kartelDefense calls retired SSP Karl Major as handwriting expert for the letter that was said to be written by Lamar Chow….stay choon

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  1. Last throw of the dice, if this witness testifies that the letter was indeed written by wee the case will crumble, however if he cannot say definitively that wee wrote it then it’s all over for the defendants.

    1. The witness will testify that Wee could have write the letter. Both Prosecutors and Defendants can get expert witness to agree with what them

        1. da letter de did missing wah day….because dem never write it yet…..everybody know se a ktell ppl fi se dem si di yute …..so a fi him doin dis jus like vanessa bling testimony

    1. my gut feeling is that chow’s sister (shawn storm’s baby mom) wrote the letter then gave it to aunt and told her that chow wrote it…… no f**king way a man can be that silly.

      1. But at this point it nuh matter who write the letter right? a di cell phone texts dem fi dispute because dem can se a chow write it and police a force him but dem fi dispute the evidence that was presented

          1. hmm mi a wonder how him anty woulda get di letter wen dem seh chow run weh go country and nuh baddy nuh knw him where abouts .. dem not even know seh him a go court …………so a di anty a country lef from town cah di letter………………..a wen di bwoy go hide him family dem get pressure and dem write di letter ..

        1. Met it does matter, the defense is claiming conspiracy so it would validate their claim. But why would a man testify under oath that he saw Lizard lying motionless then write a letter days after saying he saw Lizard??? Unless chow live a bellvue……

          1. or you were offered lots of money or threatened with harm. Lots of reason to recant in cases like this.

  2. If it didn’t matter its obvious that they wouldn’t call a expert. So it must matter to them for them to go that far

  3. The letter does matter but I don’t trust their witness because Finson only know how fi use methods other than legal methods fi get wat him want

  4. If he testified that the letter was written by chow it means nothing.He could have been coerced and it’s not a definite science .

  5. Chow just f**ked the these people case up…Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water…out comes the shark…lmao

  6. Howdy Met, Metters & Peepers. The defense expert says the letter was written by Chow. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. He would not be a defense witness if he was going to testify for the prosecution.

    It is the other damning evidence (voice notes, text messages and lack of alibis) the defense should be concerned about. The focus on the letter is a red herring, primarily to raise doubt and bolster the conspiracy argument.

    My concern is mostly based on the makeup of the jury; specifically, their level of intelligence.

      1. Exactly. All along my concerns were similar to yours Kunta. I keep wondering what kind of people are on the jury because that could play a major role. People are very gullible, especially people who are not very knowledgeable about certain things and can decipher information and know what is bullshit from what is not bullshit. All along, all the defense has done is try to confuse the jury. They haven’t really defended at all. The level of intelligence of the jury is why I am concerned about the letter because people stupid and will look past the one million signs because one thing look a way and we see it in JA all the time, for example in politics. If the jurors are people who can identify bullshit, the letter means nothing, if they are gullible people, they might think that it is really a conspiracy because poor people done have it say police a wicked and police dis and dat and we done know how we people corrupt and the police nuh really serve and protect us a lot of the times. We just have to wait and see. Me only hope the prosecution point out all a the bullshit in dem final statements.

  7. what if he did write the letter under duress? Something about chow testimony still nuh right . Another thing one cannot use chow voice identification for the video . they would need expert to test the voices of the accused. Just legally speaking. Whole heap of things were admitted into court that should not have been. Did defense croc examine chow yet? Way I see it he needs to come clean about his involvement in the plot and serve time with the rest of the gang so the case can really tumble.

  8. If a me hire you, how are you going to come give evidence against me, the defense can call their own expert witness who will vouch on their behalf that the hand writings are not Chow’s so this proves nothing. We have in evidence by their own mouths the accused, Mad Suss placing Kartel at the crime site, even though him, kartel claimed he was never there on that day, so I don’t see the big deal about the, when Chow could be under pressure by Kartel and his cronies when he wrote this, and that is if he did, which I personally don’t think he did

  9. BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT…all the jury need is a speck…it actually can be small as a grain of rice…if it runs across theyre mind for one split second…that creates doubt

  10. The writing expert has said the 26 pg witness statement was written by the same person who wrote the letter. He has also told the court that he also worked on cases for the prosecution as late as late last year. He has 30 yrs experience.

  11. We need to have audio and video in the courts.I am wondering what the people around the world are thinking about Jamaica.

  12. Den coulda call 30 million expert kartel already inform pon himself pon him voice note and text so noting but the jury can save him which nuff people nu see dudus gone a time fi set example and start clean up some a dem weh think duppy making things is a way a life without getting caught.dem sen way Zeeks pon phone records to.

    1. Only God can save him and him still haffi pay so it makes no difference….because him cah bow …him haffi stand up to di dutty life to the end ..cause him cant afford fi di likkle yute dem outta road .live righteous and positive….him give him life for little girls to suck semen and boys bleach dem skin and become effeminate …….him haffi pay and it nuh matter if dem let him out he will always be a prisoner and lose sleep….he is on his own cause him know weh him do

  13. At this point, @Kunta me agree wid u full 100. Its the jury pool that should be concerning to us in r/t verdict..Even behind bars, this demon’s ONLY TALENT is the gift of persuasion and even in captivity, he still posses tht power over many..If anyone at this point in the trial believe that SHIRLEY is NOT guilty, u r beyond cold and bias..ONLY GOD CAN COME OFF DI CROSS AND TELL ME SHIRLEY NOT GUILTY..ADIJAH PALMER IS GUILTY AS SIN AND I HOPE EARTHLY JUSTICE AND GOD JUSTICE WILL REWARD HIM ACCORDINGLY..MAY HE ROT IN THE DEEPEST PART A HELL IN A PAIR OF GASOLINE DRAWZ WHILE HE BURNS..

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