1. I love Bolt as an athlete! But him too careless with his personal life, which responsible man tek pictures with a prostitute? Come on now Usain, do better! Smh

  2. Him really careless for real,a wonder if him don’t remember what happen to Mike Tyson? So him better be real careful caz there is some real bitch out deh will lie on him fi money.

  3. Him better Nuh feel him self too big fi AIDS N THESE HOES. A from bible days gal a cause man fi fall. Smfh kayliss n Dutty. Di girl Kasi must shame cuz all People magazine do a big write up pon her out today smfh. Duh yuh ting cuz a man will be a man but him too raass bare face

  4. Mek ah try fi decipher dis ere code…di gurl J had all of Bolt at the club di day before and is har fren X she ah send dem to and ah seh fi move fast because of the world. Den is which ooman pay in Euros, and is what dem pay for :bingung Mr. Bolt yuh buddy growing up tuh be just like you :ngakak :ngakak “To di Wrerl” :ngakak

  5. Well, well, well what do we have here. Kas it’s clear he like’m and dem like him. So just gwan kibba yuh mouth cause so it go wid money man. Nuff gyal a get bun from bruck pocket wutless mon at least ( giving benefit of the doubt) you have a man wid money who nuh fraid fi mine yuh.

  6. Until Bolt runs Kasi,she’s not going anywhere cuz she’s not for him, she’s for the attention and money… So no matter what she’ll be by his side… I’m sure alot goes behind closed door and she satyr don’t? That thoth is just digging…. look how bolt mouth look nasty and him ever stay bad…. you think if bolt wasn’t who he is she’d give him any time of day? Kmt… I’d she’s pregnant she’ll think she’s wining cuz is that or the ring she’s been working on…. I bet you any money if she’s pregnant, after the baby’s birth that’s when she’ll get the strength to leave cuz that’s when that child support will start rolling in…. Modern day Rita Marley she be… he’s still the greatest athlete though….

    1. Agree with you until you liken her to Rita. Rita with Bob loooonnnggg before money start make. When you with them strong personality rasta & u start believe the doctrine them tell u man can have plenty wife.

      Otherwise, what a r@$$. The man lookin in the camera like ‘Kasi who?’

    2. make ur point but dont be disrespectful to Rita. she gave bob somewhere to live when him neva have nuh where, she had a tribe for him…so we can argue she should have left, but dats her life partner and it nuh easy fi lef just so. yuh outta order . dis thng wid bolt is completely different. its fairly new and they have no ties. i agree though, she aint going anywhere of this

  7. Two things make this a weak story; no date stamp on the pictures and the currency. In Brazil they use Real not Euros. It could have happened years ago and just surfacing. Either way, I expected more from Usain. He will end up the way of Mike Tyson if he isn’t careful.

  8. Unnu nuh get nuh video yet wid di ediot Gal fi di year a bawl? cause mi see pan ig weh dem put up a pic a wah girl weh deh a Rio wid him an di title say usain girlfriend an di comment Dem a say das not his girl das not kasi :ngakak Mi say oh gosh poor ediot gal. How Yuh feel a dat Mi wah know? Yuh need fi send een sumting to met mek Mi know cause mi a support Yuh from b4 Yuh go panama/Rio Grande. Oh!

  9. Hey gal kasi a bet Yuh caah suck off usain clean like how deh gal deh deal wid it. Yuh affi mek it clean like when yuh wash Yuh han. :ngakak stripper gal yah a she a lead right now tuh bloodclaat if Mi laugh a doh know :ngakak

  10. jahkno I’m actually feeling sad for her I kno she won’t leave him but dang how much can she take just for money smh… cas I’m sure if it was a regular nigga she wouldn’t take shit from him… anyways I hope she stay strong cas it’s really not healthy to live like this plus I would be humiliated hope she ok and guys please remember she’s human too.. I guess she feel like she owe him becas he stayed even after knowing sadiki used to dig out her belly… sad and embarrassing situation but to each his own

    1. Very embarrassing. I knew it would only get worse for her. Nothing good can come from dating Bolt while he’s going through this phase. That’s why Mitzy leave, stay close to mommy and keep calm. In 5 years she will reclaim her spot.

    2. I guess this would be sad if both of them didn’t know what’s up. But in my mind (I could be wrong) I think they are both get something from each other,a nd it’s superficial. Kasi wants the money/hype and Bolt want a girl he know he wouldn’t have ah Jamaica without money. This is not a basis for a long term commitment. Once again I don’t know if this true, but I based my opinion off of this fact. She has been with him for two years, she always look polished and clewn like white linen napkin and he always looking like yesterday news paper. No woman who carry herself this way and a love a man would make him walk road looking like Bolt does (very unkempt) and he has the money to look nice.
      It wudda better he’d stayed with the first girl. I am sure by now she would have fixed his teeth, helped him develop his portfolio for after he retires from sports, and make sure he looks like at least 1 of million bucks.
      She might be hurt yes, but I hope she at least use a condom or make him get tested before she go lie down with him, after this.

      *As an athlete Bolt is as great as Mohammed Ali, Tyson and Jordan in their respective sport. And I am so proud of him that he took his talent and worked hard to achieve all he has done. But I personally don’t rate him outside of that.

  11. Unnu leave di man an mek him f**k an go chu… Bout aids. Mek him f**k and be free di man just run an mek history tuh bloodclaat if him wah sex all 6 gal Afta dat one-time him deserve dat rasss!!!!! Loooooooooooooooo. Just protect Yuh self usain an nuh drink shit from dem but f**k out dem ray….

  12. She is just an irrelevant penis -sucking whore !
    Ten seconds of fame, but is WHO gets d ring.
    Man nuh propose to prostitute when dem of Caribbean heritage.
    And watch she nuh, like she scored big.
    Whore fall back, Bolt nub want yuh.
    Pu $$y surely not good if all u got was a 100 Euros. I dont get why people dissing Kassie so, not that I favor her. This is NOT cool no more and borders cyber-bullying.
    But there is a BIG difference between a whore and a house wife.
    Come out d people life !

    1. Lowe di stripper at least she a get pay and she just f**k a legend track star gwey! Lol Yuh sound hurt poor ting a shoulda Yuh bestie deh deh lol a wah dis :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak as Mi wake Mi reach yah fi come laugh


  14. And this is why it was better when she was just local and nobody never know bout her…we all kno di agreement, she and him deh and him f**k who him want…now that it gone abroad the international cock in circulation and it start look bad because di whole world kno bout Kasi “as dedicated girlfriend, and unfortunately dem nuh kno seh a suh di suptn set up from day one.

    Wonder how soon before she a gi exclusive interview a bawl dung di place!? :siul

  15. This doesn’t look like a recent picture because this is not the ring he has been wearing in Rio for the past 2 weeks

  16. But look how him hold on to the women like a fi him long time ooman. Listen have fun yes ur young rich n famous but all I ask is please I beg u stop ramp wid these white women. They are dangerous nu rass worse you are a Jamaican. It only takes one him rape mi n it will turn into Jamaica this n Jamaicans that. Please God know u make our country proud don’t make some white meat mess that up. That’s my only concern in all this. Start mek dem sign no disclosure agreements from dem chat u get money n sue.

  17. bwoy my Jamaican people unno brighten mi day wid these comment, of course tho i share some of these ssentiments exactly, if a did a regular man a duh dis she gone long time, but it billion dollar man, suh where di hell unno ting shi going, she done know a suh him stay long time, suh shi naw go a weh, money takk an bullshit walk

  18. Usain just seems to be a very immature person. He has a talent that has garnered him fame and wealth.He just has a lot of growing up to do.The young lady I am sure is aware of his behaviour, and putting up with it may work in her favor in the long run.

    1. I don’t think he is…he’s made it clear he intends to live his life how he chooses and he’ll do what he wants. So women who put up with it are just sad and the women who stay with him while he does it are sadder…he shouldn’t jump to be attached because it looks bad to everyone else or because him hav “pretty girlfriend”

  19. So bolt speak dah language deh or a Google him use cause him a answer like him understand her. Bolt ugly and careless

  20. This looks sloppy like he wanted to get caught and take it from somebody dating a Leo, they’re one of the best at lying,cheating and sneaking around. This looks like revenge, I hope it’s not true because affairs of the heart are the worst but only time will tell

  21. I think he purposely did this, there is no way he didnt know it would come out. He did it to shut this Kasi shit down. Ppl seh them sick of this drama but I really cant wait till he gets back to JA, cant wait to see where this shit goes.

  22. Aunty Met
    Mi been reading about Leo men/women this and that….
    Can you do a topic on the different signs – men and women?


  23. Bolt a real gallis. I would be really mad if he didn’t hookup with those rio women. I don’t think that it’s the only one he f**d in Rio but that’s his right to live his life .

  24. Translation lol: Jadi is all in with Bolt.. meet at club yesterday…world fastest..then she paid in euros… a mussa me caan put it together or a Dem can’t text properly Mi nuh kno Dwl…

  25. That prostitut can be a better man than bolt one day love how much prostitue nuff man take up and live with and even turn there wife bolt is careless to do such a act but no one no fi say him careless fi f*** a prostiute.some time some man take up some woman and there don’t even know who they was.I am a woman and big woman thing nuff a wi woman unfair some time days nuff ago so him couldn’t cheat pon her a f**** DAT and all kind a things how much a wi woman like mi self use to have wey have him woman are wife a house before wi turn a man main chick ah tell mi.a who wa bash mi bash mi cause a true mi a talk.him ring but if wi no have good fi sey wi no fi sey in thing.

  26. I’m reading this story but some other article stated that kasi slept with Usain brother to get to him..that is a no no so who knows what bolt thinking right now?

  27. The runner not cheating him is single and all about the mingle, if the one Kasi & her ppl them never send in story bout girlfriend this and girlfriend that not a soul wouldn’t business what Bolt waa do down a Rio. But true she a wifey and needs to get claims, and trying to force the man hand in marriage she a slaif well honey see it her everytime yuh ‘babyyyyyy’ get photoed out without you it shall be a story. White ppl media no ramp with black man worst black successful man so i don’t know why you never continued playing in the background and gwaan easy yuhself. But Met i see ppl a comment else where bout it photo shop, cuz why would he pay her in euros, a wonder if they know Bolt been in Germany for maybe 2 months leading up to Rio

  28. “Xereca mais rĂ¡pida do mundo” means “world’s fastest pussy” if anyone be wonderin

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