Detective Sergent Patrick Linton from the cyber crimes unit was called to the stand to today as a witness for the prosecution. The jury was asked to step out because the evidence was said to be a matter of security concern. Lawyers for the prosecution then requested an application for aspects of the evidence Detective Sergent Linton possessed as a matter of national security. The judge ruled that the submitted evidence should be on camera after which a decision will be made about the evidence’s admissibility.

0 thoughts on “KARTEL TRIAL UPDATE

      1. Buy why dat neva do before trial start? I am not a trouble maker but mi a beg Jesus fi neva make mi get involve inna nothing a Jamaica like this…cause bwoy mi a tell u

  1. probably the people them don’t want there name to be called in Public. They do not want any backlash to reach them, if it is their testimony that cause the evidence to be admitted. it is more personal security that national security. I can’t blame them either

  2. Simply put the court would not want the public to know just how much information they can get access to via tapping your cell phone, monitoring your internet traffic, web history and emails.

      1. go si di whole heap a nasiniss weh deppon dat dem phone nobody nuh wah si dat? a guess dem haffi jus sho excerpts so ppl have a good out look on him

  3. dont thing kartel should do sting . that show been dead 4 years now . no amount a money joe put in that show will save it

  4. lol@security concern….not when the people find out say unu a tap inna dem social media that’s why dem no want no knowings. me want some bulla and butta kmt

    1. When all the witnesses have testified and when all the evidence is presented. They still have the Phantom letter to present.

      1. this trial must have a time frame because the judge must have other cases to preside over. seems this case is being given special treatment!!

          1. Babe, conspiracy theory is universal….lol poor we likkle Island and de criminal fan club members. smrh

  5. Mi can wait fi di jury of mr Palmer peers find di bumboclaat creature guilty n mek some a di like tiki tiki dem go fine sitten fi do…..met unno here bout di ole hep a gunshot dem buss over Waterford wey day when di rumor”kartel free”..a police n Sonja wake up every bady a dem door…man all dead……..mi sick n tired a it…….f**k sting…..

  6. @Jamaican, me and u both…Shilrley fi dead a prison dat wiked cancrow!!! @Met, dat pic of shirley a beat me bad, how shirley fat and BROWN SUH???Kiss me raas man, a muss porridge him deh drink daily…

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