1. den and di likkle yute weh a lock up inna him room and pray and weh depressed a record music??? him have a studio inna di room

    1. me say it already and me ago say it again.. the little boy just miss the fame… but having a mother like shorty we did not expect any different if I was shorty knowing that I am not that knowledge I would have seen to it that My children stay away from the music and in school and I would have move them from out of port more and in to a better environment.. until they reach a certain age if they want to do music

    2. Waiiiiiiiiieeeeee Real why you must be like that? Suppose music is him only comfort and a when him a go studio alone him excited fi come out cause he has a deep passion for music

  2. dem neva give nuffy a betta name, him cum in like flood wata.

    vybz kartel was right bout unno, unno a sheep, bout want a leader. mi a my own leader, mi no falla, so u can gwaan falla man bout leader. kmt

    1. Lundun …di bwoy nuh believe inna nuh form a denomination but him gi him picknee dem muslim name…bwoy mad and sad

  3. yes smegol, pimp out di pickney dem cuz wi all know ur days of being pimped have all passed, u cum in like a yard for scrap cars.

    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,den di good good school weh dem a sen di yute dem go a go allow di singing of dancehall music while in school..??

      1. real i was thinking di same ting.

        but memba smegol did only go as far as di school fence when she was a younger smegol, so she not gonna know how a school operate.

        1. :ngakak

          Met! yu have to upgrade de emoticons…god know words and some a dem emoticons cannot interpret the emotions…. lolol

  4. Unu leave di ppl dem kids out of the foolishness
    Like unu have to bad mouth di pikny dem to?
    He can be depressed & still sing song just fi member him father
    Dem ah only pikny not because the father is hated by many doesn’t mean di pikny dem
    Must feel di hate to anuh dem kill lizard .. Dat nuh right. Mek dem galong guh sing
    Song if a dat dem wa do this might not even be ntn serious.

      1. Well nobody cah talk bout my pickney and me get upset wen mi a put him pon a world stage that a di first part a di music business u haffi tek criticism …………….and maybe dem nuh depress dem jus DRAMATIZE……….Obviously nobody nah stop dem from sing but a pimp dem parents a pimp dem out …and dem too young fi dat and a so mi feel and another feeling mi have is that children who are coping with loss of any kind should not take up something that will require them to dumb their emotions they should face it….but a money dis right through ….and wen nutten happen to yu fada a u it happen to a mi fi tell u bout it

          1. Lundun fi real but I understand why she feel she has but she fi know say some people born lie..They will not change

          2. No it isnt that..they wanted everyone to come and say rayyyyyyyyyy and yayyyyy when in fact this is quite puzzling.

    1. We are not bothering them we are just making suggesting or making our opinion… we not bothering them at all a you and shorty a go be them downfall.. God forbid

    2. dem seh weh nuh fall pon head fall pon shoulder.. its sad bit its d real world memba mi say it dem kids shall carry dem puppa burden

  5. …but there is a reason why some seeds don’t get the chance fi germinate. So lo and behold big head and mate inna collusion. I don’t care one piss drop bout anything associated wid kartel. Mumma an granny fi hol dem belly cause it look like nothing from the male lineage a dem people yah nu mek good a tall.

    Shorty look like a rass pygmy, we dun know she dunce. Then we have the daddy who originally look like a black doba man pincha- whey we know wid out a doubt is a rabid mad dog…so……open to interpretation!

  6. Maybe it’s me but it sound like they were trying to support Kartel’s position like he never did what he is guilty of then they send condolence to Clive’s Williams family. The presenter sent condolences at end of the show segment. In order to do that someone must have died so then if Mr Williams is dead then Kartel is guilty as convicted so what hope are they referring to that the lawyers gave them. Bwoy some people chat till they don’t even register the significance of what they are saying. And I second Real on that is this the same distressed chld that is going to be an artist? maybe they are using music therapy as an intervention to overcome his sadness. SMDH

    1. No! a de damn toddler and preteen population dem a send de seeds of Jamaica’s known devil fi come corrupt…pickney fi do pickney things and that is book and play.

      1. Phantom mi a go call mi mada and ask ar y shi gi yu weh?? cause a dem main cause inna society dat …………….

        1. lolol…she ago tell yu sey me did a cuss to much and love me sippy bear pink cup to much…lol *wink*

          1. phantom……MY FAV kartel song him do wid gaza slime…………nobody cah tell mi nutten mi nah lef u…a Oh ………….anway mi really haffi go ask ar because it nuh right lol


    1. Jamaica on a whole isn’t yu problem. A dem things yah whey drop sperm and de hole whey gi birth. Kartel, him jezebels (mumma and sisters included) and him pickney dem come fi claims royalty it look like…thank god fi how we tan dem nah go succeed. DE RASS DEVIL AND HIM BREED IS A LIAR! Selah.

  8. And for the artistes that passing through pleaseeeee me a beg unnu leave unnu belly a unnu yard don’t go there go eat no food or drink no liquor because can never know the intentions of that wicked family!!

  9. I have to say this is so sad to see other women bash others ! My child attends the same school along with the 3 boys shorty plays a active role , she takes her kids straight to class room door every morning ,drop off lunch and takes part in every single event at school . Never owe stela a dollar Nuff people talking and none payment list read out them standing outside the fence. Just giving credit where it is due, I talk to her she is about her kid so bash the fada a him tek ppl tun pappy show . Leave the woman and her pickney dem !!!

    1. I dont think anyone is bashing her children but what I want to know is if they couldnt have waited until at least 6 months after the trial to start this venture? The beauty about children is that age is on their side and while an adult may not be able to wait children can. Why now? Is penetrating the masses that urgent?

      1. Amen n Amen y it couldn’t wait a di likkle babies haffi go start pay MUGLY zugly shawty way?????????????? No sahhhhhhhh

        1. Something is amiss. Dem claim police conspiracy so if I were any more at all I would not want my children in the same line because I would be afraid for them..This is bigger than music but…………As Phantom said the devil is a liar

    2. how u know shorty no owe stella a dalla? u inna har pocket?

      who ova yah seh shorty owe anybody or anything any money?

      how owing money drop in?

      shorty suppose to a promote education, sumting clearly lacking in that family. why put di boys in studio at dat age? why shorty no go dj or sing den?

      everybody a luk a hype off a di fact dat kartel inna hot wata yah now, an wateva kinda money can be made offa di situation, dem willing fi run it dung.

      what good will come out of putting di pickney dem in a studio?

      1. But Lundun mi wudda ina so much grief because of the sadness of the situation how dem find di energy?I think the last time shawty se she nuh mek dem watch tv but their father has been all over the news and the public are also speaking on him so why now?

        1. met imagine di ppl dem deh pon facebook a promote di pickney dem as potential dj/singers. imagine wi listen di audio up above an hear dem a promote di pickney dem PUBLICLY!!

          den wi deh yah a discuss di situation an ppl ago cum run off dem mouth bout wi fi leff pickney alone.

          anybody ova here eva!! eva!! down talk kartel pickney dem yet? no todeh since di pickney dem get put inna di spotlight wi a talk bout it?

          so weh sum a dem zutupeck yah cum from a cum run off dem shit mouth.

    3. I have said nothing about Shorty or Tallys children. My first statement was just pointing out discrepancy in the stories of the family. Children who are truly depressed do not go into any kind of routine. Also would it be a good time for a child whose grades are dropping to pursue “fun” music? The children are being pushed into something that is not going to be pleasant for them. There mother is also being pushed into something that she may not want to do. Getting active in your childs’ school is commendable and she should pay their school fees, she is their mother. Was I supposed to pay it? Maybe Stella Maris should set up a program for parents who are borderline illiterate. That could be a suggestion you make since you are also on the board.

    4. Madame, watch yu a cringe and petition fi dem leave the school when dem lyrics TUN UP! or dem adapt the gay genes of daddy and uncle…kmt After all, daddy “was asked to leave” (aunty/ non moral, principal sister of kartel clan)…

  10. I cannot believe they would even attempt such a thing I really cannot.I will not say what my mind is telling me to say but the milder version would be that Jamaica needs prayers. So there is no remorse, no hurt, if Kartel is innocent as is family has not said but want to claim aren’t they hurt about him being behind bars? What is it that they have that they need to release on Jamaica’s people? I hope people really take the time to see what is at work here and guard themselves with prayers because this is not normal

    1. wi know wah gwaan dem a pass it on … but because shorty a pay di school fee wi fi overlook certain tings….money weh dem rob ppl dem a use educated dem pickney some a ddem ppl yah really frighten ova address and pocket money ……him need fi go pay jahnvinci dem a dem a sen di pickney dem go school

    2. what I want to know is, how them a go do music and balance school at the same time especially the likkle one weh a look up in a the camera.. I think they are too young for this. what about his other children? what about the other four.. the last time kartel did an interview he said he had 7 children. why the family and shorty a act like a only them three there only kartel have

      1. Dem will balance , remember the grandmother commended their father in leaving school in pursuit of music. Di res a di baby madda dem know y dem quiet maybe dem doe have nuttin good to submit :hammer

        1. @met you see the little younger one weh a look up in the camera him no know if him fi laugh or look up in the camera.. that little boy don’t know why he is there.. a mussi the next Jackson three minus the 2 dem..

          1. Yuh tink dema read whey di public a say? Because mi deh pan di observer pan di adams topic and lawd di people dem :nohope:

      2. Stop Lying! Shorty and Kartel were in a healthy relationship. He was always faithful t her he has never had nay affairs. You should stop spreading rumors. They are always inside the fence while others are outside for not paying fees………………………………Anyway u know seh Shorty and Gaza Slim did outside a di courthouse a argue ………..Slim seh Shorty a kip man now di two a dem a promote di music …a di man a tell dem fi do it …..di likkle one weh a look up inna camera a mussi three time him si kartel :cool

        1. OMG sad three times? the two big one look like them done bruk out already u see how them pose fi di camera.. a fi them pickney them must know what is best for them

    3. goodnight met and metters thank you very much for saying what i was thinking something is deeply wrong with this picture look at the route their dad chose to take, wateva ill feelings their dad has rooted inside him he used the music and the fame to make it a reality leading the younger generation and the already lost souls down a dark path and shorty as a mother you think this path is the right path for your boys? i mean is this the only solution?? to you all selfish needs jah know and kartel shame on you if you have any real love for those boys you would never allow this look what it did to you what is it do you want them to become another leader for the”lost souls”, is it the money the fame,power? you are choosing to gambol with their lives at such a young stage or are they suppose to carry on/finish some kind of mission you’ve started Kartel/shorty this ain’t right, aren’t these boys in pain don’t they need time to heal what about the healing process as a mother myself i’m begging you don’t do it make a difference in their life

      1. Selfishness that got their father where is and the whole family borders around the same kind of thinking. It is no wonder he could see a wife out of shorty it is because she is the same as him. I would never commit my life to a man capable of such atrocity but all she will see is that him say she a wife. Simple questions she could not answer when asked by the media and winford williams from onstage they are grabbers thinking that they are in a dog eat dog world…wanting to be more than dogs. If you mildly disagree with them you become the enemy because they dont know better than to keep the focus on themselves. Wanting to take from others but never giving..not material goods but the exchange of self..People like them will never learning because u have to give over your lack of understanding to gain understand and your illiteracy to become literate. Shame

  11. (Ina di DJ wid di hammer voice) hey yow yallow … Book, book, book, unu fi pressure unu book… shorty nuffi falla dem a classroom door she fi go een an hold a seat a di front wid har humming bird book, and how Gaza Slime so nuff bout she a share link pan fan page.. A she say my five wives

    1. no man shorty haffi start off wid di flash card dem …………….a di bwoy program dem caw she and di short boss a nuh fren

  12. @met if who a read? shorty dwrcl …. met it look like them don’t business them money hungry and those children father a fame whore.. a sing song bout him must hang him self.. nothing no go so.. him a try use up the little bit a fame weh left to stay relevant before the fame dime… memba a him say him do ting fi controversy!!!! so now people a wonder if him want to hang himself… nothing no go so

    1. it look like it nuh sink in yet ….but u know he is a true to the T page by page sociopath though….nothing less

      1. No meaaannnnnnnnnn them a dun kartel over the observer dun him lolol omg them say give him 25 years without possibility of parole the people dem dangerous over there lol

          1. di christian seh ar brother …………come an give free entertainment …….maybe her nephews can go this year………mi a wait fi it to Maureen mi agree wid u mi a wait fi di crime drop …and Jamaica to be a better place…Maureen stop call PB name ina yu mouth …………………….u school might long dung and u nuh have nuh job

          2. :ngakak dem a gwaannnnnnnnnnnn ova deh as most of them say it was the nature of the crime and the gruesomeness of it why people have reacted like this to the case

    2. Mi we pay fi see him a swing inna de wind…me see man a swing from beam a country when me a 5 so me can stomach kartel a swing to.

  13. someone said over the obsever quote
    We do not want them in any schools. Send them to Rockforth or some other Quarry to break limestone<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    1. Observer people dem nah ramp ”Mr Adams is a fear top cop but was push aside by political situation, his opinion is good to my perspective, put those bastard behind bars, not to server hypnotic, vibes rum, but to plant, cassava., sorrel, calollo, hue go peas, clean drain in major city. Respect you Mr Adams. 50yrs is still good, in the USA he would be execute next week”.

      1. Jackie Jacks • 11 hours ago
        I don’t want to see Vybz Kartel living for 50 years on my taxpayer dollar. Bring back the death penalty and bring back the gallows and see how quickly crime will stop

      2. I agree with the people them that said he should not be able to make music in prison he should go farm field.. I agree tough punishment.. make an example out of him..

          1. i don’t agree with this, if jah cure was allowed to make music, kartel should be allowed as well.

            rapists an murderers are one and di same. one kills ur physical body, and the next kills ur spirit and leave you walking around like a zombie. it takes some rape victims years to over come their ordeal, while some never overcome and sadly take their own lives.

          2. True but given the influence Kartel has on some of the people and the fact that they see him as a crime boss it wouldnt be good to continue influencing the minds of the sick. If the majority of his fans concluded that he was wrong and see that it is the law that was carried out yes but they have gone to the extent of blaming the victim and harassing multiple families…remember even detective linton’s house was bombed. The kinda have to silence him for a while to regain control.

          3. met, in all honesty, i think he sound not be allowed near another mike or studio, but jah cure was allowed, so this is sumthing wi gonna have to deal with. all dem affi go do, is monitor what he releases, no gun tune or murder tune. convicted prisoners nuffy ave no rights!!!

            in my opinion rape is just as heinous as di most gruesome murders.

            a betta dem neva mek prisoners have dat privilege none at all.

          4. It is true. But the difference with a big fish and a little fish is that the big fish swallows more while the little fish eats small to grow dont it? The way his fans react alone shows that some kinda control haffi gwaan..If the government can police the music he releases fine but to how shawty n his family a move like dem own piece a Jamaica…u cannot give them the power to continue.

  14. @Real, me say u finga tips need a metal rula snippings…U r baddd….waieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :bata :bata

  15. Maureen, ask u bredda fi buy yu a car ….u a vice principal and him a use di money a bribe ppl……and u a tek public transport ….shorty a drive u nuh have nuh excuse …DJ nuh go deh go nyam nutten mi jus a listen to it

    1. Me to Real…lol. I risked pushing playing cause me did think a de pickney dem noise me did ago hear…I heard the sound of $hit! lolol $hit progressed to verbal communication now…lol

      Twaites should cancel that shit fest at cumberland HS. ASAP.

      1. Phantom dem a go use some pickney weh can dj and put it up like a di likkle bwoy dem do it …so wi nah go si nuh live file di laas one flop ……a nuh dem a go do di singing …con artist dem

          1. Met we need fi have some live dialogue pon da topic here and see how we really feel bout dah ting yah ….too bad wi nuh have nuh way fi do it …mi did a go mek a video bout it but mi neva wah put up mi face ………………………….mi nuh wah nobody page mi….a di truth man dem a go too far wid da ting yah ……………di bwoy feel seh wen him appeal him a go come out DJ fi start get license dem cah a direct di nation so without documentation

          2. Di sentencing a di 27 and it will be no April fools trick. The appeal cannot be admitted so it is a waste of money but mek dem gwaan send di fool a little further

  16. All the ass lickers on this radio callin need to go chuck off inna one ole pit toilet. Mureen die bitch die. And de one who a wait pon him ‘president’ yu can go join him….real ass lickers.

    yow mureen…you will NEVER get to count off the 4 problems of Jamaica…you and yu kind still de bout. Hence, we crime wave cannot be reduced. NS&D

      1. She fi get FIRED! That statement alone fi mek she get run out just like how dem run out de likkle gal dem from school cause dem a breed!

        Hope de bredda known sey a him mumma and sista ago aide him appeal being stamped DECLINE.

        1. I wonder if educating them would work? Because education nuh give conscience eno..Some of these mothers are the same ones who will support their children stealing..wash dem shirt and like in this case kill someone but yet defend them all the way..It is a frame of mind that has to be stamped out. This young man I grew up with was told by his mother that before anyone fight him in school he should fight them and if a child hit him he should blind them. He has been in and out of prison all his life and his mother keeps saying she doesnt know why. Some a dem same Jamaican will send dem pickney a school wid a pencil and if it lost dem tell dem fi tek up anybody pencil dem see.. Pickney confront di next one bout dem tings..fight happen and di madda a di perpitrator will say smaddy teef him pencil first.. The culture facilitates a lot of things and this is why a Jamaican will steal and feel as if they have a right to do so.

          1. Me talk it often. Wi criminals are created by the carless mothers and the carless people dem inna dem community.

            Here we’ll have the classic case of the boys being encouraged to live up to their father’s image. The first part of conditioning is to hate and disrespect the police, women and whom they believe to be less than them in status.

            Eventually, they become a parasite to society, just like the father… and then dem express what you’ve wrote, Met.

          2. Dem love se smaddy else do it before dem and get whey when dem know seh it wrong. I dont see any other culture with this thinking so whey it come from?

        2. yow phanthom yu know whats coming next???? dem a follow finson anshi nuh stop call di man nameSeptember shi betta go look work

    1. maureen she fi go inna one hole crawl inna di abyss never to return.

      mi read di muma seh she a christian and still listen kartel same way. what a christian u be eeh muma kartel!! weh u ago tell god seh????

      1. Lundun, yu do know sey people who insert that “mi a christian” inna almost all a dem conversation a wicked? trust me pon dat.

        A true christian ongle tell yu dat when yu a introduce wrongs to dem…lol

      2. Har son a daddy demon, and she a mumma demon, bout christian, a full time now dem fi top tell lie pan Christianity !!!

  17. From di kids a guh in a entertainment dem affi guh can tolerate ppl talking about dem cuz dats di nature of di biz, fame comes wid sum side effects, an criticism is one of dem, suh shi shuda wait until dem mature a likkle more b4 shi gi dem such a heavy burden fi carry….

  18. Met u write a statement @ 4:59 totally agree met i was thinking the same thing why this urgency with all the controversy .this is not the time to place kids on a platform with all these predicament going on and is not like he use to endorse dem in is music or on stage when him perform an give dem five minutes a fame to show dem talent when him did a do road suh aleast we could say hmm!! all after a sudden suh come on now
    like the conviction hit dem bad the whole family need psychological help.this is unfair on the kids.

  19. After Bob Marley died, then came the Melody Makers, then Stephen and Junior Gong on their own, But Bob was a Legend, and Incredible Talent who left an indelible mark on the world through his songs and transitioned at age 36…

    This attempt to make Kartell remain RELEVANT through putting his children, up front, out there and possibly on stage is (I believe) is their feeble attempt to equate this non factor and murderer to the Great King of Reggae…

    Blind cannot lead blind, This verdict just came down I believe a week now, and they are already promoting these children as artist…ABOMINATION….Gross attempt to keep themselves on the mind of people and in the media!!!…de mumma (shorty) seems like she got no sense, and all inna prison Kartel still a manipulate…very disturbing!!

    1. Obara u know seh ………………………………….Seh weh unu wah seh……….Shawty is no Rita and Kartel …only Bob we can equate wid Kartel …………….is SPONGE BOB

    2. But is concerning cause it look like dem really believe seh kartel is a world boss…di family look like dem neva get de worm

    3. Selah. Obara, people like him ongle play wid people who fah cognitive skills still inna infant stage….that is de trick to him manipulation.

  20. I watched Deva Bratt’s Interview today and toward the end of the Interview, he said that he did not feel sorry for Lizard caw Lizard did rush him already unda Kartel orders…This statement made me realize that THEY, (Kartel dem) these so called bad people and their followers believes that Killing Lizard was nothing, he was just dregs to society, ah yes man whose life was not worth anything, and so Kartel and them REALLY BELIEVE that they are innocent and did not kill him, caws him nuh relevant…ergo this, within the space of a week promotion of these innocent children, who should be going through some counselling for support of the change which they have gone through and are going through, having a father who went from celebrity to convicted murder , (school children can be very harsh) and who may NEVER see road again!!!. Before dem do damage control and try to steer these children in a different direction, cuh pon dis nung!!! o ma se ooo!!!

    1. woe be unto deva bratt if him a tell a lie pan di dead man doe because him neva feel it fit fi se dis until after the trial..him a look likkle shine ina tragedy’s name. It look like him figet this

      Allegations are that on October 24, 2008, the complainant was lured into a house where Deva Bratt resided, in St. Catherine, where she claimed she was sexually assaulted.

      Deva Bratt was later arrested and charged.

      Attorney representing the entertainer, Peter Champagnie, says at Friday’s preliminary enquiry, the prosecution and defence indicated that they were ready to proceed.

      Mr. Champagne said based on certain notifications in the Court file, he asked the prosecution to ask the witness if she was ready to have the matter heard.

      The witness later indicated that she did not wish to go any further.

      The Presiding Magistrate asked whether she came to the position as a result of any threat or promise of money.

      The witness said this was not the case.

      The Presiding Magistrate then made a no order, resulting in a discontinuance of the matter.

  21. Fi real the devil really control them and they refuse fi repent an call on father god cause a him alone I know omnipotent.lord have your way

  22. @met….not only dat, wen deva did a guh tru dat situation kartel run him out a gaza an did a song a call him raper bwoy…..

  23. There is no loyalty among criminals all a dem a look a food affa di ting, if duppy did really deh every time when Gaza Slime tune play in a dance lizard woulda tun ova de sound box

  24. And every time a Kartel or devil rat tune play the light lock off.. Blackout we say.. The man lost his life let his soul rest in peace . One say him rob har and di other say him get rush at least unu still de yah old smegma

  25. good day met,metters,peepers nd others..

    dem phucking ppl ere real..all bloodclaat nuffy him dem caan piss him de man jus sick mi phuck’n stomach suh kmft

      1. yuh caan help but really fling people verses at dem cuz dem cant be of sane mind i have yet tuh hear smaddy even seh if lizard really dead RIP or sorry tuh the family of lizard etc its jus all about kartel not even de next three weh get lock up wid him dem a luk pon….it sad bad

        1. U know when fowl battam up ina di air dem usually a scratch dirt and dirt drop right back pan dem..I am yet to hear one a dem seh no comment dem a try wrap demself round di sadness of dem loved one being in prison blah blah…if dem nuh care bout lizard den…how dem supposed to ina grief and strong up same way so? di sister a bask ina di likkle limelight…God say he will and his word does not fall

  26. I wonder how di school feel bout Ms Maureen she talking. God nah sleep still Romans 1
    18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

    1. Mi nah know my bredda commit such a crime and draw my foot go road a talk up…n a claim Christianity 2 Samuel 12

      11 Thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun.

      12 For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun.

    2. Sister Maureen a gwaan like shi a celebrity …it look like shi wah wah tek ova from addi …Maureen mi nuh wrong yu……..Mi nah run dung war..MI WAH COUPLE HOUSE AND CAR…MI WAH MONEY FI SPEN.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RAE ……..

  27. God forgive me, but I have to agree with those that said that (on other threads) that this lineage haffi (nice words) “disappear”. Kartel is a narcissist to a T. A narcissist doesn’t love their children like a normal person. They love them only as far as they can make the parent look good. Kartel never did a better thing than pick up an illiterate as a mother for his children, and a vain one at that.
    I’m really starting to believe that Jamaican psychologist that suggested that over forty percent of Jamaicans suffer from personality disorders…..not one week pass good since the conviction and these “depressed’ pickney fi start music career? Even without having a mad man as a father, Music is the evilist industry to get into.
    One thing for sure, kartel done know he’s going down for a long long time. Him done have dis plan B from long time. A suh narcissist gwaan. Dem know dem phuck up and hope that they get away with their shit, but have their plans in place, just in case, knowing that there are enough sentimental duncebats/lazy minded people who will suspend disbelief and believe in them.
    Those other kids that kartel nuh eena? Their mother/s are to thank God everyday and not be “grudgeful” that these other kids are getting the attention. The only way to defeat sociopathy/narcissism is NO CONTACT with the narcissist/narcissistic family dynamic. Anno mi seh suh…ALL the advice says so!

  28. Deva brat better go control hiim rapist urge an shut up cause him cant intimidate an pay off nobody in america ahoe

  29. :kr :kr ah music dem love make dem gwarn but dem must always member say education come first dem never hear dem fadda tune. SCHOOL YOUTH :rate

  30. Kaka Faat, har goose weh lay har golden egg gone, so she a tun mama Kardashian an a pimp out the lil bwoy dem. The downward trend continues, Why must parents live their lives through their children, Iet them have a choice to choose their own destiny, A only hope she nuh lead dem down the same path of destruction their father was going. Father God a pray that you guide these young ones cauz dem mumma knows not what she’s doing. Wifey and Matey link up and a continue daddy demon legacy, but a did think she and slim was at odds and hate dem one another, a dis yuh call unite fi a common cock…… a mean common cause!!!!!!!

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