The letter of controversy that was given to the DPP by Lamar Chow’s aunt has no W in the signature. The W was reportedly in dispute since Friday when lawyers for the prosecution questioned the expert analysis of the letter. Lamar Chow has denied writing the letter.

Q- letter purportedly written by Chow I am suggesting there’s no ‘w’ in that signature
A- it seems to be overwritten in some way.I wouldn’t totally agree. There is a letter ‘o’. Apparently the writer wanted to hurriedly get away from this matter’

To the Public Defender,
Good day. I am Lamar Chow. I,m a witness in this Vybz Kartel cause The purpose of this letter is to inform you that that statement taken by the police by me wasn’t willing because I didn’t go freely I didn’t go freely to the police station. They came for me in brute force I didn’t intend to be involved in there the reason why I don’t want to come to court is because I see Clive after that 16th Aug 2010′

‘Because this I apprehend fear and I legitimise their theory of what happened on the 16th of August 2010’


  1. oh-oh seems like the person who wrote the letter wasn’t sure of the spelling, the person thought it was CHO and then scribbled on the W……… prosecution back in business (only just though).

  2. I think chow wrote the letter
    He seems illiterate also probly can’t spell
    D name dem give him.
    I don’t think no man would WILLINGLY go to no
    Police to snitch! Mi nah look pon none a dem
    A pare circles this case a go roun inna mi need fi hear the verdict.

    1. when your life in Jeopardy you have no choice but to tell the police what a gwaan .Most men will go to the police to snitch on their enemies or people who a threaten dem life .I grow up in one of the tuffest lane and have police frens and snitching is as normal as breathing .Don’t believe the movies and songs..

  3. The handwriting expert seems to be having difficulty with his testimony. Doesn’t appear too convincing now. The prosecutor Taylor seems to be rejuvenated over the weekend. Some good line of questions to witness. Witness didn’t notice missing ‘w’ but was able to conclude Chow wrote the letter.

    1. I am just now seeing that the letter was a desperate attempt by the defendants in my opinion…Gaza Slim mek har report october 29… the letter was turned in november 18………..saying the same ting whey gaza slim seh :ngakak

      1. Met, yuh good. A de same ting mi seh below . Gaza Slim, a she mi a talk. Bout Lizard rob ar, wid at wikid self. Look like anedda one of de sociopath concoction weh a get dismankle. Kart-hell and him attorney dem really tink everybady fool fool like him croney dem.

    2. “Expert” cannot back peddle now. Last week we debated a matter here and from that alone I would cause this “expert” fi go into retirement fi good all because of his poor eyesight.

  4. Chow should a talk the truth and tell them yes he wrote the letter but dem threaten and force him to write it but him lie said he didnt write it.Might create a whole heep a doubt even in one jury head .You have a next handwriting expert whose statement is coming. Stay tuned

    1. You read the contents of the letter? My opion is that someone else wrote it, look at the spelling of the difficult words they are all correct and the simple words are wrong. This is intriguing nonetheless. Met post the contents of the letter let everyone see it for themselves.

    2. ? :hoax2 Stay tune…fi wha de verdict. Cause a nu just graphics alone a do this :alay The verbage and tone of the document also factors into the evaluation process and Chow mindset and level of education and sworn testimony don’t have any resemblance to the letter.

  5. heh haaaayyyy O him apprehend fear, legitimize, all theory spell right, fi dunce boy Chow certainly can spell big wud ba-ba, guh deh mi da-die ina u Clarks, wwwoooooiiiii

    1. Yu know theory a dead give away sey a one legal mind author dat rass…dwln. I keep seeing a female barrister a dictate this mess.

  6. hmm so chow indeed wrote the letter…wonder which case this was from?? I am sure he saw LIZARD AFTER AUG 2010…he saw him and then they went to havendale in August 2011 ….obviously he was not lying…..I wonder which case this was actually from ……………..:)

    1. August 2010 was a typo. This is clear as day that smaddy else write da letta deh, causen seh de way how Chow talk pon de stand a cudden de same person a write bout theory, apprehend and legitimize inna de same letter.

      Met, yuh nuh si how dem start de letter intelligently, The purpose of this letter is, straight outta English letter writing class. De letter coincidentally a seh de same ting as de girl weh talk bout Lizard rob har. Dat a de ongle theory weh mi si consistent. Dem tek peeple fi fool.

        1. MET U SOON HEAR SEH ………….him did a sen chow go school mi cah manage…because chow nah use dem word de…as a matter a fact di only person talk so A BUSTAMANTE. and KARTEL so him tell dem weh fi write ………………..dem need fi come again

  7. MET check the punctuations (i,m is different from didn’t and don’t)……I,m a witness ……………..wasn’t willing because I didn’t go freely I didn’t …………..didn’t intend to be involved in there the reason why I don’t

  8. even if a chow write di letter wid a pen or a pencil an him hand, it’s clear someone was helping him to write the letter. all dem big words, chow no know how fi use dem in di right context, so dis has somebody else’s input or interpretation of what chow was saying (if he indeed said anything).

    den hear di big big 30yrs worth a experience of a expert “Apparently the writer wanted to hurriedly get away from this matter.” so a dat deh conclusion di big big expert drew from di “W” being left off??? really dude??? dat alone mek mi si seh him testimony is not impartial, cuz how many of you bloggers have ever, ever! signed your name in a hurry an forget the first, second, in-between and last letter inna u name??? mi neva hear dat yet.

    mi hear ppl seh dem figet fi sign all together, but mi neva in all my life hear seh sumbody figet a letta inna dem name which is di same name dem a sign fi how much donkey’s years. kmrct!

  9. funny case eeeh,bwoy this case should have been thrown out long time,or be a mistrial there are so many errors and crazy things that have happened,the defense and prosecutor both did a bad job,the behavior of the police was unprofessional,kartel wrong fi kill the man but case still weak,if zimmerman get weh kartel can too.

  10. not even chow shit as big as de wurd use inna dat letter,and top class dunce like miself wen wi a sign wi name weh nuh leff awf ntn if we lazy wi sign wid a X,phuck outta here wid dat shit ..give us de verdict nd ctf already

  11. Tavares-Finson used the words MANIPULATED & ALTERED when he tried to tell chow that the police “change up” the voices on the video and on the voice notes, then had to explain what it meant…….. if he didn’t know what those words meant how on God’s earth he knows what THEORY, APPREHEND and LEGITIMIZE means?????

  12. “Because I seen Clive after that”??? GTFOH

    “Written by Cho and now Chow”??? This must mean that the writer did not know how to spell Chow correctly. Instead they thought spelling it Cho was correct. Hmmm, they need to GTFOH.

    I guess stupid is what stupid does.

      1. Exactly. They are starting to insult the court’s and general public’s intelligence with these foolish cover-ups and other court drama.

        1. When asked where is third world, chow replied “beside fourth world” and this is the same individual who wrote APPREHEND, LEGITIMIZE, THEORY in a letter….. where did his vocabulary go during his testimony? The defense will say he had a dictionary while he was writing the letter.

          1. finson is a known criminal , i wouldnt be surprised if he was there coaching chow what to say while kartels henchman threatened his life. just like the mafia lawyers used to help intimidate witnesses . i hope the prosecutors file charges and put him in a cell right next to hellboy when this case is over .

  13. Yuh know wah funny! Wen one letter did lef off kartel name wen him purchase di fone finson an di gaza gang seh a nuh feem fone cuz di name spell wrong…..now di same shit a play back pon dem loll

      1. It just doesn’t make sense, just like gaza slim’s report about being robbed and stating lizard’s first middle and last name.

  14. Mi did know seh a more bull sh*t dem a try come wid but as mi did seh b4 god a confuse dem .him a show dem seh him see all an know all nuh matter wah dem a try .an come like lizard a wrk pan dem to dwl lol :mewek

  15. I believe chow wrote the letter. if kartel sen him henchman to burn down a police mans house , put a hit out on roach. there is no telling what he would do to someone like chow. he probably see how kartel get off scotch free when he drive out to cassava piece and shoot at mavado and shot somebody. i dont doubt that through threats and intimidation of his life as well as that of his family , chow had second thoughts of going to police . remember kartel backative is klansman tesha miller who did the same thing to get off his gun charge. battyman even has a text saying he will kill lizard, and chow as well as their mother if he doesnt get his shoes back . chow wasnt no fool he did what he had to stay alive , write the letter or get his family killed .

    1. So after he wrote the letter he then came to court and gave a very descriptive testimony of what happened then vehemently denied UNDER OATH writing the letter?? Thus rather than sending his former friends to prison he deliberately committed perjury which will send him to prison instead of them. …….. this makes absolutely no sense!!!

      1. we are talking about a gunman here . chow is no saint he kill people , you think he cares about lying under oath about a letter. self preservation is a strong thing. look at the bossy trial where the witnesses refused to testify . because of the intimidation kartel and finson use. in new york look how many mobsters changed their story , and say the police forced them to testify against the don . imost wouldnt testify against the don because they didnt want their family’s killed . it wasnt until the prosecution offer witness protection and change of identity that agree to cooperate. kartel burn down a jcf officer home you think chow would be off limits ? look how many people go to police to report a crime only to change their story later on because of threats

        1. How his he a gun man? If I have a gun and give that gun to you for safe keeping are you a gun man? You should keep in mind that kartel bought the guns for the goons in waterford, even after 2 guns went missing he still bought a next one and gave it to Shawn storm (lamar chow’s bother in-law), now tell me who are the real gun men here?

  16. This letter was not written by Chow! The same stupid ploy what Gaza slim try pull off is the same stunt within the letter… Chow would not say he saw Lizard he would, he would of been more descriptive about the where-about of lizard… and like Lizard criss him alright Lizard good…
    Guess the defences never want to use the “Lizard try to rob me phrase”… in the letter Lol ))))))

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