Attorney-At-Law for Shawn Campbell o/c Shawn Storm, Miguel Lorne started and completed his cross examination of Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton in the Kartel and others murder trial today.

Please see below my verbattim notes of the proceedings


Q- u see Mr Simmonds name on statement
A- yes – Joseph Derrick Graham Simmonds
My note – Joseph Simmonds is the DIGICEL executive that gave evidence for the prosecution weeks ago

Q- 24th November 2011 statement
A- Yes

Q-Surprising that your digital report is also dated 24th Nov 2011 – digital forensic report
A- Merely coincidental

Q- No mek we sort it out before -( question repeated)
A – I have to refresh my memory

Q- You can look at mine ( sends document up to witness) Is that your report.
A- Yes

Q- Dated 24th Nov. It would be a remarkable coincidence that your report and Simmonds statement are on same date
A- It would be

Q- Your report stated that you carried out exam of phone with a particular machine
A- yes, I used a forensic device

My note – the name of the machine in the statement of Det Sgt Linton was told to the court, so too the device he then said he actually used. That name will not be printed here for security reasons

Q- I asked you if in the November 24 report you stated that you used a particular software
A- Yes

Q- Was that what you used Mr. Linton
A- I used …

Q- No man. What do you have in your report
A – I used a a particular machine

Q- I am talking about your report – did you state that you connected using this machine..
A- Yes

Q- Is that true
A- I have subsequently corrected that to give the name of the one I sued

Q- Take it step by step – in your report you said a particular kit…are you saying you made a mistake
A- Yes counsel

Q -The big forensic examiner …how many times in that report u wrote that mistake
A- I would have to look at the report

Lorne asks for original report and Sends document up to Linton- asks if signature is there and if that’s the report prepared

Lorne to Linton – If you see babylon and certain things on it, I wasn’t referring to you….court chuckles.

My note – Michael Lorne is a rasta man and one who is big in the reparation and repatriation movement in Jamaica. He would have called Fyah bun pon. Babylon a whole heap a time

Q- Look and see how many times you made mistake
A- At least 4 times

Q- Look again man. You go Syria go train police. Want to show we have high standards in Jamaica
Witness looks

Q- About how much times
A- I see about 6/7

Q- Now we going up nicely eeh, gone from 4 to 6/7…6/7 times you made mistake Mr. Linton …now. Mr. Linton look again, you not going to short change me today. This aspect is important. Machine you use is important if you use wrong machine you get wrong data. Look again Mr. Linton

Court waits
A- About 9/10

Q-You see we going up Mr Linton. I had underlines in red to assist you. You didn’t see that

A- No

Q- At least 10 times you made a mistake in writing that you used that machine
A- Yes counsel

Q- The machine you said you used is not a forensic device
A- Not a law enforcement forensic device

Q- Is a device you can buy over the counter
A- I Never bought one

Q- But you know about a forensics one that is different
A- Yes ..that’s what I used

Q- So how comes you write the wrong one 10 times
A- I meant to say the forensic device that I used

Q- Is it a more inferior device than the one you actually used
A – It’s for corporate use

Q- The one you wrote ten times in your report is not read only
A- No

Q- Because some of data you say you got could not be extracted with that device

A- I didn’t use the one I wrote in my report .. None of the data came from that device

Q- I didn’t say it come from that you know. You are the expert. The data you presented could you have presented them with that

Q- You have never used it but you made the mistake five plus five times equal TEN
Judge – don’t make a statement Mr. Lorne

Q- suggesting that a lot of the information you say you got from the phone you made it up! You manufactured it and put it there, you and your colleagues
A- No counsel

Q- All dis ting about going to Cuba and all these things, mek u mek it up!
A- No

Q- Georgina make a Cuba -you don’t know the song. You must and you so fascinated with Palmer

Q- Packed soap sell a Cuba – you are big fan

A-Don’t know about that

Q- So you can see the BB messages generated on the Report
A- No My lord

Q- You said up in statement- I think in answer to my friend you started working on the phone of the 14th of Oct
A- Yes

Q- Is that true
A- Yes

Q- Did you state anywhere that you started on 12th on 3682
A- For a different phone not 3682

Q- Said in statement that the same day phone came in they were turned off battery taken out etc and then turned off and then on
A- Can you show me that transcript

Q- Before we show you you have to understand first. Did you say that
A -Have to refresh my mind

Q- I will help you. Crave your indulgence Your Lordship ‘ you didn’t take it out until you started working on it on the 12th’….answer was yes
A- On which phone

3682 mr. Linton.

A- I started working on the 6427 on the 12th Oct 2011

Q- But Mr Linton in your further statement did you say this ‘I conducted further analysis on 4 mobile phones’
A – Mean I would have started that day
Dec 15,2011 stsmt handed to witness

Q- Did you say ‘I conducted digital forensics analysis on 4 mobile phones’
A- No didn’t write that. Mean I started

Q- Paragraph was just shown to you. You want to see it again ‘ I conducted digital forensic analysis on 4 mobile phones
A- Yes

Q-Any hing there about started my report
A- No

Q- Suggesting 12 and 14 of October might have been insignificant but you keep shifting goalpost when questions are asked of you …evidence unreliable
A- No My Lord

Q- One moment you told court you look in phones to verify certain numbers
A- When you said look in phones what you mean

Q- Looked in back of phones
A- Yes

Q- On previous occasion at that same spot on oath on King James Bible did you swear to speak truth when Rogers asked ‘so when you verify you don’t look at numbers in phone and you say no counsel I did not
A- Can I see the transcript please counsel
Lorne – Oh yes we are here to oblige …look at that Mr. Linton

Q- Seen it now
A- Yes counsel

Q-So you agree – repeat ques
A- It was when I verified in the book, that was the question

Q- Mr Linton it says here when you verify you don’t look at phone
Taylor (prosecutor objects) – he’s speaking truth. Be fair to the witness

Lorne – You know what we agree showing you to show you are coming here to deceive. Yo u say to Rogers ‘ I verified entry…2 things written in phone …so when you verify you didn’t look at number in phone …no’

Taylor – that is not true

Pierre Rogers mumbles
Judge – Mr. Rogers pls don’t disrupt the court
Rogers – apologizes and stands
Judge – statement are reaching the jury and I want it to stop now. Counsel has a duty if evidence is being misquoted he has a duty to correct it
Pierre – and so do I My Lord
Judge – not in a manner that disrupts proceeding
Rogers – as it pleases Your Lordship

Lorne continues – Can the machine you now tell the court you used not cause you to bypass PWD and get data
A- Yes

Q- Suggesting because you were using inferior technology by using the machine you listed in your report, that is why you couldn’t do that
A- the forensic machine now has updated system to newer models to accommodate nearer technology

Q- Did you also say, ‘I didn’t see who turned on or off phone’
A- Can I see transcripts pls

A- yes

Q- So can’t verify chain of custody
A- Has nothing to do with chain of custody

Q- Chain of custody means you can say for certain keeping of item from one person to next
A- Yes

Q- And you say your teach it
A- Yes

Q- Wouldn’t you say at time when someone turned phone off that affects chain of custody
A- That has nothing to do with chain of custody

Q- Tell me in this case, you said a lot about SD card right
A- Right

Q- But when you were writing up list of things – no mention of SD card. Am I correct
A- No counsel

Q- At no time did you record brand or model of SD card
A- Yes counsel

Q- Don’t these things have a brand or model

A -Yes counsel

Q- And you made no mention
A- No counsel

Q- Do they have serial numbers

A- External serial number comes too fine

Q- Oh…but you have come here with your magnifying glass
A- Yes

Q- You must have used it when you were examining SD card

A- Not this one

Q- You have another you used at time
A-Can’t recall

Q- Storage capacity of card recorded
A- Not from my recollection

Q- Would they be important to make story look good
A- No counsel

Q- You were asked ‘ with BB message and so on you could verify data with makers of BB, RIM- Research in motion in Canada
A- Don’t know about that

Lorne – mek wi leave Jamaica, Syria now gone to Canada

Q- You don’t know of people who when they want to verify they go to the original source. You as originator of cybercrime unit don’t know you can go to RIM to get verification
A- RIM doesn’t give info about BB convo for privacy reasons

Q- Privacy right. But as a law enforcement person couldn’t you have gotten a court order or warrant to go to RIM
A- I cannot speak to that

Q- Never consulted senior persons in JCF about that
A- Can’t speak to that

Q- Never read RIM privacy policy on internet
A- No counsel

Q- I am Suggesting they provide information for law enforcement purposes
A- Don’t know about that

Q- You didn’t do it as you know information you said was on the card was not there
A – My Lord – All info I provided was info I extracted from device and presented

Judge – u specifically put to witness that messages re. Cuba are made up. Were there any messages from your client in that regard
Lorne – not specifically My Lord
Judge who are the messages about or from

Lorne – allegedly Mr. Palmer
Judge – suggestion re all of these things relating to Mr. Palmer do you know what Mr. Finson suggestion to witness was in relation to these matters
Lorne – that none of those things existed and were made up against his client. In fact Your Lordship Finson suggested some of these came to counter bail application he was making and prior to that! none of these things arose
Judge – any messages attributed to your client
Lorne – yes Your Lordship…Voice Notes and thanks for guidance Your Lordship…Voice Notes
Judge – any attributed to your client
Lorne – not attributed to but mentions my client. My client’s name is called. None of the BB messages referred to Shawn Campbell at all or come from him

Lorne continues to Linton – Therefore Mr. Linton, this message here and even in those Voice Note where Shawn is mentioned, that is made up and submitted to this court
A- No ML

Q- You want to pull Shawn Campbell in mix up your are propagating
A- No ML.

Q- the device you mention in your report you can out things back and forth on phone
A– Purpose is to copy from one phone to another.

Q- Suggesting you know quite well. One is corporate and one is law enforcement

Q- Phones – did u ask how they came to be in police custody
A- I was given advise by Corporal Pit and carried out instructions

Q- did they have a Search warrant
A- Didn’t ask

Q- Did you try to see if you were on right Track before you carried out exam
A- Carried out exam based on request from police

Q- And Mr. Linton in this 24th Nov 2011 forensic report, please tell the jury whether Shawn Campbell’s name or telephone number attributed to him appears in this digital forensic report that you prepared
A- No My Lord

Lorne – That may it so please you madam foreman and members of the jury is the end of my cross.

Verbatim notes – cross examination of Detective Sergeant Linton (formerly of the Cybercrimes Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF. Sgt Linton is now at MOCA) by Pierre Rogers, Attorney at law for Kahira Jones.

Q- The voice notes, they were part of conversation

A- They were recovered from a voice notes folder My Lord

Q- Not part of a conversation

A- Persons were speaking My Lord

Q- so was it part of a conversation

A- Persons were speaking on the voice notes My Lord

Q- go to your forensic image. Is it still sealed?

A- No

My note – forensic images are contained on a DVD that had been seal. The seal was broken leading Pierre Rogers ask questions about who broke the seal

Q- Who broke the seal

A- I did (says the Registrar of the court) – Judge made an Order the previous day for the prosecution to view the contents of what was on the DVD and that the Registrar should facilitate the viewing. The matter of who broke the seal and whether the integrity of the contents remain in tact became subject of legal submissions for more than 10mins.

Matter was resolved with this:

Judge – There are things done in court on the presumption that persons are ministers of justice. Not everything done should be called into question without more.

Pierre Rogers – truth is My Lord, I will move on

Judge- thank you counsel.

Q- open the document please Sir. Find R v Adija Palmer/C/Blackberry/Media/Font/480×480

A- Give me the file name, you gave me path name

Q- (File name given)- Can I get the footprint that is time created, accessed and viewed

A – yes Sir

Q- This is a forensic image of the SD card

A- Please be specific

Q- I am asking about the CD u are viewing

A- Its the image from the SD card handed to me by the Registrar

Q- This is a bit by bit production of what was on the SD card

A- It is a bit by bit copy of the original SD card

Q- would it show the time it was accessed

A- yes

Q- You remember you said before you had nothing to do with the SD card between the 1st and 13th of October 2011

A- yes

Q- Look at that for me. Do you agree file was accessed on the 6th of October


Q- You said you had nothing to do with it then

A- Yes

Q- Yday you said if unauthorized persons had use of phone, the evidence would be virtually worthless

A- What evidence? in what context

Q- Question above repeated

A- Yes

Q- Did you authorise anyone to use the document on the 6th of Oct

A- No

Q- Here it is that the data on the SD card is being accessed. Not the phone but the data on the SD card (Rogers takes his voice up a notch for emphasis)

A- Yes

Q- other files on the SD card accessible as well!

A- My Lord, when thumbnail created, it creates a key as a reference

Q- (Rogers presses Linton on a previous question regarding worthlessness of evidence if there was unauthorized access of phone and SD card. Linton says he can’t recall saying that prompting Rogers to ask the Judge what his record of the notes says. Judge has difficulty finding the exact note so Rogers ask the question again)

Q- if unauthorzed persons had use of the phone it would be virtually worthless

Taylor for prosecution objects – argumentaive question and one that is to be left to the jury.

Rogers – when I asked the question last week, there was no objection

Taylor- I am objecting now!

Q – repeated

A- No don’t agree

Q- If someone have up di phone di information on it would be good

A- If they had the phone so that data was modified that is relevant to the case then data would be worthless.

Q- can you speak to any other reason other than manipulation why anyone would have up di phone’

A- I don’t know

Q- On the 9th of Oct when phone was in custody of police, calls were being made from the phone

A- I don’t know of that

Q- Text was sent

A- I don’t know of that


A- No. I’m not

Q- If texts were sent, they would be captured by your machine

A- Which machine

Q- di same one weh u a look pon. Are you saying no texts were sent

A- be more specific

Q- repeated as above

A- What I recall is a request was sent from that phone prior to it coming to the forensic lab requiring identity information on that phone

Q- is that a text

A- Yes

Q- Sent by the police when the phone was kept under sterile conditions

Taylor (prosecution) – be fair and specific. Specify a date

Rogers continues – wasn’t it sending messages

A- Messages? I can’t recall messages

Judge – it sent message about identity

A- Yes My Lord

Q- it received messages at 9:37PM on the 30th September, 2011

Judge – what date was the phone taken by the police

Rogers – 5:30PM on the 30th day of September, 2011

Q- This phone was being used by the police

A- be more specific

Q- Persons used the phone when it was in the custody of the polcie

A- What do you mean by ‘used’

Q- You think this a JOKE?

A- Be more specific. The phone was used before it came to the forensic unit to send an SMS requiring identity of the phone

Q- Phone was on at that time

A- Yes

Q- It was used by police at forensic unit

A- Can’t speak to that

Q- Hol’ on, hol’ on. It wasn’t used on the 9th

A- I can’t speak to that. My report shows outgoing calls

Q- So it wasn’t being used

A- I can’t speak to that

Rogers – Yuh know wah, I have no further questions for the witness!

End of cross examination by Pierre Rogers of Detective Sergeant Linton. Tom Tavares Finson continues his cross exam next. Next blog to follow with the courtroom histrionics amplified

Lorne, Linton, Storm – Kartel murder trial


  1. MET! was it you that said shawn was gonna turn on kartel?
    Put seriously this case should be thrown out what are these police up too? Coz I was wondering they muss be getting international help if they have bb messages. I don’t want to believe ras Miguel lorne would defend a murderer smh

  2. Mr Lorne nuh ez at tall weh em mean big big executive…anybaddie caw mek mistake including em wicked client weh kill di man an mek a mistake by leaving suh much tracks behine dem

      1. MET. Seriously? I try not to comment on this Kartel Case at all because although it is clear as daylight that they are ALL guilty of something Grave, I can’t help but be real pissed at the so-called “Professionals” who handled this entire investigation and who are testifying. They are a bunch of incompetent time wasters. They have gathered real good intelligence and evidence that could have given them a solid case, however their incompetence in processing these evidence and Intelligence could quite possibly lead to an acquittal or a mere slap on the wrist sentence if the verdict finds them guilty of something.

        A proper waste of time, taxpayers money and resources. I’m just sorry for the family of the victims (known and unknown), because it is them who will feel it-if the case gets compromised due to these Professionals charged with bringing the guilty to justice.

        1. Kami morning…The evidence has already been admitted into the court..It cannot be thrown out after that..they attacking chain of command etc = 0 because they can via means of the phone company show that the texts were edited etc if they were..just wasting time that is what they are doing

        2. I totally agree with you. Met the evidence has been admitted but all these mistakes made by these investigators will cause the jurors to have doubts. I am very disappointed that they have so much evidence but are so incompetent in carrying out their duties and are now causing people to doubt their credibility. We all know the scumbag is guilty but this is what will cause doubt in the minds of the jurors and many others across jamaica and the rest of the world who don’t know of Kartel’s dirty deeds. Now me start look pon the investigators like dem a idiots.

  3. Y’all are biased. The phone is tampered with come on. Ja police kill innocent people all the time I don’t believe duty babylon. No body no weapon no blood match. No chain of custody ah idiot case this. No American prosecution would take this foolishness.

  4. Di police dem make few mistake in handling di evidence and di lawyers a try lean pon dat…. any odda time fi anybody else it Wudnt matter but in dis case di defense desperate….addi still guilty as hell nuh matta wah dem seh

    1. Remember say prosecution has to prove it. Look at oj. Oj beat murder cu
      Ause a glove didn’t fit. That’s how it goes u find a hole and lean on it. I think kartel gonna get off but dat don’t mean he didn’t kill lizard


  5. Dem know di tex dem real cuz dem cyaa prove odda wise, suh dem only glimmer of hope is in di handling of di evidence lol

    1. Exactly but if defense can show that the phones were not handled right then they can cause the jury to doubt the text being real. And that’ can lead to a not guilty


        1. Blessed me and kartel nuh par. It’s just an observation that I made. Kartel is not my dj. I’m just a neutral on looker. And from the sights here looks like you all have convicted kartel already. Really and truly it’s a weak case. Definitely beatable but the defense weak. Like how dis is a blog jus my view dat. Unnuh nuh haffi gwaan like unnuh wah style man. Like say we caan hold a reason

  6. yu kno weh mi nuh undastan…Tavares gets paid to defend Jamaica political system and him up de a tear up civil servant an a defend serial killer

  7. dem a wait till dem paragraph kartel then dem a go dung deh wid di key and let him out and him a go fly go a UAE pon di private jet that is waiting on top of the cell block …………………………………………..dem watch too much tv

  8. The defense lost grounds today when the lawyer for “mad suss” brought that individual in court with the WORL BOSS tattoo, the letters were spaced differently from the ones worn by the defendant and by arguing that the computer could have enhanced the coloring she slipped further in a hole. And why was Lorne asking the obviously silly question if there was any independent person present when the info was been extracted, which police force in the world brings in unauthorized persons when they are conducting forensic examination???? CONFUSION is now the strategy been used by the defense, the evidence is overwhelming and they have NO ANSWERS.

  9. do yall remember the Kartel song PUSSY JAW? The same way someone maniplulated that track…Thats the same way someone could have maniplulated them voice notes….and far as the text messages…i get caught cheating all the time…but i have an APP in my phone that i can make up any text message i want…EXAMPLE…i told my girl that this shorty been stalking me for weeks and i replied…stop TEXTING ME BITCH…the time i want the day i want…and it gets me out of hot water everytime…WITHOUT that other CD…i am not convinced…SHOW ME THE MASTER CD>>>>and if it add up… frie his ass

    1. Real talk don. It happens data can be manipulated due to the fact police was using the phone I don’t trust anything on the phone. Man dem get 40phone n everything pack up on 1. A fool babylon tek we fa

      1. ………and the VIDEO whats the explanation?????????? The police force employed a special effects person from Hollywood to manipulate that as well???

      2. i believe that the kid was killed…and the teacha played a major part…but i think the police went thru alot to place evidence there that wont there…if you are gonna convict him so be it…but dont cheat…that aint the law…i can kill a thousand people…but if you dont have evidence dont make shit up…i took samples from all kartel records and made 20 voice notes out of them saying crazy shit…the shit sound like kartel himself…i have a I MAC…i can do just about anything pertaining to minipulation…ima post my own voice notes on line…its kartel voice from over a thousand songs…when yall hear this shit case closed…GIVE ME THE MASTER CD>>>>>>UNTIL THAT CD POPS UP>>>SUCK OUT YOUR FATHER BATTY HOLE UNTIL YOUR JAWS BURST WITH SHIT!!!!!!

        1. Am gonna ignore your last sentence for now, explain the VIDEO that was shown for me ad what the police did to manipulate it.

    1. when this photo surfaced no one said anything about tamper with, alter nor manipulated. If he’s “brave” enough to take a picture baring illegal arms why isn’t he ‘brave” enough to order the killing of someone?


  11. di defendants n dem lawyers probably think dem coulda buy out di case, but as much money nuh deh fi pay everybody wha send in dem bigextortion invoice. di defense lawyer dem mek sure say fi dem money secure, so dem haffi mek it look like dem a try even if dem know dem cyaa win. mi only hope di juror dem nuh licky licky n tek bribe.

  12. Videos can be edited as well. Any thing can be produced I front of a green screen. I was told once believe none of what u hear n half of what u see. From the police used the phone anything taken from it has to looked at with skepticism. Y is that nothing can be found on any other. Just this one phone. Not to mention y are all the other defendants still on trail nothing is linking them at all. They want kartel because he went on youtube and told the world how the government smuggle drugs and Isaiah Laing vex cuz kartel nah do sting fi free. Ah dat really a gwaan. Babylon system corrupt.

    1. DING DING DING !!!!

      “They want kartel because he went on youtube and told the world how the government smuggle drugs and Isaiah Laing vex cuz kartel nah do sting fi free. Ah dat really a gwaan. Babylon system corrupt”

      THANK YUH .. cuz Laing an dem any better dan Kartel nah even look pon this case.
      Voice note can edit do u know how many songs kartel have ah chat bout pare fukry and killin and most of these songs has intro with him speaking ! … Everybody know him guilty but di police dem too LIE!!!! its just as sickening as kartel killing the likkle youth .. ah doe even think Kartel himself dweet but mithink him watch it happen and EXACTLY the co accused need fi gwn home to dem pikny cuz ntn nah link to them none at all Look to melike this is between Kartel & Shawn Storm

  13. What some ppl fail to realize is that the evidence the police retrieved there is no mention of a warrant to obtain phone data or phone records.

    1. Exactly! which they could have easily gotten a warrant ah go a canada
      no man dem find time fi go a ppl yard go kill dem off though
      LAZY FUKKIN POLICE nah do dem wuk just a kill ppl

  14. Wow, I feel sorry for these people on this site. I could never believe that people cannot use common sense to discern what is going on with this case. Regardless if you believe or not believe he is guilty, you can only go on the facts. So far I have learned that the evidence has not been tampered with (as per technical expertise provided earlier) and that the handling of evidence was unprofessional. Add the two together shows that some sloppy work was done with the investigation, but this does not wipe out the fact that there is evidence of intent and images of that intent.

    People need to just stop the foolishness and go off of the evidence. I personally see, based on the facts, that Kartel is guilty. But I also see that the police force in Jamaica is very unprofessional.

    1. Exactly,that is the reason they were trying to say it wasn’t his phone. If the messages etc were tampered with it would show on the phone but have the edited n pre-edited versions in digicel’s database n there r none

  15. This is what it is:

    Kartel is Guilty
    BUT …

    The police make up nuff ah d things dem all the part bout him wah leff the island
    i honestly dont believe it !!! I dont … most of those messages and voice notes were tampered with. Kartel may have had VN in the phones but to make complete conversations they pretended to be who he was speaking to and what was being said. Shawn nah turn pon Kartel his Lawyer is just defending him!!!! Like seriously and his lawyer is also helping out Kartel tooo just a show how di dutty stinking police dem lie … When i really think of it… How different is Kartel and his cronies from the Police dem weh kill off ppl daily … The same police dem DUTTY JCF weh kill off the woman daughter last year a town .. di same one weh kill d rasta weh day and nuff oda youths fi no rass reason just cuz dem can and dem trigger happy dem same Police ya probly work with Kartel dem before them same dutty corrupt police ya KILL OFF EVERYBODY A JAMAICA and mi nuh care weh nobody wa seh dem nuh any different and anyting is possible wid dem .. if Kartel get weh anuh ntn oh please cuz if him tan in deh POLICE STILL AGUH KILL OFF PPL why dem nuh try the Police dm wen dem fk up .. please this case is so damn stupid. Im so sick of it already the lawyer dem look like idiot because the evidence a fukry thats why … and everything Lorne said is true HE COULDVE GOTTEN WARRANT TO GOT TO RIM AND GET THE MESSAGES THATS A FACT ah how him suh smaaarter than RIM weh not even a gi weh ppl info cuz of privacy rights how him get them it would be ILLEGAL cuz if him indeed get it him tap into the phone and system without RIM permission .. kmft like its obvious the Police tamper with it all that video IS GARBAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NO FACE JUST LIPS MOVING LMFAOOOOO REALLY????????????????? ah dem add sound to it mi nuh believe it mi seh

  16. All the X6 Killer him weh fly out sed day !!! All Ninja man weh ah walk now …
    di whole a dem a MURDERER dung to dutty portia a murderer
    That whole country is a damn Joke!!!!!
    and if ah did merica di case done and gone and dash right out whether gulty or not
    pare SHENANIGANS ah gwan who got time the niggas was incarcerated for 2 years before he was tried … where they do tht at????????? like all now mi nuh understand wah really a tek place. All dung to LIzard ah murdererrrrrr blood deh pan all a dem hand all of them. If kartel get LOCK or if him get Let Out Jamaica aguh be the same old same old shit!!!!! Imagine im jamaican and i dont set foot down there … just a disgrace

  17. regardless of all of this legal mumbo jumbo, who tampered with evidence or not or accusations of conspiracy against Vybz Kartel, or the talent or lack of from the prosecution, or ineptness of the defense team, there is one thing I know for sure, IT MATTERS NOT WHAT MAN DO, THE CREATOR HAS THE LAST SAY!!…

    The defense cudda caws confusion all dem like, to place doubt on the minds of the jury, dem only wasting their time. Ole time people use to sey “MAN BAWN FI DROWN CYANN HENG” meaning some things are destined to happen and I have said it before, sad as it may be, perhaps Lizard was the SACRIFICE to unhand this beast and stop his reign of terror!!

    I believe it is already WRITTEN, and this Vybz Kartel has to pay for his sins…the half has never been told, and no one knows the mind of God or even understand that supreme energy, but there IS an universal LAW that can NEVER be ALTERED and it is THE LAW OF CAUSATION, every action brings a reaction, ole time people ooda sey ah REACTION AH TEK HIM!!!….

    no defense team can change what is written for this Kartel character. Lizard is dead and HE is responsible, but people remember this and try to decipher it’s TRUE meaning, what is hidden from de wise and prudent will be revealed to de babe and suckling….Solomon asked God for wisdom, so should we!

    1. Obara, respek unto the most inner part of you soul

      nowadays they ask anyone and anything for money,
      power over people especially women
      and all the freak sex they can handle..

      Solomon was given the same opportunity,
      and he chose WISDOM,
      and the rest is biblical history..

      ive waited for this since 2009 when kartel split dancehall into a fake one and sold his half to the old serpent.

      i new the time would come, just not when I say but when Jahovia say..

  18. Thank u @ Obara . Quite a number of us prayed for this and in 2011 I vision the demise of this heathen, so me dont even get into the long bag a argument. There is a God and Jamaica is a special place in the realm of the Spirit

    1. fashiondol you are correct..

      jahovia loves Jamaica
      thats why you have soo many bad spirits working down deh trying to work deh obeah
      to derail the good

      reggae music is HIS from foundation

  19. gaza flea bags have faith stronga than a mustard seed. :hoax2

    Bet yuh any money dem a di same one dem weh always deh pon tv a cause road block fi murdera’s because “buy mi pickney coloring book, and gi mi free chicken.’ :cool

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