Usain have an international list and as di people dem seh, him fly in who him fi fly in when him want and di whole a dem drop what dem doing fi come service him.. Kasi is number one pan di list because she was in a better position dan di res a dem ..But yuh have Mandii, whey deh a di real battam a di list…Lisa Hanna scrap offa di list ( hence no recent birthday greetings). I would not say Kasi is/ was the girlfriend because Usain know what him know and only him know it. Tahira and di crew deh ina di miggle a di list and aldoe some a di listees get ticket fi go wid him dem still haffi watch him kiss up and go whey wid di new batch of list additions because dem want knowings cause dem nah get no big money like dat. Di people dem seh Mitzi in the picture but not a as a sex partner she still getting money from Bolt but him want di real freak dem ina di sheets.

Kasi yuh haffi guh tun poet like Mitzy cause when di tings did a reach har she write dis


Mitzy Evanz published a note.
May 7, 2009 ·
my thoughts…
If I beg and if I cry
Would it change the sky tonight?
Will it give me sunlight?
Should I wait for you to call?
Is there any hope at all?
Are you drifting by…

And then I lie all by myself
I see your face, I hear your voice
My heart stays faithful
And time has come and time has passed
If its good it’s got to last
It feels so right

I try to reach for you, I can almost feel you
You’re nearly here
And then you disappear

But Kasi fi your poem wudda likkle more sad cause di people dem seh yuh stressed bad but still putting out di best pan social media…Because di whole world know what yuh a put up wid ..Ride di wave fi di car my girl cause yuh nah go get no ring and suh. Yuh stomach strong fi di girl whey numba one pan di list :travel

49 thoughts on “KASI REAL POSITION

  1. These women, every last one a dem a ramp wid life. He is playing every single one of them like a damn fiddle.

        1. I’m just enjoying the mix up aaaand laughing at Kasi ig and snap followers who she had drooling over her and Bolt’s relashionship, i for one was just cheering bcuz she’s a Old Harbour beauty thts all. This nuh look good still. Kirsten have my respect! 100%

  2. Better she no tek nuh car. You have Range Rover maintenance Money Kasi? Parts dem real expensive. Don’t play yourself. Level-UP like Kirstin Williams and lef Bolt fi a real money man a Bahamas. The Bahamian man dem love Jamaicans and Bermudians too. :mahongintip

  3. If I have to put up with this from a man to be number one on his list, then I don’t want to be on his list none at all.This is digusting and nasty for any woman to put up with whether the man rich or poor yuck.

  4. That’s disappear by Beyonc√©, no poetry here, at least she left with her dignity, don’t know why she hanging around him still though. It would make a better story if we couldn’t mention mitz name with him now, she downplaying her name indirectly

  5. My stomach and heart couldn’t manage it money or not i love myself more….. i couldnt see my man in bed with another girl and rub up back pan him thats just me better me neva see it……i am a virgo an me will go crazy for those things.

  6. mi like how mitzi colors stan out ‘gainst the dingy background, when I had my first breakup I wrote bad poetry too but I was 16. Kasi is going to wait til he reach a yard, and then act fake hurt,”how dare you humiliate me internationally, I put up with a lot blah, blah, blah. . .” he is gonna act contrite and gi har the car as an “i’m sorry” gift. At least Vanessa Bryant did get a 7 million dolla diamond ring from Kobe,Kasi your gold digging skills weak.

  7. Neva kno seh mitzy dress dem way deh mi tink she dresses like she’s in the convent from the impression ive gathered smh unu surely paint a nun in my head God knows.

      1. Metty check Bossip, him have ANOTHER one, looking at the camera like Kasi who? Like him going to smash 9 for the 9 goal medals, lol

  8. Usain teeth dem dutty like bout him have list just affi gi him the ratings fi big up wi country but these bitches just sleep with anything for money cause Bolt stay really bad

  9. No sah Mitzy sexy, bad yu wrong. She is very attractive. Shape better dan the Kasi girl. If I was Kasi I would use the range money buy me some real self esteem and dignity afta mi no foot cloth. I have refused the rich and famous cuz mi love mi self. People say mi allergic to wealthy men. But wealth for me is spiritual and I must be happy (no social media happy)

  10. Everyday a suptn else!

    Maybe if him did a dash out some serious money pon dem like Floyd Mayweather mi coulda understand why dem a stay with him (even if mi nuh agree), but mi nuh see dem gal yah with ntn but a f**k and di likkle change dem get! And if a wait dem a wait fi him settle down them going have a long wait, cause him nah calm till him close to death!

    So wah any a dem really a win and wah dem a stay round fa!?

  11. Well dem have a pitcha ova so wid a new girl…. A him de fast wid everything … Dude nuh ramp ……if mi did a Oman money or nuh money no woulda hide from him …..him wouldn’t are missing back

  12. I just wanted to send out a polite warning to Usain Bolt and everybody else out there.

    If you are wondering why the sudden strange behavior and change of character by Usain Bolt.

    Sexual demons could be the reason why.

    Usain you will have to do deliverance. Because that Brazilian woman that you slept with, her ex man was a murderer. If you start wondering why you are tormented, know the history of the people you sleep with first.

    This newspaper story:


    Once you scroll down reveals that the Brazilian woman’s ex man was wanted for violent crimes including the 2014 torture and murder of a teenage girl from the slum, was shot dead by a elite police marksmen in March.

    Be careful of sexually transmitted demons. These vipers are deadly!

  13. Kai Girl You Better Do A Milan And Get You A Jefferey wid the good hair in Europe or Dubai and level up because Usain is a Great Atlhlete but a terrible boyfriend. He’s playing chess gam with these hoes

    1. BUT MILAN andd Richard are no better. Richard is a fraud. Him nuh have the money like that and mi nuh wah nuhbody come dispute me bout dat. That girl is GOODA DAN KASI WITH THE PRETENDING.. CHUSSS MI…

      Hear weh mi seh? Mi nah ask a soullllll

  14. Mitzy on IG? I would love to see the lady is mother claim n wants him to be with. I hope he gets all this freaky thing out of his system and just bill soon because all dem gyal gyal thing can cause him to loose his endorsements

      1. Morning, Ma :kiss

        Over time i’ve seen de Hanna and bolt reference and did think a joke. Me nu have Lisa money, but me have de looks and hoe skills and bolt could nevvvvvver see me naked on purpose :hammer


        1. Mi family yu reach ……).( Di yute is an equal opportunity slapper politician prostitute pretenders and precious gems … Him nuh pardon nuh body

          1. Fam, me turn reader cause me heart can’t tek fi comment pon dis Honorable jancrow antics. Money is a helluva tinhwid powers.

            Me de yah…yu an G a hold fort good :maafaganwati

            G! U u luv dah 2weeks sussbad :ngakak :ngakak

  15. U know it look strange fi true, of all di prettier girls in Brazil which spirit lead Bolt to the direction of the ex-woman of a murdered murderer wid two children at the young age of 20? You see how her eye dem red like blood in the pics? Why she? and she not really pretty? Dis dont look right at all. Bolt mind youself…definitely going in di wrong direction or being led there

    1. I thought I was the only one who thought she looked like Satan himself. I do not see a happily ever after ending for Usain. He is not grounded and is ripe for making a huge mistake which may have huge consequences for him. He seems troubled and disturbed but those that should have his back are just laughing and nyaming him out. All that money and I bet he doesn’t have one true friend.

  16. U av the sex drive too PP? Curious minds deh bout lol. Fun and joke aside Bolt is having fun as a single man with wealth and groupies/gold diggers abound. I can bet a million that before he was famous he got no play from the “uptown brownings” and now he is the man he is having his day. I beleive also that he is gearing up to settle (though it may be some years). For those saying he should settle never ever tell a man when him should. Every man know when him ready. Whether or not it timely for the woman is another issue. Now if carry yourself in high regards u dont have to prove it whether sm or otherwise ppl will know, remember real know real. And never step down to someone else’s level, you should assist them in coming up to yours. If they are not willing then say bye.(notice mi nuh say class) Those who say he could loose endorsement it depends on what him do usually it has to be unlawful or conflict of interest. Now is Bolt doing anything different from other star athletes from BPL or even NFL? Hell no. It might look tacky but there is no ring on his finger. PPl need fi start accept that until u married you single. You are not obligated to be faithful,shack up, breed etc. If you choose to before marriage hats off to you n you do so at your own risk. This goes for both men and women, we all want marriage perks but bail out option in case it nuh suite we or we finally accept we pick up fawt.

    1. :thanks2 I said it from day one that there’s no ring on his finger so he’s a free agent & the girl is a grown woman who can decide what she want to do. All this running around by him prove to me is that he’s not all drugged up on steroids because that mess messes up a man’s you know what, if you know what I mean. I have 2 male cousins, saviour devine! They are ho-ing until it’s not funny & they do not have Usain’s money by any stretch of the imagination. But what surprise me about them is how their relevant women hold on with a vice grip. Sometimes I look at them with their women & just cut my eyes at them, because one of them was all hugged up with his woman while mouthing to my friend. They are young. All I can tell them is to be safe.

    2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Hoe skills mus carry drive! :ngakak but fe me nu tun up like Bolt at all.

      Him need fi be discrete wid him whoring. Nuff man in him position a whore but dem discrete, discriminate and set standards fi dem self and side dishes…bolt him a nhame like stray dog, from every, gate, surface and kitchen wid out shame…den again, me fling pork bone gi one stray a St.Thomas and it sniff it and kept moving…no Bolt :ngakak

  17. Senda, why yuh so concern about Usain’s history making three time gold medal, record breaking cocky? He’s young, free, single and disengaged, so him can f**k all the pussy him want to. I’m sure him don’t rape none of them, they gave him freely. Lisa Hanna DID send him a Birthday greeting,it’s on her IG. Some ah oonu juss love walk and tell bare lie!!!!

  18. Kasi are you here?
    Usain is in Rio I know you wish you were there.
    U see him having sex with these girls don’t fear.
    Cause when he comes home you Will get the car so who cares.
    But you should care! delete your social media Right now I swear.

    1. Poor thing… Seems as though you are the only one to comment that you don’t understand what was sent it….admittedly, sometimes some people really send in some stories that we can barely get through because these people can’t type in proper English or even our patois (or creole) but not this time….if you can’t nor want to understand our dialect or slang…go find another blog to read man….

  19. Jamaican women are slaves to money and popularity… These type of set ups are very commonplaced in Jamaica. I know guys who are no where near Usain Bolts relevance and they have a harem/stable of chickenheads who are ok with drawing numbers and servicing the man in the center of it whenever they’re called. These women value dollars and social notoriety more than their dignity. Most couples in Jamaica seem like their in open-relationships where both parties cheat when convenient lol…

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