Clive ”Lizard” Williams’ gun charge was said to be based on shots he fired at Ex-Gaza member Romaine’ Black Ryno’ Anderson. Black Ryno had publicly distanced himself from the group but not without incidents. His home was bombed and many attempts were made on his life. Williams along with others were allegedly ‘the carry out men” for the ”World Boss” but when one of the machine guns they were given turned up missing, Williams along with another young man known as ”Weed” was called to the Havendale property to tell what happened to the gun.
It is alleged that Williams was taken to a room and order beaten to death and Weed escaped by jumping over the gate of the compound.

0 thoughts on “KARTEL TRIAL TIP

  1. Some people love to promote wickedness sah, this is the same thing Lizard was doing, and it led to his own demise, uno can continue bout this world boss foolishness until uno end up where Lizard is, which is a place of no return. Met please find the video with Lizard so some of them fools can see, who and what he was promoting.

  2. @Met you might be wrong about ford having the handle . same ford that admit in court today that him lost the notes from the arrest . LOL LOL LOL
    Watch and see there was no video no voice recording . they are fishing and hoping . u should know that jamaican police are some of the dumbest cops in the world

    1. well is a whole police force eno so all 100 a dem can mek one set a smarts but dere is jus one kartel.losing the notes dont presume innocence …it depends on what notes u lose

    2. when mi se ford have di handle mi mean se dem a go get kartel by any means necessary because di police have it out fi him

  3. But Met a 2 murderer dem everybody know sey bigga ford kill nuff yute,so if him can still a walk free any man can walk free ouuta prison,mi naw sey world boss not guilty but mi still naw sey him guilty….But ja is very corrupt place because me personally know man way do tings and walk free and mi kno man wha nuh do nutten and lock all now so mek wi si wha gwaan don’t forget sey a ‘JAMAICA’ it name any card can play….

  4. hi met an metters, kartel look like a balloon a get blow up, prison gree wid him doe, di bleaching cream look like it a poison him, lol

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