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    1. She doesn’t want any of that, all she’s interested in is getting a few pics with Bolt here and there and insta and twitter, people only follow her because shi deh wid bolt because she doesn’t have anything interesting to talk about. We have already established that she doesn’t want to work or do anything constructive, all she does is sit on social media all day and tell lies. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did her breasts just in time for Carnival because that is a highlight of her life because she will be seen with Bolt and get couple pics.

      1. called be old fashion but i dont have or know how to use snapchat & dem, i stick to FB/IG now & then, but u right, dats all she want, hype & pics, lol woi kasi please get a life, & some life goals cause being bolts freak aint nothing to aspire to young lady, once u reach certain age ina life u must be wanting more stability & respect, yall getting older, smaddy can really so hyped fi carnival?? must desuh dem go fi get girls fidem 3sums, me couldnt dat a man like bolt who have it all & me nah get nothing, but what u allow is wat u get in a relationship, & ppl with money think different especially when dem neva born ina wealth. Kasi is a waste gal, before di ediot gal save & pay dung pon a house no matter how small, at least she wuda have something fi bawl ina privately if/when he leaves her but no she come in just like sadiki; leach afa him with nothing to show. Woman fi have ambition.

  1. Yeah I saw her snap too, was thinking her breasts looks kinda heavy, or maybe it’s just a good push up bra.

    1. True Candia! And remember that they have the non evasive breast lifts we here they use the suction thing to make them perky again!

  2. Nobody outside of Jamaica is interested in Kasi, Bolt has 5 million followers on Insta and Kasi only has 200 thousand, what does that tell you? And out of that more than half of them is Jamaicans, if people were interested she would have more followers, I can bet the farm that she will be sending in her photoshopped pics from carnival to Daily Mail, just like she did during the Rio debacle.

    1. Anon you talk truth! And di reality is, a lot of Jamaica don’t kno who she she is anyway! And to be honest nuff a dem followers deh a di app thing dem use fi boost followers or give dem fake followers! Dailymail love the mix up in general, suh dem will post everything that everyone sends in to them!

  3. I saw it too. How them look well perky up pan snap and she nu stop repost the one pic. I think she went and did it cuz there’s no other reason she had to be in Florida that long.

    I see her trying to stunt like Kirsten tho. Flying out for friends and birthday dinners. She a use it under psychs tho…feel like that’s what she did to cover the fact that she want big boobs in her carnival costume that she’s ordering from “her Trinidad designer”

  4. I see that Rebecca is promoting a show about Beautiful Island Girls and the fun lives that they lead. Neither of them have a job or a business so what do they think the public is going to say about their lives? People already commenting on Rebecca’s post that she should stop walk and sell p@&&y. Everything that they see Americans do they want to do it too and they don’t have the money to back it up, what do they have to show us that we haven’t already seen? Going to clubs, seen that, going to the beach, seen that, flossing with champagne, seen it a million times. I bet Kasi will be making an appearance, neither of them is young enough for their childish behaviour to be considered cute.

    1. I saw her advertising the show on instagram and yes, Rebecca is a groupie too but, she has more going for herself than Kasi because she does have a career even if it’s reality shows.
      I find it interesting how Rebecca and Usain are always joined at the hip when Kasi is not around like when they were in Germany and Miami but, when Rebecca got to Jamaica she and Usain laid low.

  5. The way that she’s hyped for Carnival you would think it’s life or death or maybe it is because if she doesn’t go I think she would die.

  6. Did anyone catch Usain on IG story and snap Friday night and Saturday? Once again, Kasi was no where around.
    I saw him on his friends IG story with Chris Martin singing about he can have any girl he wants then, Friday night he was up on some girl filming her ass before she took over his snap chat so,
    Kasi may as well get herself fixed up for the next one.

    1. I’m not saying that Kasi cannot get another man but all they want is just a f@$k, she already made it known to the world that she’s a Gold digger and will put up with and do anything for a little fame and money. I know that men want to f@&k her and that’s just it, they just want to have sex with her, not to wife her because they know that they can do her anything and she’ll stay as long as the money rolls in. She CANNOT do better than Bolt and no top American athlete would want her because there are millions of hotter and younger girls in America for them to choose from so she have to hang on to Bolt for dear life until…..

      1. I don’t know about that, some American athletes have low standards and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if she already has another sponsor.

  7. Kasi why u gone par wid Rebecca out of all people, whose only mission in life is to conquer every buddy inna the world!? Stop it please.

  8. Kasi is a pretty girl. Quite sure she’ll bag another wealthy dude easily. Nothing wrong if she enhances her breast. This girl can do no wrong. I’m a beautiful woman and I’ll say she has it going on n can compete on international level easily.

    1. Bag which other wealthy dude? Where? Not in Jamaica and I’m sure not overseas, she might have a cute face but she’s just a blimp on the radar, they will have sex with her yes but that’s the extent of it. She slept with a lot of money men here in JA and she was just a side chick to all of them, if she didn’t get a wealthy guy here to marry her do you think a wealthy dude overseas is going to, when they have millions of hot, gorgeous girls to choose from? Even some of the girls that Usain is sleeping with is prettier than her but because she’s upfront you ass kissers think she’s the prettiest. look at Rebecca who’s prettier, taller, sexier than Kasi and she haven’t found a wealthy guy to wife her yet, because that’s all they have to offer, a pretty face and nothing else. That’s why men only use them for sex for a while because there will always be younger, prettier, sexier girls waiting.

  9. Someone mentioned today, that to how her Instagram family act how dem never nominate her for fashion icon of the year at the YVA. Not sure how the nomination process is, but my reply was this …. even though kasi may have designer pieces, she cannot dress. Shanzi and a lot of her girls look much better in their non designer pieces. As to the carnival thing, sometimes we jamaicans too fool. To how she class up the carnival pieces, me woulda never hype fi say she jumping in my band. Straight back bench she would a get

  10. She did the same breast surgery in Miami Rebecca did. They go through the armpit and place the implant. So you heal very fast.
    She needed that boob job, she lost alot of breast volume after the weight loss.

    1. She never had breast to begin with, when she was bigger they still were floppy and laid on her body weird.

      Tanks fi the likkle tea deh doh, delicious. Never heard of the incision being in the armpit. How you know?

      1. Well its obvious she and becca are pretend “BFFs” and she wants the same look. Becca shared her surgeon on snapchat a few months ago when she Redid her breast. The Dr is based in Miami. I noticed kasi breast is higher to her collarbone on Ugo snapchat, that is a clear indication she just had them done. New boobs have that look till they settle.

        The procedure is called
        * Transaxillary breast augmentation *
        is a State-of-the-Art technique for placing breast implants that avoids any visible scar on the breast. The procedure involves a short incision in a natural crease in the armpit so there are no signs that surgery was performed.

        1. You notice it too. How do people do it. On twitter she tweeted to Rebecca that no one understands their bond and Rebecca said something like I love you. WTF? They JUST started to get chummy Christmas. Keeping up appearances is a helluva ting.

          Tanks baby. Must look this up when I have a baby and ready to snapback.

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