..Bev….When she logs on anytime u see har comment ask har bout the video..She admit that it was true, if the police were as dirty as they wanna make them out to be those videos would be all over the net

          1. I usually like reading her postings…dem balance. Wonder when the video ago make a second round…lol

  10. It seems like they weren’t close seeing the path he told, there are some inconsistencies in her testimony of not knowing the men, omg a no 4in u must know your neighbour in jamaica.. oh well this case it taking too long for a verdict.. tax money wasted. Kmt

  11. taliban cum ere deh mumz yuh too damn gud tuh be chuet weh yuh galang back inna the early 90’s late 88 deh cuz him nuh 30 year old suh a sum weh round deh suh it happend :nerd

  12. She a talk bout dem call dem “grill up” how cums u likkle sista breed so much time likka rabbit if she did grill up, how u last bodda tun batty man (him act girlish from him born)unuh affi sen him go farin…di only time har modda see church a wen she go funeral, an she a di biggest war boat, bout go church every sunday…u know wah mek a shut up yah and :ngacir2

      1. and they were not allowed to go outside____________________________________________________________________________ noh soh

        1. I am sure di cult sart from desso parents believe inna education….but only she have di title…where is the second sibling? dem mussi nuh chat too much gap…he had a horrible life

          1. Dem se dis a part a Chow letter…Now…….is it me???

            ‘Because this I apprehend fear and I legitimise their theory of what happened on the 16th of August 2010’

          2. Met sorry mi answer u ova desso…den chow nuh si him after 2010 …memba seh a 2011 him dead and dem did a par??? ………..but chow forced by police pon another case mi a wonder a which one

  13. Think Taliban made that up you been blogging & never brought it up but all if a sudden ..
    Never even heard it anywhere else ! Lies don’t believe it

    Damn sickening I hate when ppl make shit up to make a situation worse

    1. ye a true ………….same ting wid zekes dem know se him a fish and neva bring it up till him de jail……………………..one thing for sure though he has let his character and his demeanor speak for him

    2. My girl u know mi..u a cum call mi liad…watch it from yasso…str88888 fact mi talk when mi a talk…bout make situation worse…u a one dem sheep to…well him a fish from long time.

  14. & Idc who WAH vex with my comment it’s my opinion
    Some ppl are just that disgusting it’s not impossible but I don’t believe it
    Who WAH vex just vex cuz I’m ignoring anyone that literally has a problem with my views.

  15. Met if i talk sum thing weh mi “KNOW ” pon di pink wall yah, Unuh eye pop outta unuh head…Mek Glammity clear out ,is a pity she nuh know a who deh behind the computer screen.

    1. Not my eye Taliban….I expect anything from this …Talk di people dem waa know..Glammity know u deh yah long time she cudda ask why u jus a talk

      1. A wah video weh einsteen put up when di man dem a touch poppy pon him rear end and I was like no sah..all wen muta seh dem slap him pon him bottom …..dem are too much


          1. I guess to be a certified demon yu need fi feel pain and see blood from people orifice . lolol sick bastards.

      1. di sista look like shi a pray fi dem lock him up …look pon how di bowy look wid all di false hair inna him head and di bleach out face di bwoy nuh good and every body know…wen him feel dash u a ggo hear se a police do it

    2. Yu going to have to STOP tease we and just clear de air wid de rass suspense! I mean good gracious DON’T start fry de fish and tun off de pot inna de miggle a de frying…get to typing TALIBAN! :request

  16. Met I did ask … & Taliban didn’t respond.

    But Taliban why are you so defensive lol.
    I don’t know you & I don’t wish to ..
    I’m no sheep as I wouldn’t care if Kartel stay in or come out
    I state my opinions I may not agree with certain views but I never argue back n forth
    About it because it’s just not that important!
    If I choose not to believe you there is nothing you can do about it. Just like I can’t control
    Your little lying fingers. I just find it quite odd that you’ve been a regular blogger & today you have this brand new story that you could’ve sent to met from morning.
    & it could be true but I just don’t believe it, one thing wid Jamaica dem tings deh reach inna news paper ALWAYS!

    Anyway carry on.

  17. Glamity you might be surprised at some things people know first hand, and don’t wish to speak, because of the nature of the argument, and if you say some things, and I mean facts that only a certain ppl are privy to, eye brows might start to raise, all people name start to call because a 2 or 10 ppl could really say this, and most of the time the wrong people get hurt. If you are not close to a situation it is easier for you to talk about it than the people that is actually in it, that’s y when certain topic is on here, is only Massa God him self can mek me comment

  18. if i was jus following this case and read everything the sister jus said i would think she’s a witness for the PROSECUTION i wasnt feeling the LOVE my sister would put on a show

    1. Yuh cyah go a court guh lie den go ask fi forgiveness..from u willing plot a lie…u haffi tek any beating whey God ordain..di sister neva waa be there that’s all

  19. Mi never hear bout d batty part but mi wonder bout d obeah caws him did do one movie wid Mikey Pelpa dem and out a d whole Movie about only 3-4 man alive now, d rest a dem dead off. Mikey Pelpa and him Breda did Ina d movie and d two a dem dead and dem and Kartel did tun sworn enemy

  20. God know seh mi well tiad a dis damn drawn out trial…rite now dem need fi mek wi kno if di jury find dem guilty or not…kmdt…tiad a it now man…

    PERSONALLY I BELIEVE he’s guilty but goddammit man…di prosecution dem fabricate di story so muc…mi cyaan tek it nuh mo…

  21. God know seh mi well tiad a dis damn drawn out trial…rite now dem need fi mek wi kno if di jury find dem guilty or not…kmdt…tiad a it now man…

    PERSONALLY I BELIEVE he’s guilty but goddammit man…di prosecution dem fabricate di story so much…mi cyaan tek it nuh mo…

  22. Correct mi if I’m wrong but nuh Kartel did sing a song seh “if batty man Ina Yu blood Yu a batty man to” or something like that. Lol haaaayyy

  23. @Yikesss same suh!!.. He used to mock Movado bout him gay bredda and he had one too..I suspected shirley(aka Kartel) a long time ago, i wouldnt put anyting pass him cause he’s beyond WEIRD AND DISTURBED..

  24. i personally think the sister knows every line to all of karthell songs but she choose to play the religion card becuz she dont want to be an outkast in the church or school where she goes

  25. Heyyyy whe she sey, when dem did haffi grill up inna dem parents house dem create dem own kinda entertainment? A wonda whe dem use to do, play dollyhouse mama n papa cause mi nuh put it past him fi practice on him younger siblings

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