Police witness for the prosecution Detective Sergeant Linton, today said that they found a total of forty voice notes were retrieved that pertained to the trial and all forty were admitted by the Magistrate. The owner of the voice notes has not been identified by the prosecution because all forty voice notes were not played today and were collected from August 14,2011 to August 18,2011.Linton explained that the voice notes were extracted and transferred to DVD.
Lamar Chow aka Wee, during his testimony to the court, answered as to what ”shoes” meant when he had used the slang during his testimony. Chow stated that, the word shoes was used to mean gun/guns. The voice notes, suggested that Lizard and Chow were given a total of two guns to hide and the guns went missing. The recorder also suggested that a woman called a ”Science/Obeah” woman who told her a young man had taken the shoes/guns and went to the country. Anger and disbelief was said to be the tone of the recorder’s voice notes as he threatened to kill one of the young men if his ”shoes/guns were not returned by 8’00 pm that evening.

‘Hombre den yuh nuh know seh b’claat Lizard and Wee ago call my phone today a tell me seh dem cyaan find di 2 b’claat new shoes”
‘Dem cyaan find me 2 bloodclaat shoes…and a come tell me fu**kery…’
‘Batty bwoi seh dem cyaan find mi shoe. Mi a go kill one a dem. Is a ded bloodclaat man’

‘…yuh lock up shoes & cyaan fine mi bumboclaat shoes bredren and come tel mi f**kery a mi ears dawg

‘…yow mi jus tel dem seh mek sure mi get mi shoes by 8 a clack a badman ting’
‘…as weh mi tell yuh hombre, di man dem gi di b’claat shoes fi lock dawg…’
‘…if 8 a clack come and mi nuh get mi shoes dem same f’ing ting dawg. Suh if dem waan dem fren fi live, dem betta get mi b’claat shoes’
‘more time me dont love up science ting enuh dawg but yuh know seh a gyal call a woman and di woman tell har instantly seh a di bwai go country wah day ya move wid di shoes…’
-‘di batty bwai dem a tel mi seh dem cyaan fine 2 shoes enuh dawg. Mi a go kill one a dem enuh’
‘…mi gi dem til 8 a clack fi get back mi b’claat shoes as a dead b’claat man dat enuh’


  1. f**k outa here wid dat drawn out f**kry. lock dem up or send dem a road dis is a like a f**king soap opera that keep saying to be continued then have an abrupt emding..smh

    1. Patience…this is how an actual case is carried out. Jamaica should get use to the process because this will become the norm.

  2. So as I’m readinng your article Met I see duppy ah mention ah statement bout “If dem want dem fren fi live,” so which oda fren him did ah plan fi off if him neva get to Lizard dem, hhmmmmm makes me wonda, did Teacha have in mind fi off him cell mate too because ah him bring di bwoy dem to him innah di first place…..wow dis is deep

      1. Kartel you see say. U obeah no good dwl? The obeah ooman tell a big lie pan the youth.. she tell a big lie fi get you money! Befor u put u trust in God almight you gone a obeah man?…. kartel mussi shit himself

          1. :tkp :hammer met. When him see all dat him mussi buss all a running belly fart and everything just fly one time lmfao

    1. ____________________________________________-she only tell shawty well white right chue nd chue yuh knw yuh bad doah :ngakak

      1. :mahongintip poor obeahwoman get mixup inna dem bangarang…. bout gyal call obeahwoman knowing full well him have the woman on retainer… just kile how he doesnt use me or I; but refers to himself in the third, gyal must be one a him alter ego dem, because everbody know say deem strength start and stop wid battyman Tesha

        1. can i tell yuh,mi sey all of a suden de man stuck inna “third person perspective” a suh it name wen him nuh use de me,i,him ?!?!?!?

  3. Him nuh believe ina science but sum baddie tell a girl say a do bwoy weh move gone a country tek di shoes dem. Suh when di shoes missing dem contact di reada ooman? A Shorty call di lady wid di pencil behind har ears. Smh. Suh a who did gone a kuntry???? Mi read but mi cyaan keep up cause as sum one say is like a soap opera and mi deh pan mi toes a wait fi di verdict an cyaan hear “guilty” all now. A hope dem see Adijah Palmer fi who him really is. A f**kin evil muderer. But pickaxe tho???? Sad. Very sad.

  4. The science woman fix him, this come like Saul and the witch, the woman tell him say a di man them tek the gun, how she never tell u seh u aguh go a prison too, heh hhhaaaayyyy this sweet mi, might as well u did just say gun and done, u talk big and bold say u a guh kill the 2 man fi the shoes, dam ole idiot, the devil confuse him pickney wwwoooooiiii a loike it :2thumbup :selamat : :kr

  5. why unno tink mi keep on a beg smaddy sen in a pic a shawty a bet yuh any money she inna full white or full red from head to toe

    1. wid cloth round di waist under di clothes i can imagine… tape measure over di shoulder …. wha powder supposed to a guh in dehhhh

          1. Damn… dem no easy. Smh, Remember when Shorty did the interview with Winford and a talk bout God this and God that? Mi a wonder which God she a talk bout, could never be the one weh that guy no believe inna

      1. but dem fe memba sey God is a jealous God nd since dem did a luk tuh dis wan as such him gwine show dem wat time it realy is

          1. DWL, mi think so too… And go see wah else him go deh fah too… smh/ No wonder poor Rodney still cross, dem gooda set him so :sorry and the yute did all start smile and dance-ish one time. cha!

  6. Shorty, send that f**ker to prison yes, a u siddung pan the money, and a u tell him weh the science woman seh, nuh true Shorty, and a u same one a tell seh the science woman seh him a guh buss up case, right Shorty, a pure lie u tell doe, cuz a u an the science woman a send him str8888 a hell, :kr and u aguh tek all him money fi all a the beating weh him gi u, wwwwooooooiiiii Mi have nice likkle youth a wait pan the side line fi help u spend the money. Lmfao

  7. next wen sum ppl a tawk bout God dem a tawk bout de common g wan…if yuh notice wen others weh a tawk bout the almighty wan dem seh Thank Gog fe him saving grace and for allow him only son Jesus etc at some point Jesus name bring fe identify whom dem a praise….kartel caan gwaan cuz him live inna him mason ring

    1. sorry mums a nixx mi fe put not next de dunceness a cum up pon mi bare wid mi little deh is a pity mi husband nuh deh yah fe guh hard nd write weh mi caan..kunta baby i miss u hurry up nd cum blog tweedie :kiss

  8. Shanty man cut him key today……… And a him drive di Car now ……..when. Him call mi today him did a play…….SLOW MOTION? :travel

  9. And his sheep them say hes the most intelligent man in dancehall.. the voice note alone tell u say kartel dunce dwl :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Go see this gyal a do him best Biggie impersonation (from the Warning Video) when he was recording the voicenotes. Phone in front a him face like a mike and one bag a screw face….. wid him muertos vivientes self

  10. Ummm….Paging CNN! Paging ACE?

    Wherefore art thou to protest that thy magistrate and witness doth lie against thy (devil-worshipping) Gad? Huh? *knocks microphone* Helllloooooooooooo


    Umm, Met? Do find CNN and Ace nuh please? Since on the other thread they had plenty to say (and defend) their teacher with, please to call on them now. I woujld love to hear Dog Paw’s father-in-law come in front of the courts and present his defence on why Kartel was threatening to kill people about his *ahem* (cough cough) SHOES :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  11. Kartel disappoint him fans dem. Dancehall will move on without him. But him shouldn’t kill di yute star. Is not like a yute weh did unruly towards him, di yute did rate him an look up to him as a idol. Him nawv nuh mercy. Gaza fans need fi keep it real. Mi a one. Kartel is a musical genius nobody denies dat here. But real talk a real talk. Eediat killin dat. Wi nuh rate dat. pickaxe??? ova 2 shoes?? sounds like an agonizing and painful death. Reaction ago kill him a prison wen him conscience start bleed. Jah know mi feel it fi lizard an him family. Same ting aidonia did seh inna interview few years ago. Him seh kartel mek good music but him is not a good person. Every genuine yute come roun him tek weh demself after a while or him slap dem weh. Him a wicked.

    1. rahtid, mi figet bout dat seh a didi first seh ‘addi a mi daddy. mi proud cauz a bad man a my dads, fi dat i glad’

      well didi did wise fi tek weh himself then. wonda a weh him see bout bleacha? suppose him did stay a wah woulda reach him?

  12. Suh who is di smaddy weh him tink tief him Clark’s dem an run weh guh country? Cuz obviously is not lizard tief di dem…..suh basically him jus meck a sample outta lizard fi di rest don’t miss up nuh more a him Clark’s dem? smfh #evil at its best.

  13. When people keep telling you that you are intelligent and you are the best that is what happens. You become the best fool.

  14. Met am here wondering if a gaza slim go to obeah woman for the read up? Gaza slim if you’re reading this come clear up your name babes.

    1. no need to wonda she live up deh a she fe tell dem wat left lizard mek afta him rob har :nerd …..mi seh dem a really sumtin else nd dem suda charge har claat fe dat lie

      1. That was wicked + Shipping & Handling…. Bout the yute hold her up… how she a go manage when she get a real hold up?

        1. kartel had asked popcaan to make the report and he refused, my question is why kartel never asked shorty to do it?

          1. Shorty wudda probly cuss him till all di bleach reverse.. good thing she wasn’t an all in ride or die or she would’ve been on the line with this b.s.

          2. No wonder this f**ka did get that helluva God complex, obeah buss inna him head. Feel like him can do all things thru him obeah woman and clans link who strengthened he

        2. very low and “disparate” of her all in de need of sum cocky..guh c how dat day b4 she guh visit har man nd him a tell har yow him waan duh road mek it seem like yuh see lizard duh sup’m fe yuh man cuz yah mi baby,smfh

  15. Thats why Gaza slim shorty and kartel cannot look good no matter how dem clothes look good or how much them eat.. cannot put on no weight bbecause evil a nyam them out… no God themno have inna them..

  16. Night Met and Metters..

    is that thing about shorty wrap up in powda and tape measure, and wearing full white, and lighting candle a certain time of night real or a joke unuh a mek?

    So I guess Lizard fren neva hand back the ‘shoes’ 8:00 clack so lizard is the friend weh dead?

  17. met yuh ratings tall. cnn tek di bait todeh. run off him mout when yuh drop di first two voice notes. when more revealing voice notes come dem gone in obscurity. lol tek time wid dem nuh

  18. met GN a wonder if Kartel lawyer ago seh a twins of twins voice on the voice note….lol but on the real dem need fi just end dis shit weh dem a wait pan fi Kartel jus confess lol

  19. .kum i think him put it tuh de chee weh leff cuz dem did a guh haad wid the gaza thing especial slim she,him gudly sey him dem find out sey a lie( which it is) him nuh want him yute dem motherless wen dem already close to fatherless know dem way deh ..nuh waan dem charge shawty wid wateva dat word towards solving a crime

    1. A dont put nothing pass. Kartel right now him will all give up shorty fi save him from go prison i dont trust dat devil boy

    2. obstruction of justice. interfering or tampering with the administration of the courts (justice). This is a fundamental problem in Jamaica today. in jamaica we’re our worst enemy. dem protect criminals from the police then cry the police cant save dem from the harsh realities of the garrison. we perpetuate the prevalence of criminality that has cemented itself as social reality. its wrong. ghetto mi come from but ghetto ppl need fi wise up.

      1. yea a dat a de wurd :peluk

        met yuh see how bloggers dem a help out de dunce a chue yuh nuh knw how mi rate unno enuh :kiss

  20. Da bwoy live and breathe inequity caw mi Nuh know how Somali fi have obeah Oman pon call if him Neva request it ….every move him mek him consult inequity …him music Nuh pay di masa o an so shenuhbodda tell him se dem ago lock him up

  21. Bwoy wen all dis yah trial dun di shit dem weh a guh leak from dem deh fone deh gwine meck sodom n Gomorrah look like joke loll

  22. No sah what a special shoes so dat all di obeah owman say di bwoy gone clear a country wid di shoes… Mi say mi need one a dem shoes deh cuz it look like a only one Mek. Imagine when mi roll inna dance wid dat nobody else Nuh have it one… Fartel yuh goose cook ooooooooo, Two can a milk and a tin a milo fi dat trip to belvue when dem done wid you. WORLD BOSS!!


  23. so a tessa mr man send the vn to,cause him affie give account fe the shoes dem way him teck barrow from the so call big push up phone inna batty man.yow a let dem fe let out de bwoy shane storm,meck ppl deal wid him case a road.as fe dutty sharty betta u stop send all dem youth deh go a school from now,cause the judgement a go teck dem wicked to.

    1. :recsel ….I wonder if dah one deh did up here dem time deh? Yuh see how as him buss di case weh day him reach up here fast fast? That f**ka dont even wanna reap weh hi sew fi himself……
      Him is a next ass; beat a case, get dip how much time, sue the government whilst him know say him borrow Flippa itinerary an have the nerve fi put inna the petition say him “migrate”… dumbass blew up his own spot….
      Some very dunce lawyer deh a JA

  24. uunu low shorty and di kids like seriously???
    gaza slim goign jail too cuz her case is not tried as yet or eveen done
    if kartel is gulty she will too be put behindd bars.

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