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Here are some pics of Usain at his movie premier overseas, hanging out with celebrities and guess who is not there as usual.





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    1. i believe she is asked not to be at ANY of his major events as to not make the event become a “usain & his gf kasi” publicity media frenzy

      they want the focus to be on usian and whatever the event is

      alot of rappers, singers, athletes you would never know they are in a relationship as they try to keep the professional and personal separate

      problem is usain already mentioned her so now she will always be “looked for” and never found


      1. She gets the same treatment when they’re in Jamaica. Usain has events in Jamaica and he goes out to clubs all the time without her.
        Kasi lives for attention and acknowledgement from Usain which is why she and her assistant were sending videos of the handshake to the blogs. If he’d invited her she would have gladly attended.

    2. What is she a fking handbag? The woman no have her own life too, why does y’all feel she has to live in usain shaddow? That’s why some a you commit suicide when man left unno cause unno no give relationship personal space. Unno have to live in his every wind…..low the woman she never tell unno she want be no man shaddow

  1. Lol at home posting pix cuz she ain’t shit. She need to start living like the Kirstin girl or even worst the TiffanieKTW girl and stop try live vicariously through her. She sad like

    1. Kirstin would have at least been flown to London. He had no problem taking Kirstin with him, so what’s the problem now?


  3. I think Bolt is monitoring or trying to control the amount of media attention is placed on Kasi that way he can always keep her in check. Plus he doesn’t need the distraction.

  4. I mean I’ve heard the phrase to be your man’s biggest fan but this is f**g pathetic. Bolt nu wan share him spotlight I guess…it needs to be about him and only him which is understandable (Kasi wasn’t with him shooting in the gym) but the way how she go sooooo hard for this man and still na get nu knowings. It’s just really sad to see..stay scheming ya Kase…we’re rooting for u lol

  5. Are they having a screening in Jamaica? If so, maybe she’ll be invited to the Jamaican screening.
    Kasi worked so hard to get Usain to finally acknowledge her as his girlfriend and, she still gets treated like a side chick which makes me wonder if Usain is treating her like a jump off because of all the stunts she pulled during the Olympics to get attention.

    1. no sweetheart, he’s treating her like a jump off because she slept with his brother before sleeping with him so she IS a jump off.

      1. Okay, but he was not publicly humiliating her outside of Jamaica until after she made herself known to the world during the Olympics.
        Why does he acknowledge her as his girlfriend anyway if she slept with Sadiki? Yes, he treats her like dirt but, why admit to having a girlfriend when the whole world knows he’s cheating on her?

        Hey Sadiki!

  6. Yea the ktw girl. I’m sure har man have less money than bolt but she a live wayyy better life than kasi. Bolt is estimated to be worth 60 million US and you mean to tell all kasi can get is cheap clothes and few designer shoes and affi yek public humiliation fi get juss range or g wagon? Even if she is the ‘main whore’ even stripper get more outta man. Kasi has been a doormat for over two years. If she love him that much she couldn’t stay around and take all that disrespect, and if is the money she is there for…bitch you need to start collecting!! Fettywap is estimated to be worth 10 mill and him have sooooo many women and most of those girls seem to be getting more money that you and you are the ‘girlfriend’ / ‘special lady’. Girl stop being a fool and
    get ur aux togethha

    1. Kirsten is living better than Kasi and KTWhairs put together… Kasi and KTwHairs girl are in the same category in a sense kmt.

    2. “If she love him that much she couldn’t stay around and take all that disrespect, and if is the money she is there for…bitch you need to start collecting!!

      I need this printed and framed and sent to Kasi so she can put it on her wall to remind her every damn day! Girl start tax this M-fer! Tired fi see you in House of CB US$150 dress and a 1 red bottom here and there. You need a house filled with beautiful furniture, a proper luxury vehicle (not borrowing his when he’s traveling), a fat savings account, and a booming business invested in by your millionaire man. And that’s just to start! After all you are Bolt’s woman. KMT Kasi, you need a big sister to show you the ropes.

  7. A mussi that’s why she nah post pon SC or a block she block me?? KASI a beg u unblock me puhleeaze I arezz rootingz forrzz uuuu

  8. You people still not getting the point. Kasi used to F@@K Usain BROTHER!!! That’s why she’s not getting any good treatment, the relationship started off wrong, so you guys stop blaming Bolt for treating her this way, she’s the one that set it bad from morning. Usain knows that she’s a GOLD DIGGER and the world knows that now. Somebody on Daily Mail commented that he will not marry her and that he will eventually settle down with a NICE church girl. Imagine that, that goes to show that everyone know that she’s about the money, she’s not even giving Usain ONE thing TO RESPECT about her.

    1. I don’t blame Usain for anything. Usain couldn’t continue to disrespect Kasi without her permission so, of course he knows she’s in it for the money and fame.

  9. The thing was about Bolt,he kept it about him .He mentioned that he and his girlfriend are not engaged;therefore she is still his girlfriend.
    Let them be.

  10. Anonymous is right. On the low end of the millionaire scale, Fettywap is a known womanizer with sister girlfriends, baby mommas & etc. and in their world, the ones at the top of his pyramid stay winning in their terms of winning. Just look at Alexis Sky, who has Jamaican roots, Fetty’s on and off again boo who owns Bella Sky Spa among a few other business ventures and other luxury things. At least she is getting something out of the experience. On the high end, look at Sean “Puffy” Combs who has Cassie, his boo, on the red carpet often who gets other perks and has her own career. I thought we were out of the dark ages something is just not right with this situation. However, on KASI’s behalf, a person does have the right to be a doormat if that is what they choose to be. It just reeks of low self-esteem and self-worth to allow yourself to be treated as such. Yes, as someone stated above even strippers get more out of man or treated better. Just look at how ex-strippers Blac Chyna, Amber Rose & etc. have come up big time to become millionaires in their own right after hooking-up with millionaires. Maybe she can get a life coach or something and they can come up with a game plan so that if Mr. Wonderful decides or proves she is not the one, she will still be OK and have something to show for her experience and possibly move to the next level .. . .Just Saying

  11. People people relax….she requesting a designer for “formal” wear aka her outfit for the Jamaican premier…lets wait and see!!! :kimpoi

    1. Kirstin is a mixed Chinese/Black girl from Mobay who used to deh wid Bolt along with Kasi. They shared him for years until Kirstin got tired of Kasi lying on her to Bolt, saying that Kirstin is harassing her. She moved on to a rich man in the Bahamas. Young girl but obviously about that life because she always hanging around money man. IG @kirstin_williams

      KTW chick aka Tiffanie is an uptown girl who recently upgraded to a rich man. @Only1bigmic She was running the KTW Hairs as an online boutique until recently the man upgraded her to a store. She is now rocking Gucci and Giuseppe and traveling to Miami, and the hot girls on IG are impressed by the new lifestyle. LOL Pretty girl with a banging body. IG @tiffaniektw

      1. TIFFANIE IS NOT UPTOWN!!!!!!!!!!

        A country she come from and not uptown country but country country. Weh you come from?????

  12. I knew this was gonna make the wall lol

    I follow Tiffany on ig and she always well put together. She money man tek her on shopping spree in Miami and buy Louboutin ,Giuseppe and Gucci. She a live life and get knowings by her new man. I have nothing against Kasi but even when Usain claim her publicly she still nuh get no knowings.

  13. Kasi block me because i told her you cant sleep with 2 brothers and stop do 3 sum, And Bolt will not marry her. She need to unblock me because i need to write more things on her page.

  14. U know say Kirsten no reach 25 and she smarter than kasi no shade but I have to rate the little girl he bought her a van and was giving her her weekly allowances.. kasi use to make trouble just siddown and watch the girl and run to bolt with every little thing and Kirstin look on bolt and make him know say man want her and she lef him lol look at the girl now … she upgraded

    1. And the funny thing is, if Kirstin had decided to stay we wouldn’t know anything about Kasi because she would be so low on the side chick list but she lied and clawed her way to where she is now and still not getting wife treatment. I strongly believe that she slept with Sadiki just to get to Usain. I had expected that Kirstin would be the one to be acting like Kasi because she is far younger than her but Kirstin is the one that is more mature and have selfesteem and by all indication, enjoying her life more. If Usain tells Kasi not to move, she have to lock up and keep quiet in her apartment.

      1. Yes it’s true. She’s friends with some big woman who are seasoned in tekking man wid money. Tanisa and Allison are women with careers but they only sleep with money men to advance themselves further. No waste man to dem ting. Kirsten young but she’s smart.

  15. She on instagram posting pics of usain movie premier looking ratings from the women who are as sad as she is .what a gal fool

  16. Kirstin f***g a batty man name Fox in Bahamas how is she better than anyone… her pussy shit up the man is like 46 kirstin 22 lmao I cannot lol n I state facts and how did kirstin get the man her friend neffy from miami was with the man.

    All that man does is fly in escorts all over n pay them a thousand US dollars each… it’s a damn shame if u ask me… I wouldn’t want that Glow… yes i kno everybody bizniz! As for kasi her time outdated

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! who come from Mobay know who Kristin REALLY is. Stay dere tink a smaddy. KMT. Screwing a money man nuh make u smaddy because her character and file diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty.

        1. Be that as it may Badbitch, I don’t know how truthful that is but at least she was woman enough to leave Bolt and his US 60 mil and she moved on and is enjoying her young life, she could still have been there battling it out with the others but she chose to move on and that says a lot about her character to me and for that I will always rate her over Kasi and another thing Kirstin did not f@@k Usain brother, that’s why I could never rate Kasi. That’s why I will always respect Mitzy.

    2. Bad Bitch always coming thru with the receipts! Tell us more. HAHA

      I was definitely admiring Kirsten and saying she seems to be living and enjoying her life. I noticed she stop talking about school which is a no-no, but everything else seems to be on point. What does the man do for a living?

  17. Please tell we the IG names for Kristen and Tiffanie, we want to enjoy them life from a far, cuz some of hem life dere is not for we. Tonks in advance

    1. tiffaniektw and Kirstin_williams. We keep on a say Kristin cause we chat bad. Here you go mama/pa, go quench yuh thirst lol.

  18. She will be at the premier in Jamaica just like everyone else. Whether he will arrive with her or pose with her on the red carpet remains to be seen. All I know that would be the highlight of her life at least that would give her some new photos to post because she’s recycling the photos from Bora Bora to no end.

  19. Tiffanie ktw looked like a real sketel in Miami
    How can you wear 3600$ shoes with such an ugly outfit cheap white
    Jeans pants and cheap lace blouse lingerie what?????
    The CL shoes is so elegant and she have to come wid r Gogo
    Self n ghetto it up. Warren never use to buy her no brand so mek she come up him only do her surgery dem ! Dis new man England bosss look like him frighten fi her lol mek she gwan but we know it won’t last ! Cuz somewhere in Jamaica ANEKA WONG Thinking about how she can sell d man a one -two fck lmfaoooooo the guy is ugly and look like a damn idiot anyways !! These bitches do anything for money

    Kirstin really seem she living life escort or not she always on a plane
    Somewhere in America or in the Caribbean living it up
    Mi like Kirstin she use to give Kasi acid reflux pan d daily

    Kasi mi use to like until mi find out u are a damn fool ! She just don’t have any family values and a lot of daddy issues along with mommy telling her ass to hold on as long as possible ! I think Kasi mother has a lot to do with why she is still with bolt honestly !

  20. “If she love him that much she couldn’t stay around and take all that disrespect, and if is the money she is there for…bitch you need to start collecting!!

    I need this printed and framed and sent to Kasi so she can put it on her wall to remind her every damn day! Girl start tax this M-fer! Tired fi see you in House of CB US$150 dress and a 1 red bottom here and there. You need a house filled with beautiful furniture, a proper luxury vehicle (not borrowing his when he’s traveling), a fat savings account, and a booming business invested in by your millionaire man. And that’s just to start! After all you are Bolt’s woman. KMT Kasi, you need a big sister to show you the ropes.

  21. @DRWL What is she doing besides waiting for her turn with Usain? Her entire life seems to revolve around catching the crumbs Usain throws to her when he feels like it.

    1. For those too lazy to go look:

      “If a man doesn’t call you, it’s because he doesn’t want to call you. If he doesn’t invite you to go out, it’s because he doesn’t want to see you. If he treats you like shit, it’s because he doesn’t care. If he lets you go, it’s because he doesn’t want to be with you. When a man says “I’m not ready, but you are the love of my life and the only one I want, but now is not the right time.”, it’s simply because he doesn’t want you. Don’t keep playing his confusing games. Don’t justify him. When a man wants to be with a woman, he stays with her without lies, excuses and complications. Stop being genuine and naive, and stop justifying his every excuse and complication and put yourself FIRST. You DO NOT need someone that doesn’t know what they want, you do not need someone that doesn’t see your worth. You deserve a man that knows your worth and fights for you everyday. Stop breaking your own heart for someone who probably won’t even be as good as you expect and give yourself an opportunity to be happy and be with someone who actually deserves you.”

  22. Unu leave mi gal AMITA out of this lol d gal stay in her lane and is minding her business low r ! She very humble

    Now mi know why Kasi disappeared from social media
    Lmao she wanted ppl to wonder about her because she know
    Usain never did ago carry her. Kasi whole life is about “saving face”
    It’s sad that she don’t have a real friend to give her a reality check

  23. Kasi’s issue is that she love advertise her moves on social media, home girl just do yuh thing in silence. To be honest even if she will be attending the premiere in Jamaica it still look bad cause he flew his parents there and mi sure know dem a deh the one inna Jamaica. If she a help bolt pack him suitcase social media know if she a drive him range social media know eat a piece a humble pie mam

  24. I am still in shock and in awe with Kasi. How can a girl that pretty, fit, educated, charismatic and “nice” be caught up in this powder house?

    How Kase? How?? Right now you should a deh a Cannes with a TOP A D TOP TOP BRRRPPPPDAP Man.

    On the outside, she has everything going for her. She used to be desirable at one point

    How does this happen? Mi blame the mumma. Can see this is coming from FAR. Kasi’s father left her at birth. The mumma “seems” to not have a standard for men anyway – apple and d tree :hoax2 .

    What a waste.

    1. You know what happened? Hype. The love of attention was her downfall. A girl like Kasi could be with a nice quiet man who could give and show her the world. Where she could be one half of a power couple because to be honest, the girl is smart and witty and very charismatic. She’s very likable. The problem is that she got caught up with dating the “man of the moment” and lost herself. Selling herself short for followers, handshakes and free Puma clothing.

      Social media hype is very addicting. I’ve seen girls lose themselves after getting a boob job and a Chanel bag, much less to gain almost 200 thousand followers literally overnight. She’s now seen herself on the Ellen Show backdrop and all over the blogs, so she trying hard to hold on. See she can’t even stay away for a week. Just 4 days she left social media for the other day. And don’t think because she isn’t posting on snapchat she isn’t on there watching. She is. My only suggestion is that Kasi, just collect mama. Bolt don’t have a thing to offer except money and opportunity. Be smart.

    2. She thought her stock would rise when she sent in her story to the world that she’s Usain’s girlfriend, it was working for a while but now her stock has dropped because people realised that she’s not living the life of a millionaire’s girlfriend. If she gets a rich man after Usain, they’ll know that they can do anything to her and she’ll stay because she already showed to the world what she really is.

  25. Kristin stop talking to yourself bipolar bvtch. Everytime something sey bout Kasi yuh run in and try mek the post about u and dey yah a try clean up yuh dutty reputation. Gwaan guh wax yuh mustache and get ready fi yuh next paying client dear. Yuh r obsessed with Kasi and Ugo. Mi nuh inna di idiat gyal Kasi needa but Kristin you r no saint u never were a saint, yuh reputation is very whoring. Yuh need fi cross yuh unibrow to a better life cause all them pretentious lifestyle yuh a live and yuh bank account a beg like the save the children ad dem. Yuh neva leff bolt bolt just Get tired a yuh bones, him tell yuh yuh did too boney di man love flesh. Guh have several seats nuh please

    1. Hey Kasi … just a quick question was this the reason he told u to lose weight and look like Kirstin u rem u were fat when he was hiding u is since u lose weight and Kirstin lef him start own u .. rem all the years u in hiding when u did overweight girl is Kirstin make u move in inna the gym have a seat girl

  26. Met! You no see is Bolt and Rebecca Silvera a par overseas. Check her snapchat now! They are in gucci together shopping and touring the streets . Kasi muss feel like a hot bag of poop !!!!!! No shade , i think they make a better couple yes!

    1. Mi a go look too Met!!! Mi did post long ago with the bora bora ting about how Di Silvera girl comment pon kasi bout hanging out. I post bout how she will tek weh the man quick quick..so if this is the case haha memba me did call it lol

  27. I watched the dvd. Kasi is barely in 2 scenes but, she’s just background like an extra. She’s never mentioned or acknowledged.

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