15 thoughts on “PAPER WHITE

  1. No man Gilli u did serus with your mixings no0 sah! Yuh look like TI wife Tiney! Get some blue eyes now! Damn! White with big nose guh straighten! White skin and african features tsk tsk tsk

  2. Wow, why did she do that to herself… She was already a nice shade of brown this was not needed, I’m sure if the camera making her look so bright she can blind someone but she went above and beyond with the bleaching the get the prefect white because it is not the prefect brown at all or whatever the actual terms that Jamaican uses…

  3. Look like an albino, why she pale out harself so? Casper the unfriendly ghost. If me see har on a dark lonely road, mi a run fi mi ife

  4. No man serious all who never know Gillian
    From back Inna de days she was dark skin
    An then she start bleach an reach to Brown shade.she left from dat an bleach to red an know she gone to white no Gillian seriously i have nothing against you but .Clorox bleach an peroxide fe bleach hair nuh fe guh pon skin an it must burn plus it mix up wid de maxi cream an de hydrqunione which is no nuh fraid of mercury poisoning
    My girl yes the bleaching pay de Bill’s bagga man tuh yuh ting.
    When yuh first start yuh neva guhh drastic
    But yuh start follow an ah watch who ago browner Dan who smh.
    In between yuh leg buss up already tattoo
    Nah hide it. Seriously yuh ago damage yuh skin tuh de point of no return it’s dangerous gillian Mi ah beg yuh

  5. I guess the bleaching pay the bills because now she have a bag man to her ting, that’s what I got from that part, so the men like the almost white ting going on so with that being said that’s how the bills are paid… smh The things woman do for beauty…

  6. Anonymous @12:35 yes dats exactly what I was saying man flock to har believe you me.Gillian dont Inna wants an yes dem man yah love de bleach out gyal dem
    An She will tell yuh out of har own mouth
    Had favorite talk is bleaching come wid
    Good tings.but Gillian de money yuh gettin
    Please take it an guh get a business or
    Something buy ah place for your self
    Something my gurl.
    All good tings must come to an end make use of it i may not agree cause i wouldn’t
    Want to hear something bad happen to yuh like yuh get sick from de bleaching etc

    But you are your own big woman

  7. It’s the filter n the flash see har in person nuh look suh white ..bleach out yes … But nuh suh … I really don’t kno y people bleach to the extreme like that.. But to each is there own I guess

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