I dont like to speak things on children because our words pave their path but this one right here need a shell down..What home him a come from to behave like this??

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  1. Damn outta orda nd rude,him mouth need fi wash out,a wuda buss him ass properly just to show the kind of yard him coming from with them kinda languages as to the man weh a video and laugh ntn about this is funny ntn.

    1. If my child him wudden a gwaan so but just in case..if a did fi mi di way mi wudda shell down him likkle body dem wudda call CISOCA

          1. The worse thing is you can’t talk to them! Dem parent will come find you and cuss you off too! That’s why you see dem pikney yah jus leggo a road suh! Mi see ppl we hav up dem nice nice job and dem piney behave like dog! A suh yuh kno how. nuff a dem home really stay!

          2. Hey mi kick him like ball when mi done him reach round di desk pencil n book in hand but a whey him learn a yard Lawd see n know say my child couldn’t dweet cause it just couldn’t happen

      1. Met he doesn’t know no better because, from him barely could talk he would do things & not get discipline for it. Met my daughter is 11 I’m a single mother and let me tell you from she could move round I make sure she knows what is what can’t play with me you mad. Is like the other day I left her with my mom,I don’t know which one of my mom neighbor child she hear a even up with them parents,bright did want bring it in my house I just had to cut that shit right there have her know don’t play with me cuz we not friends & she not like the rest I may no scribe to beatings but if she continues she big enough fi get rass down. Right there with him now what you see him going on with is what he sees around him at home learnt behavior that.

  2. Wgen we see things like this its good to analyse whats reLly going on. I’m guessing that his home life is not the best. All that foul language and the anger is learned behavior and beating him won’t help. It will make him a more angry little boy that will grow to be an angry black man. The root of the problem starts in the home besides he’s probably getting plenty of that at home (beating) I would bet money on that. I feel sorry for him

  3. Wgen we see things like this its good to analyse whats reLly going on. I’m guessing that his home life is not the best. All that foul language and the anger is learned behavior and beating him won’t help. It will make him a more angry little boy that will grow to be an angry black man. The root of the problem starts in the home besides he’s probably getting plenty of that at home (beating) I would bet money on that. I feel sorry for him. He’s still young enough where he can be turned around

  4. Kidd are a hand full but violence not the answer . by daughter use to give hell fi go school like that, serious hell like me did a wonder what is this. and all thou me and r mother couldnt gree me say her moms need to play a bigger roll and did think me a superman. me just accept it and mek she stay with her moms (even thu me nu think she ago do a good job or(and)me ago afi deal with her now that she have her during the week) and it workout what him a do was nuthing to what me daughter would do sometime. u just fi fine out what a gwan. PS a nu me tek her is my babymother mother tell me fi come fi me child(and she nu like me lol so when she say that i dont even want to think y)

  5. NAAAWWWW mi no want him in my class, what kind a vinegar butchery him a come from, its done him a go gi teacher goiter, pure bombo claat noo sah that’s very bad


  7. Disgrace everybody look shock it like dem inna disbelief and a child no more than 6 years carrying on like this. I’ve see a 13 year old box his mother in Jamaica already, it’s hard to think that children like these are going to be the future. People mek sure you know who your children call friends, that’s why I watch my likkle brother fi mek sure him nah falla nuh friend and company. Very sad and disappointing.

  8. Him hear di curse words from the home.. But he his mentally challenged like dem autistic children a some dem fling dem self an gwan… Poor ting she Betta get help fi him from now… A bloodclaat gun man dis if dem nuh help dis child… Mi too ignorant and dawk so mi caah talk wah mi woulda do wid him No at all.

  9. Mi affi tread lightly with this one…my 2.5 year old son everyday God mek fling him self a grung as soon as we reach daycare kick scream yell bawl…..no mommy don’t go don’t leave….bare drama….of course him naw cuss dem wud dey….but before mi buss that pickney ass I would have to find out more cause this serious….he looks to be the most 5or 6……sometimes a the parent ass need bussing because him naw grow himself….a bet any money if we know more about him…we would end him giving him love and not a beat down…

    1. Marie dis a big 6 yr old…2.5 year old a baby him definitely know better and whey a come outa him mouth nuh normal him need a slapping so bad

  10. Wow.I’m confused.A lot is going on here.Give the parents that a A for effort at least them know him must get a little something in him brain so them send him to school.The staff get A for them patience with him.
    This sad bad something else is going on with this child.Maybe he is the same way at home with parents uncontrollable so them couldn’t wait to sent him to school.Beating won’t help it seem like him get alot.

  11. what I can’t understand is if he is in grade one you know he is going to school for 3 years not is not his first time, so why he is acting up so much? Is he scared because he is going to a “big” and most of his friends from basic school gone to a different school? I would ask him, why he doesn’t want to go to school. Also, wha kind a school allow boys fi come school wid ponytail? A suh JA change now, cuz innna my days only boys wid long har had dreads. Praying for his teachers, let’s hope him calm down soon so he can learn something, we do not need another uneducated man in our society.

  12. My heart breaks for this child. He looks like about 5 or 6. Notice when him a cuss di badword dem, dem nuh mek sense. Sometimes when he curses, it makes sense because he uses it along with other phrases …. like “mi nuh waan no pussyclaat bag juice” but then other times he’s just saying “bumboclaat pussyclaat raasclaat”. Smh. My child wouldn’t act this way, I’m sure, but something is definitely wrong. He doesn’t seem to be mentally challenged or autistic, so this behavior is definitely caused from something. It hurt mi cause mi know something wrong no matter what ppl say. Is like him almost afraid to stay there. If him neva waan go school, him wudda act like dat from him deh a yard, unless a tie dem tie him up an bring him. And if he’s there, dat mean him go school willing or by force. Suh how as him reach an fi stay …. him start holler. Maybe is a reason him doe waan stay. Yes …. 75% a mi waan tear him skin wid a wet rag but the other 25% feels so broken over this. Smh. Sigh

  13. You know seh a so mi never like church when I was his age. My family have countless stories of me behaving in that same manner when it come to going to sit in church. From 8-to 3pm shoot sometimes longer. My peoples said they would dress me in the most beautiful dress sock and shoes.i would lay and roll in the middle of the road in tears and noise naught. That never stop them every single Sunday it was torture, but jamaican don’t believe children should sit at home on Sundays.till I got big and my mother sent for me to come to America..and when I came here the first Sunday that my mom sent me to church on my own I never reach that building. Spend off every dollar me and a friend that I met at school from my neighborhood. Come home and tell pure lies on what the pastor did not preach on. My friend didn’t have to go to church. I do believing in the God and I know it’s a place of worship but. I.just don’t like sitting there for that long time.. Maybe it’s ADHD. But jamaican call that “bad yu damn bad”. Because in stl antsy when it come to waiting for anything. I don’t like long church.if you want me malice you trick me and carry me go any long church they better be turning water to wine infront my very eyes..Don’t care for the long boring drawn out service they have planned for people. So I know how he feels. he’ll come around because education is important and you must start young..

  14. I just can’t believe what this little boy is learning at home with the bunch of bad words and the way his carry on, where is this boy shoes and where is the parents, didn’t they bring the boy to school. They need to really go see where this boy live and see what is his problem… He is going to grow up to be one of dem gunmen the way he is behaving now no tell him what he will be when he grow up if they don’t nip this behavior in the bud… This is crazy and just to see the way this little boy is reacting just to go to school… It starts in the home…

  15. lord knows that this could never be my child cause if this did a my pickney all when him bio polar mi box out him 32 all when him nuh have so much. children are suppose to behave like kids him not acting like a child at all and the good book says you are not spear the rod and spoil the child buss him ass

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