Tavares Finson did not resume questioning today, Miguel Lorne, lawyer for Shawn Storm is being allowed to question the witness;- Hmmm It seems like the Lawyer is hell bent on trying to find out Weed’s location
Ques-When u gave stmt to police were u aware a paid informer was in room
Ans – no Sir
Ques-U know what an informer is
Ans – yes Sir
Ques- and u know what a paid informer is
Ans- a paid informer Court laughs
Ques-Isn’t it a situation where u kept telling police u didn’t want to give a stmt
Ans- mi didn’t tell dem dat Sah. Me tell dem wha happen.
Ques-In fact ur mother was arrested also and police told u of u didn’t cooperate they would hold her
Ans – no Sah. Dat never happen
Ques-U are in police custody at the mo
Ans – no sa
Ques- were u taken fr P’land
-Pros objects on nat’l security basis-
Ques- were u arrested n taken fr P’land
Pros -objects Judge – Mr Taylor I have ruled. Will u take ur seat. Continue Mr. Lorne-

-Lorne proceeds to ask in coming to this court,’ where were u taken fr Pros springs to his feet” – I OBJECT MY LORD
-Judge now asking Lorne reason for line of questions. He says he’s about to make certain suggestions to witness-
-Judge asks Lorne- do u understand point Mr. Taylor is making Lorne- ”I do, and I wish u to understand mine”-
-Court is adjourned for a few short moments –
-Adjournment extended until 2. Judge summoned all counsel to his chambers following objection by prosecution –


  1. Di lawyer a try get di witness fi talk where him staying…di judge shudnt allowed dat line of question cuz dat can jeopardize di witness safety…

  2. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the judge made it clear as day to Defense that if anything happens to witness and security detail that defense will be the first to answer.

  3. ob-bloodclaat-ject suck man stop try find out weh de man a rest him phuck’n head cuz a de truth a bite unno unda unno dutty bloodclaat skin…..de man a tawk de rass chuet low out weh yuh reside pawt unda sikes yuh germs yuh…..

    bwoy weed sey paid informer mean paid informer yuh knw mi tretch out :ngakak

  4. Defends lawyers are grasping at straws they seems backed in a corner and trying every stupid tactics loll a dem noh seems like dem prepared

  5. Me say met, a pure laughing me deh pon. Me nuh stop come back come read di comments. Me rate weed to di max. Me nah say weed nuh deserve punishment too caz me know him mus carry out some jobs fi Fartel, even if a jus intimidation me know him mus do supum. BUT!!!! Me love how Weed a handle di f**ka dem! The judge a keep up f**kry because he/she shouldn’t allow that line of questioning at all. Weed goose cook whether him talk or nuh talk because dem ago get rid of him one way or another after this unless him find a way fi get out of Jamaica and go somewhere where he is well protected or out of the parameters of Fartel’s grasp and power.

    Boy me haffi salute weed still. Me glad him a talk di tings because me know a nuff tings dat germs Fartel do so even if him nuh get the punishment weh him deserve, me want him get some punishment because him wicked. Weed jus a tek it to dem so lol. Weed nuh romp fi fire back him feisty answers. Me love it!!!!!

  6. Met you see that though, we can read between the lines to backside , the man inside supposedly a give him statement and PAID INFORMER in de a listen to everything, who pay the INFORMER and what or who they giving the info to, who to trust, no body but God .

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