1. Why dem badda give Jamaicans internet? :ngakak

    She needs to disable commenting because it’s just highlighting how ignorant and stupid Jamaicans can be. Most points are valid re: Kartel is not to blame for poor parenting, Lisa Hanna does nothing for her constituency, she’s a snake, a hypocrite etc. However, the language is just out of this world. These people are caping for Kartel like he’s a member of their family or something. Do they go that hard for their pay or grades in school?

    Jesus be a censorship board, it dooooon’t look good!!!

    1. She wont. This proves her point. They have this on the big screen projector right now. Damn fool dem and Jamaica have cyber laws and if she decide fi sue dem ass the world loss won’t be looking

  2. And now she fi spend har money and get him shit off the airwaves.

    1. Dem vomit yah a no voters
    2. Dem a waste
    3. Dem prove you point about the dysfunctions among his fan base.
    4. Him created a subculture within a subculture…damn hellions.

    Me support lisa effort and hope she have the balls to fight a good fight and ban anything after conviction.

  3. FI REAL ban him music okay ban all a dem that go to jail, of all the person for lisa to go interfere with, most of our heroes did criminal things to survive and we worship them, while some of us might not like this dude, he is of the soil him a no alien from somewhere, some top people are guilty of murda jus as him, and lisa Hannah should know betta to target kartel that have a fanbase of people that is going to stew her afterbirth, she put herself in the middle street, as a former miss world who represent all of us most of us nappy head, she fi watch her hole in her pretty face

  4. I hope Lisa nuh back down and nuh badda do nuh retraction neida. Nasty kartel inna prison and a tell ppl bout if dem reupload him video their account will be deleted..inna a prison and a focus pon youtube views?????? Smaddy should a mek 1 million account and reupload dat sh*t 1 million times….dis f*ck batty bwoy..Whether or not he influences youth is the lesser issue..the issue is that a convicted murderer should not be profiting while sentenced to life in prison for murder.. The other convicts need to finish rub out whats left of his bleached out self. Wonda if the cult realize say this highly educated fool convicted his damn self…

  5. Di music shudda ban long time but this is just a toy for Lisa that she will eventually cast aside. What a gwan ina Jamaica a nuh toy story.

  6. Mi seh di worst illness is being a fool …. mi sorry fi inform unu but Annie Palmer won’t be going anywhere he is going to be locked up … an unu tink dem a go tek dem de disrespect ??? They are just going to sit in a meeting and look at the comments and analyze and scrutinize and ban his ass

        1. The entire music industry need cleaning.
          Ethics have to be enforced, licenses should get voided for breech .

          All drmpon djs should have to pass a exam to play all in a toilet.

  7. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak if I laugh in yah a reach dung a grung tiddeh.
    A wah dah gal yah go do tuh harself star…. How she wicked tuh harself Suh????

  8. a shoes/gun him murda for, we murda each other for cigarette, chgarger, cellphone, slice a pudding, clothes, cup a tea right a Torrington bridge, A man lost his life for sneezing on another at a betting shop say him gi him bad luck, my point to murda maime each other is in our DNA some of our families are the guilty ones our memories are Short fine if they want to ban him from recording in prison, and the state affords him that priviledge, if it no play in Jamaica its being played elsewhere in the world, me see jews in NY wid kartel music buck loud more than 10yrs agi, it too late, cant stop the dawg

  9. Lmao not a ban…. Fi all me know Lisa an Kartel deh pan phone inna prison….Him prabley all lisahannahered her an Took pictures of it dis is probably a stunt….. All mi a seh is if some corruption Neva did a gwan how di hell from Kartel lock up him music a play….. Big pussy Hanna naw tuh me inna no ediot..

  10. I just read on her ig a man say dem must kidnap and rape lisa for talking against the world boss, this a get beyond repulsive now.

  11. Weh bun mi fi some a dem so call fans yah is that they are first to complain, when someone crticise their artist, dem quick to run up and cuss, ‘but are they really supporting the teacha?’ Look how much views Kartel video have on YouTube but not even 5% of those individual viewers are buying his singles which less than ¬£1 /$1 (which is nothing compared to most artist) nuh loyal a bumboclaat. Lisa fi go focus on more important issues but it’s also shows that you guys have time on your hands (doing nothing of course).

  12. I see there is alot of haters here for Kartel but him a di boss like it or not!! Greatest dancehall artist lyricist of all time. So please don’t act like he is the worst. Lot of you all here have some f**up family and friends. So before unuh judge start with unnuh self. Jahcure serves 10years for rape one of the worst crime. That woman is still living through the pain. No body has the full story so you all can stop riding his dick… Everybody deserve a second chance. Mi wonder how much time unuh fail the commandments daily…Tfoh!!

      1. Kartels fans remind of the cult followers who drink poisoned kool-aid and off themselves in Guyana. Is like they have loss all senses.

  13. Lisa instead of kartel can you ban gully bop,tanto blacks,tommy lee,chi Ching,ishawna,you can’t beat that deal you getting 5 for the price of 1

  14. The level of illiteracy is plain as day from these devils know as Kartel fans. What a nasty set of imbeciles unu sick mi stomach just reading the things y’all wished to happen to Lisa. This generation is so lost unuh mek Jamaica look twice as bad.

  15. Disgusting set…Dem shoulda ban Shirley dutty music longtime…Me say Shirley nah see road till 2055 when him a 90..Good riddance he’s a legion on the island along with his cult. I hope lisa succeed in banning his Ass. Who nuh like what me say bite me!!!.

    1. I hope the head of the Cyber Crimes Unit of Jamaica followup with their warning to the gaza internet gangstas who want to issue threats…lock up dem cl**t and mek dem rub some time next to dem leader. Dem daft bad. Whatever Lisa’s agenda I care zero. She has brought attention to his recordings and I hope action is taken immediately. #BanHimBumboYes

  16. Lisa and all a who a try style the boss vex cause the don richer than them and in prison them mouth and pussy shit up like Lisa how can y’all hate on a man that’s in prison and wah see worst than that for him me know the boss and the boss wouldn’t allow them Bby germs and shittty pussy Lisa fi even suck him gaza till death plus I hope y’all haters go suck Lisa shit up pussy

  17. Dem ppl ya lost … mi nuh know who kartel richer than a Jamaica … and it sad when yu have money fi pay lucky lucky police and dem tun it done …unu boss a bribe man wid 500000 jmd .. dem shoulda beat him a court house …go google ma Hanna fianc√© although I am not a fan .. shawty a scam ppl a road fi money ..an at man suppose to be sitting pretty..a bleach alone di money a buy

  18. Yes ,Marie dirty kartel mek dem feel se nuh law nuh de wid him third person bullshit and fake intelligence ,,, a sleep wid pacifier a night time … ban him!!!

  19. What’s amazing is how Kartel intelligent, has influenced all these dunces and still couldn’t influence dem fi tek up a book! Dem gi Kartel a wusserer rap. Dem nuh realize sey the man might evil but him nuh respect dunce bats, him only use dem and toy wid dem. Such a frigging embarrassment how limited their vocabulary is that every single comment is the same. Sym, shitty pu$$y. Like, come on! Mi can’t wait fi a next Dudus Fiasco part 2. The army need fi gi dem wey dem get before. Dem serve no damn purpose on planet Earth.

  20. Vybz Kartel is a John crow. And Jamaica needs better heroes because a bleached out marning duppy who is a misogynistic self hater and a murderer does not deserve any type of praise.

  21. I think you all should ban the news ban crime movies, ban WhatsApp ban FB ban IG,hell ban this page… Cause who really listen to radio for music? I sure don’t. Why don’t Jamaica ban YouTube? Hell ban this page! Everything you want to learn good or bad is the internet. Ban Google, how about that? Instead of judging post some suggestions. If you guys can recall this is the same woman to post lyricics to his song on her page. In PNP and JLP clash they Played his song why all the hateration? She needs to speak up about education for the less fortunate in Jamaica. How to make the environment safer and pollution free. I was in Coreville recently and was choking on smoke from Riverton. You ppl need to find something to do. Kartel keep going! I am a FANTTTT!!!! Yes I said FANTTTT!!! Anonymous 5:28. Lisa Hannah Bitch BYE!

  22. A hype di one Hanna a look. Go an ban dodo from entering ur vaggie :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak bout ban…. Leff him music Mek it play eno gal. Kartel a my artist Buju, busy, dexta only cause him buddy, Kross angry,

    1. No surprise that you are a kartel fan, I often see your comments and wonder if you faking it or just plain dumb. Your line of thought and how you express yourself makes my head every time i see it, nothing name little common sense. Met need to ban your comments. Kartel might be a criminal but he is somewhat smart and can hold a decent conversation…. why can’t u emulate that trait?

  23. Kartel fans are so illiterate it’s not even funny…for all the ppl saying she is didn’t do any abt the child killers what did u do? They organize a march and it was such a small turnout, look at the amount of unuh weh go downtown go shout “free worl boss”. How can you be prison and still doing something illegal (recording music)? I thought prison was suppose to be punishment for your actions. I must say kartel is a very intelligent man, unlike his supporters, and chose the right group to toy with, you guys are gullible and soak up every rat piss. And if he is freed I hope he doesn’t organize a crime that’s involves your family or fren, only when trouble at your doorstep you know what it feels like. Kartel don’t know any of you, and he doesn’t care about you either, he like alkaline manipulate you ppl for support cause you’re weak minded.

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