Piere Rodgers made claims this morning that in Detective Linton’s report there was no mention of where the data in the BlackBerry came from. Linton agreed and explained that the data was too large and could not be shown on the report he presented.

R- Rogers, L- Linton
R : You are slippery enuh. But we not finished with you yet! Did you verify information on SD card?
L: Yes I did.

R: On the 3rd when you 1st saw the SD card did you mention it in your report?
L : No I didn’t.
R: Isn’t the SD card important detail?

R: Aren’t you supposed to put all the juicy details in your report? Is it in your statement?
L: No I didn’t put it there

R: Did you make mention of seeing the SD card on the 14th?
L: No sir.
R: But the 14th is when you started extraction ?
L: Yes

R: But you made no mention of the SD card that day!
L: I already cleared that up sir. I designed data base & forensic intake form used in case.
R: Did you verify on that form that SD card taken?
L: No

R: Do you know no other police spoke of this SD card?
L: I wasnt at court.
R: Any mention of SD card on register?
L: No sir

R: In failing to mention SD card did you depart from best practice ?
L: No counsel.

R: Do you remember we spoke of importance of chain of custody?
L: Yes.
R: Do you remember you said you even taught it?
L: Yes
R: Do you agree with me that there is no chain of custody with your SD card?
L: No sir.

***Jurors sent on break*

0 thoughts on “KARTEL CASE UPDATE!

  1. But him not so good. Maybe within the village lawyer ting, but from he can’t hold the jury, not so good. I suspect even the jury knows that the lawyers would have to try and question procedure as to procurement of evidence.
    Rogers should leave out the “personal” part though (“yuh slippery, enuh”). He can’t make Linton look worse than Kartel right now. Go for the “facts”, not the person. Then nobody can’t chat to him as to any “motivation”, (other than getting his client off, which is his job).
    Even though the white people dem paper nah report this trial, them a watch. Yuh tink a Jamaica alone have dem kartel fan deh a spread dem dutty attitude? Nuff a dem deh a England, too, infecting the careless “lower orders” of the white community. (like how nuff a dem love eggs up wid anything Jamaican plc).

    1. They are kinda clutching at straws still because they cannot prove intent or motive for the police to do what they are trying to prove

  2. Met I don’t know weh dem a gwan and gwan bout. Even if the phone was used to make any calls or texts while in custody, time stamp data would show it so me nuh even see the relevance right now. Dem just a grasp at straws. All di facebook ting, me nuh even know why the judge a mek dem waste time a talk bout facebook. Everything have time stamp info and everything weh dem put forward so far a from the dates around the time when Lizard went missing. Dem need fi stop draw out di case and tek people fi fool. A time fi sen dem go heng demself inna prison now

    1. That Facebook argument was a a BIG blank shot, noise with no harm. Time is ticking and the defense knows that the evidence is stacked up against them. The video clearly showed an individual with what appeared to a dog bite, the very same injury that wee testified about. The defense definitely needs a miracle now.

      1. Finson should a call yu…lol You could testify about the security and the cost of keeping yu site safe from cloning, time stamps and hacking *wink*

        1. Met, a wonda if a phiilipot did a try de site last year?

          Linton should sue de defense team fi slander/libel pon him character when dem have hacker pon dem “payroll”.

          1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! dem muss did change di messages dem ina di system and want it look like police tampering

  3. Whats the relevance of the SD card to the defence’s case? Wouldnt the noted existence and examination of a SD card more likely to hurt the defence’s case?

  4. Both a dem a grab fi di same straw jus from a different angle…… di jury still a wait to hear di motive why one whole police department plus all di other experts weh testify wud want to frame di gaza gang.

    1. That’s exactly what me and my colleges at work are discussing, what has caused the ENTIRE police force , both telecommunication providers (some of which are kartel’s friends) to come up this elaborate scheme to bring about his downfall…….. it just doesn’t add up…….a long time this dutty bwoy and him fren dem a kill people but it shall be revealed in due time.

  5. Boy mi so shocked fi see how fool fool Tavares him b is where him study law? Other dan round him dining table wid him father as the judge so him get fi win every case smh

  6. I could be wrong, but I suspect Tavares only get through Law school and pass the bar exam because his father was a judge. Unno remember George Bush did all graduate Harvard, too. And we know how brilliant he is, don’t we?.

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