Met, I notice she have a new private Instagram page …. kaasi.b. And she titled it “the journey ” . I hope it’s the journey to find her self esteem and self worth. I hope bolt take her to the function tonight where they are honoring our athletes. She miss the olympics, so since this in Jamaica , she must can go .

32 thoughts on “KASI WHICH JOURNEY BOO?

      1. So how u decipher that? U see me come yah and a look nobody? Mi look u? If u nuh hav ntn fi seh lock off, mi and no gal never rub pussy yet!


        If u ago come wid suptn come better!

  1. This story look like is Kasi send it in. She nuh like JMG but she want The Metters to pressure Bolt to take her to the function

  2. I want to see her attend to in a nice couture gown, , not an instragram slut dress that was on sale. I want to see him in a suit that was tailored to fit him well, I want him to slabber from lips to toe inna a shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil mixture. Usain may no ash visit you tonight. By all means, have fun.

    1. He was looking quite dapper for a change, dressed by Carlton brown. Kasi neva make it to the event, as mentioned by another metter he took her to the club after . Look like only club status she have

  3. She posted a story on Instagram from her night out and she and Bolt have their own special handshake. Some girls hold on to the wrong things in a relationship but she sure looked happy

    1. Maybe it’s his way of pacifying her for now since he wasn’t taking her to the gala or his charity run. She gotta take what she can get.

  4. Saw Kasi in fiction lastnight and she didnt look bad. She actually looks better in person. Usian teeth dem still tiny and yellow. Dwflllll

  5. Why doesn’t he take her to these important events? There was another event last night when he had on a suit and she was home recording it on snapchat. Handshake or not, I want to be on my man’s arm when he is accepting awards. Not watching at home on my tv. I can’t imagine that it’s because she doesn’t want to go. He has no class and is always embarrassing her. smh

    1. Why do you say he has no class, he’s not embarrassing her, she’s embarrassing herself but I guess that’s what you have to put up with when you’re a shameless Goldigging, slept with two brothers, grifter slut.

  6. No Rio, no London for his birthday, no Ellen, no Gala honoring him, no Trelawny for his event, no Australia which he goes to every year, nothing. She’s not there with or beside him to celebrate none of his special occasions but he took her to Fiction to do a juvenile, stupid handshake that looks like it’s two bredrins hanging out and she looks pleased as a puss. Kasi has zero shame, zero ambition and zero self worth.

  7. Exactly why everyone wondering what type of relationship that is, Asafa gf who most people just know about was there. So Kasi tell us again who grudge you ? Lol

    Me see she post on Twitter say JPS overcharge her by 60k last month, girl bye. You running supermarket or a small guesthouse fi house usain harem ? Frighten like

    1. And then she said like how her shame tree nuh tall shi run guh pay it, mi almost dead wid laaf, Kasi a talk bout shi have shame tree? No sah, bout a two months JPS over charge har by 60 grand, fi which small apartment, she’s a pathological liar. Kasi I thought your bills would be covered by Bolt estate, suh not even dat?

  8. She needs to grow the hell up , I think that 60k is usain light bill. She turn gofer now. All she does is take selfies, Kasi u don’t have any friends, take a group pic no ? Show us a girls night out , tired of all these selfies. I swear that’s why she like social media so much cause she has no friends. The only one I see she post pics with is DyDy and I get the feeling that Dy don’t like bolt. Never see she like him pic or big him up, that girl smell the bs from a mile away

    1. The girl just had a girls night out right before Matthew. So don’t say she doesn’t have an friends. That’s simply not true.

      DyDy comes off as a lesbian to me. Not sure why, but it seems that she and Kasi have “that” sort of relationship going on. If she doesn’t like Bolt, it’s probably because she’s the side chick.

      1. The only true friends Kasi has is her two cousins she grow with, Pat and Mel.
        Tiffany and Danielle etc are not Kasi’s friends or rather Kasi is not their friend because she drops them and picks them up when she feel like. Tiffany and her had a falling out last Christmas and when it came time for her birthday to come she run go friend her up weeks before the her bday dinner. Why was Krystal there ?? She know her for all of 5 minutes through Danielle.

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