KINGSTON, Jamaica — Reports out of Australia are that Jamaican netball star Romelda Aiken has been the victim of a “racist” and “aggressive” cyber attack.

According to the Central Queensland News (CQNews), Queensland Firebirds captain Laura Geitz says the entire team has thrown its support behind teammate Aiken after her public admission that she has been the victim of cyber racism, bullying and aggressive threats.

The CQ News reported that the Jamaican star revealed that she sent a “naked photo of herself to a person she met on Instagram”.

The photo was then posted on various public social media platforms. The person then began a series of racial and personal attacks, stalking and threatening the star athlete over a period of months, the CQ News report said.

Australia’s Couriermail also reported that Aiken admitted she sent the stalker a photograph, “naked, taken side on. It was revealing — but at the same time showed very little”.

“The fact Romelda has brought her private turmoil out into the public arena at the risk of her own reputation will mean more young women may get the message that this is a form of interaction that can so easily be exploited,” Geitz is reported as saying.

“The Firebirds love and respect Romelda even more so now after knowing what she has been going through, and I think she is only going to be stronger for it.”

Queensland police have been investigating the matter, the CQ News report said.

Aiken began her netball stint in Australia joining the Queensland Firebirds in 2008.


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      1. NO!!! 😡 ano desperation, but sometimes the porno jus don’t get it where it needa be got..( outta awda 😡 )

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  2. Whilst I don’t condone what she did, the dutty man is quite wuckliss. I get whole heap a unsolicited naked/buddy pics with face shown and all but never think to scandal none of them. Some people just plain sick probably a man scorned. Hard lesson to learn, but she’ll survive and hopefully she doan dweet again.

    1. Yes anon, she’ll survive. Look pon the lady face, look like she woulda tek the camera person man right deh suh on the spot. Yeye dem look horny bad. She was in heat and did what she had to do. Just don’t make the same error twice..or three times..or four…5?? :bingung

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  3. Nobody deserves threats and racial attacks because they were stupid enough to send a naked pic to a complete stranger. Yes is damn fool fool, but racial attacks and threats are serious and she doesn’t deserve that.

  4. Go see the pussy to. She lucky, what is up with everybody sending pussy and cacky pics. What happened to the good old days of sending a pic of the face. Which me not even a rass do…..cause inna this day and age weh every rat bat have computer and net me woulda fraid summady put me pic where me no want it.

    I mean if a you personal long term man and because he went away you decided to send a reminder pussy pic…o.k….but a numbskull that you don’t know. Since she did a try popularize the pussy see it deh it get popular. She can send Met the pic mek we see the pussy in question lol. That way the pussy will become very popular.

  5. Dats y some a we black ppl can’t better off,,a nuff a we a send nude pic all bout but a tru Rass day naw cum to light pon we..ppl refrain from the negative thoughts we are one,n if we a criticize we own suh wtf we leave Australians fi do?she can meet d guy n a talk fi a while,,,helloooo a lot a who a criticize send pics ppl a no stranger do har dat a muss smaddy she has been corresponding with over a period a time….tan deh u see hw much a u a get caught lolll,,,mi send my man a farin pic,yea but wat if mi n d man lef n him wah expose it? Kmt,,,,we a d only race who fight dung we one another,,,look on other sites no race do dem wan Apanother like hw we do we own,bc…never throw stone wen u in glass house I have a daughter n mi affi pray cuz I dnt knw wat can happen in d future society has changed

    1. All dem typo deh,I cannot say she is wrong or right,bcuz if they were in an rship my opinion doesn’t count,nobody fool to send nude pic to stranger,,,she seem to have to tell where they met bcuz of d investigation,did u ppl read d part dat said racism,stalking,km kmrct,,come on now ppl if we ago done we own, ESP who a represent we country we don’t have to do it on social media,worst if we a woman we should be sympathizing,,we dnt knw what it feels like to disgrace reach we door,,,,we dnt knw d root a d story.we Jamaicans a d best to Rass, u never hear w Chinese a slaughter a Chinese

      1. Racism isn’t a mental shackle fi me SHE IS STILL A DUMBASS! You read where she play (represent) fi Australia Firebirds and NOT Jamaica (she’s Jamaican). She met woman/man pon Instagram and dem know whey she live she is a DUMBASS!

        Me meet my disgrace dem face to face she should take a page out of the book of “that’s reprecussion”. Nah sorry fi her weda Jamaican, Chinese, Indian, begga or thief…she fi do betta going forward.

        1. a racism because she mek a stupid move…………..i wonder if she neva know di person racist before di pics were sent :travel

          1. There are places in the world I have 0 desires to visit or live…people fi know dem whereabouts and act accordingly.

          2. some people body parts tink before dem brain get di signal a swear :travel
            a tink dis young miss is one a dem dere

    2. Society change so she fi change wid it- fi de positives and not the negatives. Young, black and living in a foreign country where she is an absolute minority, along with being a sports figure…YOU DON”T EXPOSE YOUR SELF. If she was clothed I would defend her, if she was a whore me defend har, if she did dunce me defend har, if she was a nude model me defend her. That isn’t the case. She met de person (male/female who knows since society a change) pon INSTAGRAM.

      Me nu have NO nudes circulating anywhere so me free fi criticize. Has blacks we can get far if we stop do ratchet things. simple

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    The CQ News reported that the Jamaican star revealed that she sent a “naked photo of herself to a person she met on Instagram”.

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