The lawyer for Kahira Jones Piere Rodgers has asked to judge for time to question detective Linton on how he obtained the BlackBerry messages. Witnesses in the courtroom have said that the jurors seemed bored and were not focussing on the trail so the magistrate asked them to step outside for five minutes in order to recoup. Details soon

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  1. So even the jurors seem to sense that it’s just “confusion” that the lawyer a try? Just like kartel fan them, just like kartel?
    P.S I don’t know if Kartel Twitter is a “real” ting, but di way him a gwaan wid him long werd, even mi nea know weh him a talk. Him never seh anno him pon di phone atalk , doe!
    Clutching at straws! If this lawyer had proper evidence of “tampering”, him wudda gone for the jugular. Him mussi falla Kartel twitter fi advice!

      1. Listen if di police duh wrong, di lawyer fi show it. But right now, knowing a defence lawyers disposition, him wudda come up wid sinting. Him juss a try mek Linton lie on himself. From Linton nah try mek himself luk like angel, mi nuh see why Rodgers a wring up himself.
        Still him have more energy dan the Missa Finson. Finson tek di case knowing him gwine lose. Nutten can gwaan if a desso yuh mind set.

        1. You can’t prove conspiracy without motive and dem neva establish that..Mi a nuh lawyer but why didn’t they have witnesses to attest to Kartel’s and the other defendants characters ? They should have had people testify showing that the police had previous harassed/threatened him prior to this case..If a fi even show se there was something personal between him and some big officer..so the jury will be bored because dem a come up outa di air and a defend a case without really planning strategy properly

          1. Yes in all my “excitement” (lord knows mi “bias” an mi nuh shame), mi figet that. The police woud neva be so stupid as to put one a dem “nyam a food” po – po up there.
            Thanks for calming me the hell on down, Met!

  2. i think addi will be free, there is too much loop holes, and confusing evidence, why use the man fone to make calls, the question is if you use it to make calls what else did you use it to do??????

    1. Not one piece of confusing evidence! Voicemail, video, etc. If the defence has anything about them they wudda try and use voice experts to decipher if it wasn’t Kartel’s voice. Kartel is going to prison. If not, Jamaica will be one big laughing stock and bait fi di cruff dem come live.
      Kartel use him owna phone. Yuh nver hear when him seh feem name “too light” and that the person that he is talking to nuffi “call him name”. Then he dropped himself in it by saying that he was meant to do one show in the Bahamas, but he neva did guh.
      “I wonder if the promoter blacklist mi name”. Who do you think, in light of all the OTHER evidence was talking on Kartel’s phone?

      1. Oh god…oh, well. WISH YU LOTS OF LUCK breaking it down to the fan club…lol. I think many of us gave up since last week…dwln

  3. met if im not mistaking didnt u post something about kartel getting paid for a show and didnt show over in the bahamas? i could be wrong but for some reason i remember that episode :bingung

  4. thats bad news fe de defence if de jury bored when dem talk,
    it sound like they already mek up dem mind..

    To my mind..

    if de jury didnt believe de tapes presented,
    dem woulda eager to listen to de defence to have dem answer de doughts they have by the facts presented by de prosecution

    i lie?

  5. @8ITorLUVit.. you are absolutely correct.. he was ah no show in Bahama’s more than one i believe..
    and definitely 2 twice fro Guyana.

    If fact he his KNOWN for a “no show” when booked..

    again by his own folly he has incriminated himself
    there is ONLY ONE person in recent dancehall times who has that well known moniker

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