1. Gm Met, i am so ashamed of these animals, i wonder what would these kids be in a couple years if this is their mentality (mini kartels)

  2. Damn idiot dem!!! Dem need to seek God Ina dem soul! They have been brainwashed to believe this murdering Slave driver is their boss better yet them God!! It so sad when you don’t have a brain conscience or soul to recognize evil and manipulation!! I’m sad that such a well esteemed artist would go astray especially with such a large following, but my soul rejoices that the real world boss, MY GOD, has proven Himself once again!! I’m praying for the mind of my people and all who influence them!!

  3. And dutty Busta Rhymes fi run whey!! Big ole disgrace you shoulda come a Jamaica fi something better! Not to uphold or encourage Jamaican people to support f**kery!! A wha do him? He would never ever do that shit in America!! You say you are a Jamaican, you forget we are a people that love GOD!!! No other music speaks on God like music coming out of Jamaica! Even in the dances you will hear verses and song and praise to the father amongst the other f**kery! Busta should have never come encourage us fi support that f**kery like we don’t know God! Busta Rhyme fi run whey!! Go look a comeback from some other ediot! No matter how we go astray we are a people that love God! Stop with the tricks!!

  4. It hurt me fi dem pple yah..Did they even utta a word in BUJU’S defense and memba Buju neva killed anyone?? Im so ashamed, so far, Dudus and Kartel got more ratings and respect from yaad pple than Mandella..IM SO ASHAMED!!!! :sorry :sorry :sorry

  5. Police should a tear gas oonu rass bout free world boss me ca wait fe sentencing a hoe him get life without parole kartel fe gwey u help murder de man guh do u time all dem a protest u ca bet some nuh eat from mawning and nuh live nuh weh bunch a rass ediot march 27 hurry up.

  6. Morning ones and ones..Jamaica too far gone now them lickle gal deh nuh have nuh moral or pricipals. know how much lickle gal run whey from home to go gaza guh line fe suck buddy till dem nose bleed..and them fathers come fe get them gaza man beat them..satan have these lickle girls fool..they need to stop voicing him from jail but the ward-ah dem too licky licky…nuh badman business..lol.

  7. no one seems to remember someone lost their life. I am only familiar with and keep abreast of with this case by what I read on this site (thank you JMG).The person that died is a human being, someones child, brother, cousin, man/boyfriend whatever it may be. I am absolutely appalled by something I read after I googled “Kartel case reaction”and someone in his community was quoted as saying “he didn’t kill anyone from the upper echelon of society” are you kidding me? My flesh crawled. How far have we regressed?

  8. my apologies I like to give credit where credit is due, the comment regarding “the victim not being from the upper echelon of society was read in the article on here titled “Gaza residents pocket gloomy” point made that MOST if not ALL of what I know comes from this site. Met I honestly felt something move from my stomach to my throat when I read that.

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