Imagine Boops go find pic a throw up fi Valentine like di man really carry har go yaso. Lava said it best “she is having a Google relationship” ah Google pic dis. If a even di sweet peppa nose she shoulda slip ina di pic fi wi know seh it real and she wuz there./ Ah cah badda yah… dis was di biggest Valentine joke.

0 thoughts on “MY GOOGLE VALENTINE

  1. Boops is one black ugly fat gyal dat swear she is the sh*t. Eva look a f*ckin mess inna dance. She keep a party name Man Teef an it flop…..

  2. :hoax No way mi wudda inna a hotel like this an nah cock up pon all a di furniture inna mi pics.. unno wudda affi call mi frighten friday wen mi dun. Ah fool she tek wi fa. :cool

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