Tavares- Finson’s no case submission will be decided magistrate tomorrow..jury will begin deliberations next week

Judge to jury -“Based on what is going on sometime next week the case should be handed to you”

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  1. No case submission is a strategy used by lawyers to request the learned judge to decide the case as opposed to the jury who are just laymen.The hope is that the judge will make the decision on a point of law .In this case the judge is hinting that he’s got no interest in taking over the jurors duties as he already set a time line on when the case will be in their hands .

  2. Den d judge naah already decide there is a case to answer since him telling the jury the case be handed to them next week. Finson stop let out bare hot air inna di ppl dem court

  3. right now as far as mi seeit VYBZ KARTEL is acquitted there was nothing concrete to convict him and these police did everything in the defence favor, so regardless of a no case submission , him a guh duh road

    1. I beg to differ, the eye witness gave a vivid account of what he saw and despite the relentless pressure from the defense his testimony stood up quite strongly in my opinion. The video was at best iffy, it never showed the actual crime but the text messages, voice notes and bbm were also damning. Does the jury believe that the police somehow manipulated or altered the evidence that’s left to be seen.

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