1. can we give kasi a break

    i feel bad for her now lol

    she not winning and i think she knows

    mine unu mek the girl go on suicide watch

  2. Trish needs more than a damn pinch. She airbrush and photoshop all of her pictures. If her work is that great, she shouldn’t have to smooth out anything!

    I don’t see why people run down Trish work. How brows are barely there, no creative use of eyeshadows, no contour and face structuring, no pretty lipstick shades. All she does is apply foundation, highlighter, a pinky nude lip, lashes, and the Facetune filter app. Bye Trish!

    P.S- the hair flop too.

  3. When Kris-Anthony had her she looked like the second picture. Bolt turn her inna star. No wonder Kris still madly in love. I wonder if she a give Bolt bun with him still lol

    1. Alex, the second pic is the same as the first, sender was just highlighting the fact that the first pic is photo shopped. So if that’s how she looked when she was with Kris is the same way she looked now so obviously Bolt money not making a difference. She’s not giging Bolt no bun because she can’t risk cutting off her money tree.

  4. Think a mi one think Tricia go to hard pon d airbrushing.

    Mi seh, if Kasi nUh get MatieGroupie a d year award pon dis site mi pack up mi tings and go :ngakak

    Met, we a guh need Summary from beginning of 2016 up until now. I hope you start write weh yuh fi write, piece all the stories together and all the pics and videos. Come to think of it a from 2014 the foolery start but this year, waaii this year.

    Kasi beat out every old groupie and she a “wife” because fi ar tinng diffraaaant mi a tell yuh. *poppin up*

    PTS can’t bother sign in again and again and again

  5. Don’t feel sorry for Kasi because she doesn’t feel sorry for herself!

    Most of these makeup artists can’t do makeup, point blank, how dem do fi dem thing is no different than me a watch YouTube and a try a ting!

    And as a “celebrity” makeup artist, she should know the type of makeup and how to apply it so that when di flash go off we nah see weh she put di powder etc! U ever see dem gal deh a foreign, makeup flawless, no matter how much light a shine di makeup still a slay!

    And as di person up top seh Trish ting waan tun up almost all of her clients look di same! But she part a di hype circle so business keep coming!

  6. her make up show up no flattering at all n is not the first me a see trish sheg up smaddi face! always a filter her clients face smh.she shoulda borrow warren weir girl makeup artist cause her face was flawless!

  7. Trish did my makeup once all now I can’t get a pic.. my face sweat all night I thought it was because me n megan wasn’t friends she f**k me up but kasi prove me wrong in the pic with the girl.. and she came with one lil pouch with no makeup I was so upset. Never again… kasi is basic Brown girl . People just frighten for her cas she a f**k usain.

  8. Kasi did you get that car yet that you said Bolt was buying the one with the leather seats not the cloth one

  9. Met you nuh see say Kasi post a pic of her dress n crop out har own a face…

    mi did a wonder why and i think its because the face never get beat by tricia.

    but the dress n the body was nothing for her to show off.

    1. ___________________________________________________ nuh contouring neva a gwaan…I love the dress but not for that event

  10. Yuh know say she Nuh pretty…..a wah dat pan har head is a wig or lace di lining a show show too much gal yuh Nuh look good.

  11. A me alone think say Kasi deliberately come late cause she know say at least she would have an excuse why him neva walk the carpet with her or pose with her! Is because she couldn’t take that embarrassment to be standing on the side while the man ignore and pretend like she not there. Unuh think bout it! If Bolt did plan fi walk with Kasi she woulda ready all two day before and deh a the place sidung a wait till bolt come cause she woulda wah any opportunity fi dash dat inna the nay saya dem face.

    Sorry met me did post the comment under the wrong story

  12. I always thought she was a pretty girl but for some reason she look aged in these pics or does she really look like that in person…


    Met is which filter app Trish use mi need it fi a friend..

  13. well kris-Anthony took A downgrade to date kasi cuz Kris actually comes from a decent family background, well spoken professional attorney at law, and some y’all gonna talk about but usain has more money but money doesn’t buy class and she had so much of a better chance becoming someone’s wife dating Kris-A but all usain does is bring her shame and disgrace. I can bet if she was with that guy she wouldn’t be famous on this wall for something not so good. Kasi was a waste and Kris mother is happy that usain took her out her son life trust and believe. Kris don’t want another minute with kasi so person up top stop say kris-A want back kasi cuz it ain’t true and I know that as a fact. Kris-A don’t like d excitement and that’s what like,she and usain deserve each other but kasi plz remember shaggy song “life is one big party when u still young but who is gonna have u back when it’s all done”..

    1. I guess this Kris-Anthony guy is counting his lucky stars that Kasi did him a favour by leaving him for Usain, the way you describe this guy he sounds too good for Kasi. Kasi didn’t want love or a decent guy, Kasi wanted MONEY, this is the dirty life that she wanted to lead, she doesn’t want to work or have a career of her own so now she have to settle been on of Usain’s hoes and have to sit and wait her turn for him to acknowledge her. That’s why Usain treats all of them like the dogs they are because all they see is his US 60 MIL net worth.

  14. Kasi faced looked very weird,that day,I’m not sure if it’s the make up,or of she wasn’t herself, but her face just looked different and she usually look very cute.Her face looks pouffy,is she pregnant?,because early in the pregnancy your face just look a way.Her dress will have been perfect if it had a slit or if she had put on a nice piece of jewelry to kill the funeral look.Kasi,you could have done better, this was your chance,to shine and show to your mates that you are wifey

  15. The way Trish price high she shouldn’t be photoshopping and filtering no pic. Think is me one did notice. Her bridal makeup don’t even last so Anon 4:56 you’re not the first to have make up “evaporate” Loved Kasi’s dress but not the hair at all.

  16. The way Kasi love dash up pic and selfie bout everything, until she put up graduation pics and such, I don’t believe she has no degree. Where is the pic with the masters Kasi ? Everybody have up pic now … Let’s have a throw back Kasi . Better yet she might have it, but true she never study fi …. :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  17. I know Kris been wanting Kasi back from long time. Plus stop pretending as if Kris-Anthony Turner is a damn saint. Him give Kasi so much bun she did have to leave him. I know that for a fact. Just like him give all a him girl dem nuff bun. Decent family nuh mean nothing. Him reputation not as bad as Usain but I cant blame kasi for leaving him for it. All he does is cheat, just like a lot of uptown guys.I dont know why all of a sudden she putting up with the cheating with Usain but Kris and her other exes all cheated on her. It really messed up her self esteem

  18. Make me give unu the real Kris-Anthony story cause some of unu clearly don’t know it. Kris is NOT a saint. When he was at law school, which is when he was with Kasi, he had a main girlfriend, a black girl, for three years, another law student and Kasi, along with many others, was the side chick. The black girl get fi meet him mother and do other things but Kasi was just on the side. He was with her long but eventually the main girl find out the runnings and left him. I don’t know if he still with Kasi but she did not know she was the side chick when she did deh wid him. When she found out she left too. I know all of them so I know the story so stop for the life of me, stop painting the man like a saint, family or lawyer nuh mean nothing. Him reputation dutty like Usain own. Just run di road wid bare woman, every week is a next one. Mi nah defend Kasi cause she a idiot but man always use her

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