84 thoughts on “KASI-DITY A DIS YUH WANT OO

  1. Lord the 2 a dem lame now! She gold digging and fi a man weh inna spotlight how long now, Bolt attention whorish ways a show!

    Nobody nuh hav nuh proper mix up can shell dung!!!?? Do mi a beg unnuh!

    1. The only reason why this is on some blogs now is because of the Daily Mail, and it’s still not much of a story.
      The main stories today are Taylor Swift’s latest breakup, and Beyonce’s birthday party.

      1. Taylor breakup Already?! :ngakak :ngakak

        Me off kilter pon news today… gone read. Boi dat gal cannot hold a cock fi long And She is an authentic white girl, famous And rich to rass….

  2. Kasi look like a big clown a paddle while Usian laughing at her.Why didn’t he do the paddling and let her make the video.Kasi a poppy show !!

  3. give the girl a break …she is a business and a business woman who know what she want ….all the bashing from most people is true dem can’t find themselves in the same ugly but profitable position ….shit mi see some girl a style kasi and dem same one a sex bisexual dancehall man dem ,weh nuh live nuh weh and a look a thing from dem . plus a share the buddy with half a the world man and woman ….she must know why she forgive the ugly track star>>>> do the maths ….

    1. This is strictly entertainment for me at this point Asha….she could have been left alone days ago but clearly she enjoys the worldwide attention. I can’t imagine anyone really taking any of this seriously.

    1. A dinner time now! @G mi have rice and peas and fry chicken with di curry gravy! Nuh worry @Needle and Met mi hav fi unnuh plate to! And I plate for Newcomer!

        1. Mi have fish inna di fridge if you want or me can do up some steam vegetables for you if you prefer!

          Dem 2 yah lame up mi suh mi hav time pon mi hands!

  4. She on periscope while she on BAEcation too??? Di attention and fame must really sweet her cus if me den pon my good good BAEcation with my man mi nuh even turn on tv just a bare sex, sun, and sea.

  5. See it there. The people bored with these two now. Almost 2 hours and not even 10 comments.

    Can we talk about why Aidonia look so dirty and unkept? I saw his fiancé post pre wedding photoshoot pics pn snapchat and he looks ridiculous! She’s there in her white gown and hair sleeked back and he looks like he hasn’t bathed in weeks. I hope he cleans up and doesn’t do that messy hair for the wedding.

    Why these girls love spend di man dem money on themselves only and the man look like shit? I don’t geddit

      1. MET that’s why Wendy did pass ar place wid him bc he on American TV now she felt he was a great target..b4 him do the show she neva fawt pon him….show started bout 3 weeks now.

        1. The last one I watched was when the tear up body girl did gi di guy the onzie fi give him baby mother whey did a live wid him. Dem surgery body turn mi off mi cant watch dem

          1. A him she a fool round wid now, safaree love attention and wendell is on vacation till next week.

  6. He was on the show last night being Jamaican strong. The show airs Mondays and he will be a regular now.
    I think it was messed up how Nicki treated him. I don’t care what she says I believe he wrote a lot of her music and helped her with her sound. Now she’s running around with wack atss Meek Mill like he’s a good catch.

        1. MNL….
          Bun: when Yuh man/woman sleep wid di neighbor an move een right next door.

          Bun: when she/he gives yuh crabs and a comb fi comb chu it.

          Bun: Mi eat it wid cheese an sumtimes nutrimilk.

          Bun: when I roll a fat one so yuh know Mi ago bun it.

  7. Hi guys love your blog I have been commenting for a couple days now keep doing your thing.I love to come on here to get the latest entertainment scope Very good job and the tea always hot love it

  8. Met, Usain’s agent issued a statement to TMZ. He says the caption was photoshopped by an internet troll and he never proposed.

    1. Why don’t you get out of your feelings and stop attempting to spell check. I don’t got time to proof read everything I type on a blog, so what if I mess up a few homophones because I’m typing in haste.
      Bottom line is there is *know* ha ha did it again engagement. You mad?

    2. Do a better job of reading next time. I used the word engaged not engagement therefore the word “they’re was used correctly.

  9. Real poppyshow, you mean that dry head f**ka fly all the way to Bora Bora just to put it pon snapchat? Honestly mi really think Kasi did a go get the ring from di ginger toe bwoy, f***g frighten Friday bwoy,mi nuh know how Kasi stand him all him deh pon is ‘my abs’and skin colour and a pose like him a some big tuff gyal, c’mon grow the f**k up man,that’s why mi rate Asafa over him,honestly

  10. So how the agent come shut down the engagement rumour so quick, but no clarification on the other bad press?

    I guess in Bolt eyes the worst thing you can do is take him off the market. Anything else is cool but Nuh tell nobody say him a married! Kasi, I didn’t think it was possible to be more embarrassed but this prove me wrong.

  11. A said it gal will neva get usain ring. Gal might get an award doe which I think she so deserve.
    KasiB: Eediot Gal fi di century!!!
    A wah di b inna har name Stan fah?
    Oh I know kasibitch. Hahaha hahaha.

  12. Goodnight everyone ….. Met , me da a work and dem nearly fire me thru the big duty laugh me let out when me see Kasi a row while bolt siddung a take picture. Jesus take the wheel, gal can fool so?

    And bolt cock up like some big gal a laugh …… Mercy Jesus… Kasi darling, this is getting pathetic, pls , pls don’t mek him clown you out so. Even if you no want to leave the money, let him put some respect on your name.

    Met, how me can log in, without having to keep typing in my name ?

  13. Hey Met and metters!

    Dem two is some real poppy show and attention seekers for two people that claim not to enjoy people weighing in on their personal lives. They sure are putting it all out there for people to see. But I wonder if they don’t realize that all we seeing is the truth.

    They have no chemistry, they seem to be putting on more of a show than enjoying each other’s company or the beautiful place they have found themselves. We sure dem nuh down a Ochi and pay two dancers fi carry on cause I don’t see them do one exciting or novel ting yet. All of dat deh a Jamaica and more. I know the man money TALL but dem couldn’t choose somewhere more economical weh dem neva have to fly whole day to reach if it just going so so suh.

    The agent can quick quick quell the rumours bout engagement but no sorry, my bad or nuttin fi di behaviour (which we all know is part of dem understanding/set up) cause public shame/embarassment never inna di agreement unless them both did a work pon dem visibility (would directly tie in wid attention seeking).

    She not even gonna give him nuh likkle cake or sinting fi him Birthday like how she did dun know how di ting was gonna be set up from April.

    Ne who the both of dem need an image consultant and publicist fi manage di narrative before dem cause anymore disgrace.

    Sorry that was so LONNNG but finally posting after watching di circus how long.

  14. met have u seen kaci last snap. Bolt brought up the bun again n she was not pleased. I just think bolt seh mi dun spend mi 3million pon the vacation u coming or not. She mussi bex wid him bc him guh clarify seh him not engaged. If a laugh a dead in yah tonight. :-)) She realise she nah get no ring. Oh god u know i sympathize with her good God. So metters if she nuh get the ring is she still getting a vehicle. Just asking

  15. The trip was planned a long time ago when they seem to be in a better place. Now Bolt looks like he’s over it and the only reason he still let her go is because his other friends are busy or he just needed a personal maid and sex partner.

  16. I do not believe that he did not propose. The rumour has been out for a few days and went viral yesterday. These two are always on their phones so they must have spotted it. Why is he denying it now? And why are these reports not swirling the Internet? So far, most sites are saying that they are engaged. Is this the same person who said that only Kasi’s opinion matters? Or has he disproved that also? He is playing himself. If true, this guy is turning into a real idiot.

    However, like I say, I think the proposal did happen, with or without a ring.
    He is a multi millionaire. If he and Kasi had finished, cancelling a very expensive trip even if he lost every penny in the process is chump change for Usain. Like I said before, time for these two to turn off their social media and chill out.

    1. Aunty read weh Gabby seh to backside! No Gabby someting nuh right wid u , im convinced… weh u seh u believe the proposal happened??? Were u sent proof?

    2. Gabriella,for a man you clearly despise (though you claim you don’t know Bolt) and for a girl you seem very invested in and adore why would you want that to be?

      Honestly Gab, every time I read your comments I just roll my eyes and most times me stop read it. It’s slightly disturbing me nah lie. You were wrong about RIO and wrong about London. The picture circulating has been descridited because it’s photoshopped. Just easy and mek this thing gwaan play out.

  17. @ Yanow. You are correct. I do not like Bolt. However Kasi is another matter. I do not adore her, she doesn’t even know that I exist so why should I? But, I do feel a sense of empathy towards her. She loves Bolt. I refuse to believe that hype and money alone is keeping her there. I once loved someone like Kasi. I completely lost myself in him. That was a long time ago. Thankfully he wasn’t high profile so my shame, betrayal and heartbreak was not public for the world to pick at. It is true that she put herself up to it but I cannot tear the poor girl down and I won’t. She’s just trying to do her. There are much worse people in the world. And if I am honest with you, although I don’t like the guy, I would still prefer that he marry one of us. I’m tired of our men marrying out.

    Lastly, I am sorry if my posts offend you and the other bloggers. It is not my intention. I am not Kasi or a friend of hers. I am guessing there is no room for neutral bloggers on this site. Therefore I will limit my visits and try not to comment at all. God bless you and have a blessed day.

    1. Gab, you have a right to post here. It is your progrotive. What you have been saying all this time just looks a little funny. Don’t make me or others run you off this site. You seem to be good natured so I am not trying to cuss you. Just an observation.

    2. Gabrielle Gwaan through n do urself n ur thing.rest assured yanow means no offense!this is one of the few sm platforms where for better or worse you are truly FREE to express ur views regardless of what others say or think abt u!

      I remember once this anonymous trace me n insinuated I was gay because I declared I love princess Apple..gay for loving a woman…go figure! Yuh think that a guh stop me from expressing my love??dem a go sick a dat,so unno big up unno self said speed!!

  18. Met yuh nuh see bolt post kasi on his Instagram page no sah mi loose off bolt I no longer like him, him fool nuh f**k and he also unfollowed sadiki on Instagram . Somebody need to send daily mail case file including sleeping with his brother. Bolt your a really country idiat pussyole blood is thicker you fool

  19. MI se mi feel like go a boredom boredom go tek dem up miself …Di whole ting jus boring ….dem get stale and oltnpics nuh done one month good

    1. But what we read? Engagement? Or we “read” the pictures of him inna bed wid one next gyal or nyam off anodda face. You know what…I’m just convinced the two of them dumb as rocks…clearly. Only watching the poppy show because it’s Jamaica’s only international celebrity couple at the moment but them ah two bloodcl*at ediats…mi shame bad…shame 🙁

  20. This Bolt and kasi thing makes me feel like i am going to tear out my hair… they really need to get off social media and come out of my ears eyes… them a get annoying now like the frigging Kardashians.. everywhere i go…. arrrrrghhhh….. low esteem and rotten teeth…. oh lort.. delivert us please

  21. bolt need to stop sayong woyooiii to… everytime i see a video with him saying kt i get so angry. dwl.. or a just me last neres him get on..

  22. Bwoy…@real…them boring for real. I woulda go help you scoop them up from the boredom too…sunset down ah yard much nicer…much much nicer. Trust me…I trying my best not to sound like ah hater…I guess, but these snaps making me yawn with all the lack of excitement. They are trying too hard and it makes it look very forced. Kasi, you look nice still, very well prepared for the trip inspiring me to go ah gym woi!! But back to what I was saying…unno boring nuh rahtid. U see, biology is one ting (unno coulda s*x from now till tomorrow) but just looking at the snaps (which I would expect to be some of your better moments) unno lack some serious chemistry 🙁 hush so it look at least. Wheel and come again…I just waiting for the return to the rock…no worries Kasi, trip nuh done yet maybe you might still come home with the big rock on yu finger, I routing for you just because you’re a Jamaican…nothing else really (still think u need to grow up and stop be so hype and if half of these stories are true…bwoy u mussi cut from the same cloth as Kanye…don’t give a sh*t cloth lol) :siul :cd :sorry

  23. Woi! She mussi beg him put up pic of the two of them. Mi weak :ngakak
    Please read the comments under the pic…dem ah go mek mince meat of the two of them…what you mean wid your fool fool caption bout what we read? F*cking fool, u betta tek it down quick. Him forget is pictures and videos of him wilding out? Man…you sinking even lower Bolt. You’re a star athlete, save and raise up your ting and stop post foolishness. If this is the start to maintaining your legacy…ah last u ah go come…save yourself…please I beg you

  24. ‘ If you believe what you read you don’t know us?” A nuh really the reading you know mi boss. Pictures and Videos DO.NOT.LIE. Oh boy. Cah body, mi we stop beat the dead horses now. Dem nuh care lol next story. I feel another shyt storm coming though.

  25. All waah gwaan, him just a set them up fi another public disaster. Something else a go come after this trust me. Does he not have a PR????? NJ wah gwaan manager?

  26. Met bolt n Kasi ova ya read comments lmao cuz from Unu a say nothing much at bora bora to do.. Bolt start give details n show what’s there to do 2 a dem sad tho fi deh pon vacation n I follow social media n blogs goes to show what exactly them really into.. Met stop post them cuz me feel like ya boost them career lil more. When olympics dun if it wasn’t for this bolt name would never be mentioned n as for the Kasi if it wasn’t for bolt n him leaked pics her name wouldn’t be mentioned..

  27. Lawks them boring!!!! Kasi is trying too hard. You can see the desperation in her eyes. I had WAYYYYYYYY more fun watching Kevin Hart and his bride in St. Barth’s. These two trying to put up a front. She’s faking love and he’s just showing off because she ummmm he knows she’s a clown.

  28. I have a question. Why as women we settle for men like him ? Is it because of the money, the gifts, the comfort ? It just shows how much of a dependent person you are. The worst part is if you got an education that is VERY valuable with a job and still settle for men like him. All im saying is its time for women to stop settling for men like Usain. We need to learn to be more independent and self-kind to ourselves. Dont have these men continuously make you look stupid. Wise up now girls! #IndependenceistheKEY

  29. Kasi or Usain was the one to put that pic out the only people that have the original picture on snap is the people snapping it and u can’t photoshop a title over a title so Kasi and Usain unnu nuh slick just crave the attention a beg fi it . You can take the pic put a different caption and save it and not release it. So Tiyad a dem boring life if u want the caption to be real wah mek yuh marry her then Usain? Cause yuh know yuh nuh want di gyal

  30. First of all Kasi planned this whole trip to bora bora not usain. The whole trip was paid for by his media management company which she begged them for sponsorship to do . Don’t believe the hype you see . It’s clear that she has no self respect and low self esteem . If he valued her as his right up girl she would have been in rio with him front and center . She went to Panama so she could get all the Visa stuff sorted to go to bora bora . Poor girl , pretty but foolish.

  31. y gully bolt and thrashi kasi hiding from the jamaican public? since him get gold on and off de trac, him fly een to ja and keep a low profile until the two a dem lef fi boring boring.

    now we hear she dem come back sunday nite and dem unda the radar again. I thought they were happy and proud??????

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