Clive ''Lizard'' Williams
Clive ”Lizard” Williams

Lamar ‘Wee’ Chow, main witness for the prosecution in the Clive Williams murder trial was said to be present in court today. Courtroom witnesses say Chow along with Palmer is dressed in full white. Chow was said to positively identify the voices of Shawn Campbell, Shane ‘Terrence’ Willaims ( The young man holding the pickaxe) and Adijah Palmer on the voice notes that the police extracted from the entertainer’s phone.
Chow was asked about the term”Gaza” and who it was used to identify. He responded by telling to court that Gaza was used to refer to a large group of people that included him , the entertainer, Mad Suss, and Lizard. He was also asked to clarify a few terms used in the entertainer’s voice notes such as ; one pop, which he said meant home-made gun and shoes that also meant gun.
Earlier in the trial, Chow was asked about a letter that was sent to the Public Defender’s office, the question of the letter made its way again in court today, Chow denied writing it.


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  1. KONFUSTEL in a all white…….a who him a ward off ?? cause a him a di main evil spirit inna di curt …so mi nuh know if u can a mix obeah wid pleasure

      1. but u know seh chow ting come straight from up inna di hills ….chow a mek him know seh mi white dem NUH BLEACH OUT …………….mi cah manage

          1. met u know wah di problem ….chow suppose to fraid a di bwoy….but it look like chow nuh have da fear ..d.eh ……………

        1. Met wen u go a country as ppl call it…u buk up pon three type a ppl…..spiritualist..di dark and fool…..and di fearless……..my girl kartel should a know dem bwoy yah nuh grow inna nuh concrete jungle ……WEN dem appear u nuh hear dem coming ……dem nuh have certain fear

          1. is true, when i read how he was on the stand mi se kartel never had him…dem se up to the night before him tesitfy kartel dem tink him neva did a guh show up a court..him trick dem good..but kartel wicked fi think he would kill the man best friend and him tek it lite

          2. Me glad yu know…O. Country people maintain the roots of the tree-of-life. Nu bwoi or gal whey heart full a inequity shall prosper.

            Me will exempt Chow/wee from him sins against we population because him a set precedent as to the society we should be living in….Fear no evil and seek justice within the court of law regardless of your participation or class.


  3. yu si white and or blue…u nuffi wear it in a dat sense if u know seh u a deal inna certain tings it wi tun roun straight a way an tun u ova….Kartel a ramp a him a sen him self go jail ……cause di white suppose to mek u look pure………………..BUT ON THE OTHER hand it can bring out yu evil pon yu face

    1. u nuh si di ooman a read from one side a di ball ..him a wear di white too late :ngakak as u se a show it a show him up yah now

      1. a real ting mi a talk man …mi nah go repeat caw mi nuh wah nuh goose bump but a mirror him tun yah know ……a chow pick up fi him suit enuh ….kartel cah go so poor ting …..dem fix it properly ……….di opposite way

  4. is a obeah clash a tek place live dung a de court house inna de day yah..addi tell yuh lawyer call shawty mek she put on fe har deh c if a triple up can tek place betta yet link gaza slim unno too bloodclaat caught unno might all chat tings tideh weh mek ppl mouth caan shut back de way it wuda drop..a weh tavares inna met?!?!/

    1. Mek kartel tan deh mek chow mix him up inna confession…..all chow great granny have soso white up inn adi bush…….di head granny wrap up inna ar blue and white ……kartel luddy

    2. @Simplicity Jamaican spiritual people love fix clothes fi court case!!!…ah doe know if it work but dats how de majority ah dem do dem tings…lol

  5. Met yu shouldn’t show his face. Even though alot of waterford ppl know him most ppl don’t know who he is. Why you think the police cover up his face when he came to court today???

      1. Met him a nice looking young man y him haffi get into these tings smh all mi know him no fraid a gaza r no baddy

    1. chuet …u know seh a chow kartel did wah kill….a him di mada oman tell him bout ..and him go kill lizard ….all lizard get paro and seh a him dem wah kill …till him end up dead…..yu nuh siseh all di dog weh kartel have chow show kartel to di dog ……….kartel nuh kill chow cause him could not kill him

  6. a wan ting mi sorry bout enuh is dat it nuh live pon all cnn cuz mi a tell yuh every time mi memba wen de judge as if a sleep kartel a sleep mi can just imagine how him did set…a hope dis a de last a it -it a draw out fe too lng yah nung man

  7. Met u know sey whenever kartel have court dem have rituals a waterford…kill goat and bury rabbit alive, dash blood an all dem things deh :tkp

    1. dem a do a fine job a sen him go a prison ….dem nuh know seh a special animal u haffi use fi dem deh sacrifice ……Everyting have order and him nuh have none …

    2. is more crosses dem ah draw dung pon him, caws WHO dem giving dem tings deh to???…which enitity!!! who dem calling pon beelzebud, the main deity of the masoanary order??? utter nonsense!!!…so any way ward can come to de feast, nyam full dem belly kiss dem teet an gwan bout dem ways!!..foolishness!!

      1. de feast of death and destruction is wha dem a keep….lol

        The whole a Waterfort will bear the cost fi one man deed. Look like de good people of the lot need fi do some drastic evictions.

    1. :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan:
      spinning tuh ____________________________________________________________________________________

      Aye Diablo……….sh*t jus’ got real :ngacir:

  8. deh yah long time Observer mi fren….read mi comment uppa top!!…mi nuh impress caws rituals and sacrifices ah mi life work all day everyday (in the name of GOOD AND NEVER BAD), AND DEM SINTING DEH WHEY DEM AH DO AH FAWT!!, more over all if dem did know whey dem ah do, IT IS THE HAND OF GOD WRITING ON THE WALL!!!

      1. Observa dem nuh know weh dem a do ….cause if him mada neva mix up inna it him wouldnt come out so …a kartel dem a wuk pon

      1. @.com,mi respect yuh, an mi nah try convince you, but we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, powers deh bout plenty an man ave access to it, may not be as many people as dem claim who are in the know, but manipulation of energy (juju, good or bad, character determines this) is very possible!!

  9. @Phantom, rabbits are actually given to certain deities for court cases, the rabbit should be white and certain other things must be added for it to be accepted, IT SHOULD NEVER BE BURIED ALIVE, AND ALL IN ATTENDANCE MUST CONSUME THE FLESH….in tradition it is given to Sango deity of Justice representing Lightening and thunder, I do not however believe that people in Jamaica call upon such deity when they are sacrificing, and so the do the sacrifice but it is not received by the deity who is supposed to collect it….more over Sango (Shango) is for Justice and he will not defend this guy if he is really guilty, and he is not to be played with…Jamaican obeah men and women really work with what is know as EGBE, aldoe dem nuh know sey dem work wid EGBE, Egbe is their astral mates….I will expand if you want me to

    1. So in essence if kartel is found not guilty the obeah did work right? This verdict MAY sway my belief when it is read.

      1. Not necessarily, although THEY may feel suh, the jury are human and subject to their judgement, by my own experirnce in these kind of things de obeah pon de case light, as whey Real sey it look like Chow ppl dem stronga..big up de ppl dem inna westmoreland, on and two knowledgeable ppl dung deh, dem dying out and batty man ah tek up de craft but dem too light fi it..lol

          1. yes but dem (batty man) work light and confusing, some of dem can read (divine) very well, but they can only go up to a certain realm of spirit, they cannot go into certain dimensions!!…some of them (THIS IS ABOMINATION IN AFRICA, THEY CANNOT BE THAT WAY DO THIS WORK THERE) did not start out that way when they began their spiritual journey, but working with entities they do not know or doing sacrifices not knowing WHO they are feeding, entertaining wrong and way ward, earthbound spirits some of who use to practice that lifestyle and are trapped between the two worlds, those energies attach themselves unknowingly and braps dem stawt do de tings dem with them own kind…Mr. Wollery aka bredda vomit, was in him fifties when him stawt tek man, Wally pick up dat spirit pon Bishop Anderson seal ground..he may have had it in him, but it came out big and serious then!!! they are off balance, and this work call for balance, harmony…seven notes makes a scale..if it off balance den…………

      2. as obra say “not necessarily”. Kartel have a surprise a wait fi him, verdict or no verdict. Him weak as a man and whey Jamaica government won’t do a weak man like Kartel will do fi himself *wink*

        Justice is a must and the drum beats are continuous.

    2. In Santeria terms me get it. Me respect the ancestral teachings but obeah/vodun practitioners nu have no nothing bout dem.

      De bunny like the pig are new to me…never is an animal buried alive…a some dark $h!t de de pon. But I know and you know the payment is eternal and nothing good.

      1. Phantom mi fren, de pig bring good things when it’s offering is given correctly and accepted by the proper deity, again all animals should be consumed after sacrifice, (aldoe mi nuh eat pig, but haffi tek ah small bite when this is done…no animal should be buried alive, but there are people especially churches, catholic and all that before they build any structure the will dig the ground very (state secret mi ah gi whey, but afterall mi nah spell out de recipe)deep and bury many cows there…dats why dem cyaan run outta money, and congregation mi nuh support those work none tall!!

        1. Me tell yu me limited in me knowledge as a descendant———–.but me certain a de drums visions inna da case yah…a nu fi me fi hear but me sure kartel dem sleep disturb a night time de suffocating animals should haunt them backside to.

  10. if u have a man weh a walk bare foot from birth ….di man weh tek off him shoes fi two weeks is of no match fi him ………….kartel do him ting fi get riches …..but u have some pppl weh gi up riches fi protect dem blood ….and chow is a man weh look like him in a di know

  11. Yes Chow is very protected….no weapon gainst him shall prospa, suh Kartel, Shawn and di rest ah di sheep unnu hold hand and kumbaya str8 down ah hell…..

  12. Night Met and Metters…. and others.

    Hi Obara, how you doing?

    Question: so the sacrifice of the animal now, so what, the spirit feed on the animal soul, spirit or flesh? (just trying to understand)

    And what does burying the animal alive do? (sound damn cruel to me, just imagine how that animal feel fight for air to breathe, I hope a same suh foggy palmer suficate as well)

    1. yeye lid, it is cruel and practitioners of light work do not do that, except what i mentioned up top, some times to remove death ah four legged animal is given over for the life of that person and the deity who accepts the sacrifice may say it should be buried like this, but such circumstances are rare, when sacrifice is given to save a life the flesh of that animal is NEVER consumed!!..how the sacrifice work is energy, blood is life, and when something or someone dies there are certain energy that is released during the whole ritualistic ceremony, that energy is consumed by the malevolent forces who wants to take the life and it is with the aid of benevolent beings that we practitioners know what to do and who will accept it!!

  13. Whether foggy palma beat the case or not his ass is grass. Right now prison betta fi him than freedom because we done know man a wait fi nyam him food……… Kartel a big big big INFORMA, him a liability to any badman.

    1. Hi ~.~ him may as well do the nation a favor and spill him guts. It may cause him fi get a passport to someplace else. Him can get back black and hide out fi a while cause him muss nuff up himself again….lol

  14. This deep bad!!! really thou, shirley and di obeah and for what?? the scumbag is guilty as sin…@Obara, gwaan teach man, me lubb when u come explain, class electrifying rostoh…I’m a die-hearted skeptic, but me lubb when u elaborate…PREACH!!!1

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