1. @MET How does jury selection work in JA? Would Finson av known that juror was a member of JCF? If this information is new 2 Finson dont you think it would help him with his appeal? If it were Canada Kartel would be released on bail and a new trial scheduled.

    1. I don’t think in any country he would have been released. This is a murder trial not a traffic ticket n I think finson knew

  2. Most people are eligible for jury service. In the UK, both judges and ministers have sat on jury panels, and there are many cases where police officers has sat also. most citizen should be available for jury service, therefore, being a police officer should make no difference to the case, though it might seems as being bias, there is a code of conduct that jurors has (should) to follow.

  3. I am not aware of how Jamaica jury selection process goes, however, if certain persons are denied the right to sit as a juror because of their occupation, this could be seen as discrimination. people with occupations such as lawyers would be able to say that they cannot sit as they defend criminal; doctors could say that they saves lives of criminals; accountants could say because they advised client who might have been convicted ; teachers could say they have taught a convicted person etc. All these person could because of their profession,be told that they cannot sit or can be asked to be excused on these grounds. This would limit the amount of the population who would be eligible and therefore seems unfair. If on the other hand a juror, who has some direct link to the case, example, if one of the arresting officers was to have sat on the panel this could be seen as being bias, and then the convicted person would have a good chance of appeal on the grounds that the conviction was not safe.
    Ps. please excuse me if I am not being clear, I am bone tired

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