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Dancehall fashion designer Calvin ‘Moonie’ Haye says it’s back to business at his company Halfa Moon Designs, following his ‘not guilty’ verdict at Wednesday’s trial in the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams murder case.

Haye, was one of five men charged alongside dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, however, throughout the ordeal, he always maintained his innocence.

“Mi feel great fi know sey mi survive this wey mi guh through. From day one, mi know sey mi did a guh set free because I know that I am an innocent man, and the entire Jamaica knows that as well. When God put something into perspective, man cannot stop that,” Haye said.

severely depressed

The designer says his mother was severely depressed about the case and he is happy that she can now sleep good at nights.

“The best part of being free is that I can be among my family and I can move on with my business,” he said.

Haye believes the trial damaged his reputation and is now hoping to pick up the pieces.

“I lost a lot of clients but I also realise that a lot of people love me, because when they found out that I was free they were happy,” he said.

He continued, “I came from nothing to something, I work hard to develop myself because I don’t take handouts. To see these guys take my handwork and tear it to pieces it’s hurtful. I know I was mistreated by the system because mi nuh born with certain last name. I am no criminal, I am just a fashion designer with two scissors, some thread and some bobbins. When I heard ‘not guilty’, I just held my head straight to the judge because I wanted to hear it from the judge. Then, when the judge said it, I just went straight home, no interviews. I just took a bath and went to my business place because that is my focus right now,” he said.

The designer says he is now trying to honour his contracts and is looking to form new relationships with persons who wanted to work with him prior to the case. He also disclosed that he was working on several designs for this year’s Sting.

“I have been booked from October for Sting and I had persons working on the designs until the trial because I wanted to honour my contracts,” Haye said.

As for what will happen to Vybz Kartel, Haye believes the artiste stands a fair chance.

“Vybz Kartel is in good shape and is in good spirits. From you’re in a situation in life you have to be confident and pray to God. I know he prays to the same God I pray to and he will get through. Right now, I feel like Nelson Mandella, and I think he feels the same way,” Haye said.

Halfa Moon Designs can be contacted at [email protected].

– Curtis Campbell


  1. “Right now I feel like Nelson Mandella, and I think he feels the same way.” Just fi da statement deh Moonie shoulda do time inna some rat infested concrete cell wid no winda!!! How dem evil yah fi compare demself to Nobel Peace Prize upstanding people of the world? Moonie nar him croonie dem caant walk inna Mr. Nelson Mandela ole boot. Him a gwaan like him did get lock up cah him a lick out ‘gainst oppression. Ef im know whey afta him kaka him go kip company wid “two scissors, some thread and some bobbins” :travel

  2. Weh yuh say Moonie? kartel pray to who? a nuh God yuh mention in the same sentence with Karel name, the devil was fi him father the last time mi check. hhhaaaayyy, but you was innocent you say, let God be your judge, because he knows the guilty from the innocent. With that being said, I like how you pick up the pieces and going back to work.

  3. did he compare himself to Nelson Mandela :nerd

    yuh knw dem ppl here really phuck’n disrespectful nd dont knw de death a dem history doah did he really go there just nung,BANTAN de pus-c jus for dat statement how dear him

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