‘Batty bwoi seh dem cyaan find mi shoe. Mi a go kill one a dem. Is a ded bloodclaat man’
‘Dem cyaan find me 2 bloodclaat shoes…and a come tell me f**kery…’

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  1. Metty me love har Kartel ah send him self go prison…. it ah sweet mi baaaaaaad!!!!!! Everything just ah come full circle!!! Yes BOSS talk up di tings!!!!

      1. Met mi tell yuh Ace is somewhere in the dark holding Shirley picture and crying “why me lawd, why yuh affi tek weh mi love.” dwl

  2. bwoy, life really nuh worth nothing to him so a hope him nuh feel a way seh fi him life nuh worth nothing to me or others.

      1. Worl Informa Boss

        bwoy, if smaddi a crap an si kartel dem betta sidung ina it because I him name, “I must inform and leave no stone unturn.”

        how yuh fi be a badman an inform suh?

      2. Mi wish seh mi cudda fly out fi di trail!!! Mi wah deh inna di court room!!!! Lawd… dem shoulda live stream it like OJ case

          1. the people dem mus sick, I onc try to watch one of those videos where a Mexican drug lord cut a woman throat and decapitate her head and mi almost vomit an faint, it was so sickening to see a human do that to another.

  3. Well if the case was weak minus the video, audio, text messages and witness statements, yes it could be argued.
    But then the jurors, based on the evidence presented so far (with much more video and pics/screen shots to come) and upon hearing the audio in court, will realise that no reasonable man, especially a Jamaican man, is going to get all that riled up and be issuing threats about a SHOE.
    And based off his voice register, tone and emotional psyche on that audio, will realize, that just like you, SHOE can be code for Gun. Most people doing illicit activities are not going to name out the source of that illicit activity on a phone line either. Mob bosses, gangsters, gunmen and elements in the criminal world NEVER directly describe or call by name the product (for e.g. the word cocaine, crack, gun etc) over the phone in the event they feel the feds or police listening.

    Street smarts #1.

  4. HAAAYYYCE BABII weh yuh deh fi seh we ah serpent inna grass?? HAYCE or HA come defend yuh boss!

    Laaaaaaaaawd mi nuh able right now… deh ah work not working one bit!!!!

    MET YUH LARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Dwl poor ace muss inna intensive care unit yaa now dwl. From ooun a call him all now him cannot surface :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Me want three pictures of her:

      1. When she pass out
      2. When she realize sey dem bruke and can’t pay finson de rest a dem money
      3. when fartel coffin a get carry out a prison gate.

      Shorty/ace/ha…..onu have a life beating fi collect in due time.

  5. CNN read what i wrote above.

    I said if the case was a weak one and didn’t have much evidence, of course the defence could successfully argue that is shoes a man really a cuss bere badwud bout and a get all ragged up on a Voice note sent to another person. :cool

    But it’s not the Voice note along that’s holding this trail together is there? And the voicenote is not the only nor is it the strongest piece of evidence, I’ll give you that. But with a good lawyer, and enough evidence to prove their case, and common sense that the average individual has, a lawyer can easily, with the inclusion of said note, show the jurors and the judge that he was in fact using code to allude to his deeds.

    You need to watch more History channel, how when the FEDS are going after Mobsters, they are able to include Voice Notes of bosses using the terms such as “whack” meaning to kill along with other words to state their intent.

    Reasonable doubt alone? No. But with a strong evidence….yes. And plus the videos are still being played. Just wait on it….

  6. shoes he is talking about is some special clarks edition that he is attach to and he was upset because somebody stole them, and as typical jamaicans from the ghetto when we r upset we would say ‘ mi a guh kill di bwoy fi whatever, not literally kill but just a colonial expression from tradition. therefore I beg to supress this evidence, as it is mere speculation

      1. no, but i have some knowledge of different law cases, specifically murder cases,and in order to convict MR. ADIJAH PALMER there should be no doubt in the jurors mind as to what if the defendant is guilty or innocent, therefore if its gun its gun and if its shoes its shoes, ‘I beg to proceed’

        1. Ok…got you! I’d like to suggest, then, that you don’t know half as much as you think you do. I put it to you, also, that you ‘know not that you know not…’

        2. CNN, yu nu have fi explain yah…cause me nu know WHY anybody a question “shoes” a de same as questioning callaloo in place a ganja…kmt. If such is de case den ALL a kartel follaraz a batty man dem …cause man nu lend out shoes! Man gi whey shoes…kmrct. play fool fi catch wise nah wuk yahso.

      1. not really CNN jus a se di lawyer dem can manipulate dat if dem want to and he made a good argument..a reason we a reason eno

        1. Well then reasonably speaking….what is the likelihood that two men cannot find two shoes and that a man, an Artist with the means of replacing those shoes would get angered to the point of promising one of the two men death. REASONABLE likelihood please?? And then as an artist of his genre, please inform the jury why when speaking of these shoes why then did you not state PAIRS??

          1. it would be unlikely that it would literally be shoes…but it could be posed as an argument same way

          2. Absolutely and after given all of the evidence we shall see how it adds up in the Jurors minds. Boy O Boy, if you was not there your name wouldn’t call…..Novela!

    1. wedda shoes or gun, colonial expression from tradition or not, this sound real..

      as Jamaicans we love seh “mi a guh kill so an so to do dis/dat” but this but the tone a dat tex sound (look) different.

      1. “batty bwoy seh him cah find mi shoes, mi a guh kill him”

      2. “Batty bwoi seh dem cyaan find mi shoe. Mi a go kill one a dem. Is a ded bloodclaat man”

      note the “kill one a dem” and “is a ded bloodclaat man” (fi him own tek on life to me.

    2. Thats all possible, every text presented by the prosecution has mention 2 guns . Even shawn storm girlfriend asked if the 2 guns was found . Anyone will surmise that the shoes is code for guns

  7. :cool

    Alright CNN..suppress the evidence all you want. And while you’re at it kindly tell your Client that the next time he is going to kill someone, don’t make videos and try to burn your own house down. Unless he’s trying to go for the world’s dumbest criminal award. For only an idiot would commit a crime and video it, make a song about it, and send incriminating texts to others (codewords or not) all the while being a prominent dancehall artiste. :nerd

    Yeah. Real Smart. Also please note that bigger bosses than Kartel has done what he did minus the video, audio etc., and are all serving 20 to life jail. So yea, kindly convey to your client that he shouldn’t worry. In a few weeks he can ‘do road’ and continue to sing songs and continue on his road to world domination! :recsel

  8. And that’s what I was saying up top Simplicity…if the case weak from the get-go and there is no strong evidence to support the case then this VN could be argued to a man just being pissed dat some bwoy lose him shoes.

    But with more and more evidence coming out of the woodwork, each evidence is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, with some being bigger than others, but each piece is critical to proving the prosecutors case. So if it was the VN being the sole thing they were relying on, it could be argued that is just a shoes he’s riled up over.
    But with what has been unfolding over the last few weeks….the jury will realise that this man was a damn killer capable of anything. The Voicenotes go hand in hand with texts, videos, audio etc. Strong evidence means strong case, and no amount of sugarcoating will persuade a jury that the man vex cuz him lose a pair a shoes.

    1. The critical part is not whether it is shoes or gun. It is Murder. They are on murder charges. So whether they murder them for shoes or guns is not critical. It is not a gun charge they are on. No need to prove that it is guns.

      The prosecutors are trying to prove murder.

      The accused is on tape threatening to murder one of Lizard and Weed, and one of them end up dead. That will sink Kartel. It common for people to say they will kill another in Jamaica, but it is not common for the person threatened to end up dead.

      1. but pmrm di man words neva seh ‘ mi a guh kill lizard or weed’ he said ‘ mi a guh kill one a dem, is a ded bloodclaat man’ where is dead man’s body? and as lizard was a press button how do we know if he didnt do sumn else to somebody else and time caught up on him? y r we so sure that MR ADIJAH PALMER and his co; defendants are actually responsible for this missing person?

  9. @TT .I beg to object your arguments and I am asking ur honor MET, to plz dismiss this blogger from this topic because TT is aggresively accusing MR PALMER of a major matter he has no knowledge,partake or role in. MR. PALMER is a prominent dancehall artiste and has obligations to be fulfiled for 2 yrs now and would just like to use this oppurtunity to prove his innocence. thank you

      1. I know they are not on trial for guns. They are on trial for murder , the prosecution is allegeding that the bleacher creature killed Clive Williams because of stolen guns. And now there is alleged audio of kartel talking about the same stolen guns

  10. The defense lawyer would be stupid , and would admit to guilt by time saying that his client was talking about shoes. Killing for shoes of gun is the same murder charge and same penalty. But then defense lawyer not so smart, them admits that them client was talking about his child.

    The best way would be to do a voice analysis and get an expert to say it is not Kartel who is on tape.

  11. THANK YOU PMRM AND MIZZDLICIOUS! They are being tried for MURDER and when u threaten men and they end up DEAD, especially with evidence there to show that YOU were involved, it could be ‘shoe’ or ‘chopper’ or ‘skittles’…anyone with a brain and after seeing the remaining evidence will realize that your codeword is just that: A codeword for a Gun.

    The jury and persons in that courtroom are not fools. And if Dog Paw father in law go argue that is actually shoes his defendant was talking about he’s going to look like a bigger fool than the ‘accused’ is looking for videoing a crime that he took part in.

  12. The point am making to you all is that in order to convict someone of MURDER you have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt,that means no speculations, assumption, dislikes,characteristics of the accused personality etc. you have to get hard evidence, like D.N.A., the dead body, watch it clearly on the device showing clearly when the act was done by the defendant. refer back to CASEY ANTHONY, O.J. SIMPSON ETC.

    1. Don’t confuse reasonable doubt with no doubt.

      The jury will decide, they were chosen because they are expected to think rationally and logically and are a jury of his peers. i.e They know the difference between A and Bullfoot

    2. but they currently watching a video suh by lata wi will hear wah gwaan thus far wid it ..kartel just neva expect dis fe guh dis way him tink him being a top requested awtist nd all dat him cuda buy out ar him did agih spend less dan 24hr behind bars nd dis throw out

  13. Metty morninnnnnnnn…..shi fowl, dutty kartel….DIGITELL fix yuh bloodclaat business…sweet mi yuh si……callin ace to the front of the comments…..aceeeeeeeeeee wey yuh deh…dutty kartel u set on di frying pan n jump een widout oil….bout ppl ago dead fi “shoes”.

  14. The thing that people fail to understand is what we put on our cell phones cant be completely deleted! all when u delete it out of your phone it is still there lingering. phones are the biggest key factors in any case, it goes beyond call records and phone numbers. deleted pics and videos can also be retrieved at a later date!


  15. I still think him fi do an interview causen 2 years him deh a jail music a pit out but him dead silent. He fi tek stand and be a real bad man.

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