A Maryland woman will spend five years behind bars after she attempted to rob a wig store and got into a physical altercation with the store’s owner — all while pushing a young child inside a stroller.

The attack happened at the Town Beauty Supply Store in Gaithersburg in September 2012. Surveillance video shows 19-year-old Yvonne Williams trying to wrestle a cell phone from the store owner behind the counter. Williams and her two accomplices are then seen trying to steal more than $800 in hair weaves from the store, all while a toddler is sitting in a stroller.

Next, Williams is seen hitting the shop owner in the head with her shoe. At some point in the altercation, the baby slipped out of the stroller.

“She used the baby as a cover to steal things from that store and try to make her escape,” Ramon Korionoff with the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office said. “It’s just despicable. And it’s even more troubling that a child fell out of that baby carriage during the assault.”

Williams was sentenced to five years behind bars Monday. One of her accomplices pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and the other has not yet been identified.

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  1. PHRASE: Black women will be charged with their crimes of theft but the evidence at the crime scene will be traced back to BRAZIL :hammer

  2. You have got to be fu(king kidding me……………….

    What if the baby did bust her head? All ah dat fi 3 people share up $850 worth ah hair???? Whe unno can only sell fi bout $425 pon di street? So $425 fi share up between 3 people??????? Lawd Gahd! Now you gone ah jail leff you pickney inna God he knows hands fi less dan $150??? All mi can do is shake mi head

  3. When mi si dem deh kinda big dutty stinkin gal mi know seh dem is up tuh no good deed at all. Now why dis store clerk neva tek up some martial arts lessons when she need it the most, is beyond me cause dat teef woulda surely get 2 fly kick up unda ar pussseeyyyy

  4. see yuh in 2018…… enough time to mek your hair grow so yuh won’t need a WIG when yuh get outta prison…. I could never work security for a store cause dem thief yah a try get weh by any means necessary … yuh caan owe dem chinney a penny much less try fi steal dem goods yuh nuh see how determine di chinney woman was dat dem nah get weh wid har stuff !!!

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